Activity operation: to meet these four points, there is no activity that cannot be done well

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activity operation meet points activity

A complete activity can be divided into these four stages : Scheme confirmation 、 Demand sorting 、 Design and development 、 Go online and resume .

 Event operations : Satisfy this 4 spot , There are no activities that can't be done well

It looks like a well-designed activity plan , Fully communicate with the product side and reach a consensus , In the end, the implementation was miserable , I've been confused for a while, but I don't know what happened ? Has this scene bothered you many times ?

It's simple , Because operation and products fall into the pit of formalism of event planning , Doing activities is not running → Product flow sheet process , It should be a win-win operation ? Product relationships , Otherwise, even if we are well prepared , Perfect routine , Your activity plan may be just a concept .

Let's go through the process together , From plan confirmation 、 Demand sorting 、 Design and development to the end of the line , Let's see how each stage should work together efficiently and finally take shape .

 Event operations : Satisfy this 4 spot , There are no activities that can't be done well

One 、 Activity validation phase : The form of activity is a trap , We need to see the essence through the fog

At the beginning of the project , The operation meeting will output activity plan for product reference , But no one can tell everything in one document , No one can understand everything by looking at a single document , Two way communication becomes particularly important , Otherwise, it's easy to fall into the trap of activity .
  1. The form of activity is just a representation , Should not be affected by it

The activity operation documents are roughly divided into : Purpose 、 Time 、 Form of activity 、 Cost and effect , The general modules are as follows :

 Event operations : Satisfy this 4 spot , There are no activities that can't be done well

There is usually more space to describe the activity form in the activity plan , And the operation will communicate with the product about this part in advance , Enable the product to get the information of activity form quickly , It's very likely that the product will start to draw prototypes .

However, this is a more dangerous thing , The form of activity is just the appearance of demand , And what is the specific core purpose 、 For what kind of users 、 What is the specific product 、 What are the sub areas and so on . Operation needs to fully communicate with product colleagues , Products should also take the initiative to understand the context of the demand for activities .
  1. The key is to grasp the core needs

The activity document just provides some basic and necessary information , More core information also requires reverse confirmation of the product , Give you a list of three key nodes of reverse confirmation :

Understand the purpose of demand : Understanding the purpose is the direction of the whole product design , It's a prerequisite for success , Learn more about your core users , Key user scenarios 、 Product capabilities and functions are key .

Dig deep into the core KPI indicators : Any activity is for a number of indicators , But there's only one core goal . Which indicator is responsible for , Products can also help operators think more clearly in reverse confirmation .

such as : This activity is to ignite more forwarding and sharing , Or to boost sales , The way of product display will also be different .

Sort out the form of demand : After defining the core goals , We need to think about the specific display form of the activity . Because with goals and core indicators , Whether the form of expression is feasible or not , What details and processes should be added or omitted , It's all over the place .

 Event operations : Satisfy this 4 spot , There are no activities that can't be done well

therefore , In the requirement confirmation phase, the respective division of labor and cooperation of operation and products are as follows :

 Event operations : Satisfy this 4 spot , There are no activities that can't be done well

Two 、 Sort out the product demand : Make sure the goal is right 、 The plan works 、 Be well prepared

Demand carding stage is the key to demand landing and product design , We need more cooperation and exchanges between the two sides .
  1. Sort out the main business process : Find the core node , Make sure the activity is correct

Operational activities are usually divided into several stages , But everything is the same , It's mainly the old four types of user operation : La Xin 、 Retain 、 Promoting activity 、 conversion .

In order to ensure the correctness of the main process , The easiest way is to define clear data indicators at each stage , In this way, we can avoid adding to the cake at different stages .

 Event operations : Satisfy this 4 spot , There are no activities that can't be done well

  1. Sort out the whole business process : Branch line arrangement 、 Integrated resources , Confirm that the activity is effective

After determining the main process , When the transformation goal is basically achieved , Product students need to further sort out the subdivision process of the mainstream process 、 Branch process , Make sure every branch process serves the main line , Cut off the extra branches , Ensure that the activity design does not deviate from the overall resources .

such as , The purpose of the activity is to spread , Then the user sharing link is the focus of the whole activity design and product design , We should focus on sharing stimulus and diffusion channels .

