Netizen's "trader" reveals secrets: it's normal for a netizen to make 10000 yuan a month in three months' packaging

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netizen trader reveals secrets normal

Artists of Chengdu yiwanghong incubation company are conducting dance training

Cover journalist Xiong