In addition, the data embedding point of the whole process is also very important , No data Buried point The activities of , Then there was a lack of overall control ability .
  1. Activity form, scene deduction : Avoid holes in detail , Demand can really be changed

With the process , Specific forms of activities become natural , At this time, the product and operation can play the role of user ( Active role ), Use the previous form of activity to deduce . In this process, we will find many unreasonable places , But as long as you go through the above communication steps , It's very easy for products and operations to reach a consensus on Optimization .

Note that at this stage, activity requirements, especially activity forms, can really be changed , As long as there's a reason and a solution , For better user experience and activity goals , The sooner the better .

So in the demand carding stage, the division and cooperation of operation and products are as follows :

 Event operations : Satisfy this 4 spot , There are no activities that can't be done well

3、 ... and 、 Product design and development & go online : Focus on time 、 Control the rhythm

A good operations manager is worth half a product manager , Basic product design and technical knowledge can make operation right UI Design and user experience are more sensitive , Of course, the most important thing at this stage is the control of R & D nodes and the follow-up after going online .
  1. The product design : Express accurately , More communication

Product design is the key node from idea to technology realization , And its model is close to the online form of demand , So after the product prototype design is completed, before the requirement presentation , operating 、 Products and technologies can be communicated and exchanged on a small scale , Make the final confirmation .
  1. Demand for research and development : Focus on time nodes

Demand R & D does not need the participation of operation students , But at this time, the operation students need to control the time node before the activity starts , Determine the time points of different stages of the activity , And fully communicate with R & D , Guaranteed to be online on time .

The main cooperation in this stage is as follows :

 Event operations : Satisfy this 4 spot , There are no activities that can't be done well

Four 、 Active line : Real time summary , Mutual counter offer

After going online, the communication between products and operations should become closer , Make sure you have access to the event ( data ) smooth , To get enough feedback on the effect of the activity .
  1. Activity follow up : Data is an invisible hand , Help follow up and summarize

After going online, it depends on data , Focus on user behavior 、 Whether the transformation is normal , The completion rate of core data and so on , If possible, a certain degree of online optimization can be carried out .

In general, our workflow is synchronous analysis of data of operation and products every morning , Face to face in the afternoon , Quickly increase the team's attention and sense of urgency to the activities .
  1. It's online : A tool to help yourself

No activity is seamless , Only after the resumption of activities , Your experience has improved , This is also the value of event operation .

There are many common ways for the market to reply , I think it's simple 、 The most efficient way is to use the four step method of double set : Review the goal 、 Evaluate the results 、 The analysis reason 、 To sum up your experience .

Looking back at the core objectives and stage indicators we set at that time , Then evaluate whether the actual results are in line with the expectations at that time , Analyze the reasons, including the key reasons for success and failure , Summing up experience requires mutual summing up and understanding , The most important thing is to make a plan for the next step .

 Event operations : Satisfy this 4 spot , There are no activities that can't be done well

( The pictures come from the Internet )

So finally , The core is to follow up and resume after the demand goes online :

 Event operations : Satisfy this 4 spot , There are no activities that can't be done well

5、 ... and 、 Summary

It can be seen that after the output activity scheme enters the product design , There's still something to do with the operation , Products can't be self absorbed , And operation is not the only person in charge of the evaluation index , In a truly complete activity design process , Products naturally set their own assessment indicators . Only to the operation under the assessment of the activities are playing hooligans !

Whether it's large-scale operational activities or daily activities H5 Activities , Products and operations should work closely together :

First , We should understand and analyze the background of the activity in detail 、 The purpose of the activity is 、 Core indicators , And then in the process of demand combing , It should not only serve the final form of activity , Every activity has its particularity , There are also differences in the final form ;

secondly , In product design and research and development, focus on the key indicators after the launch , It's our experience in summing up and resuming ;

Last , All without in-depth thinking and cooperation , Pursuing only the appearance of activity “ innovation ”,“ breakthrough ”, It's all one “ Space activities ”.

If there's no basic mutual cooperation , Whether it's product or operation, you need to reexamine your professional attitude towards an operation activity ; If you've been intimate , So I want to do the activity with a lot of reputation , There is still a long way to go .

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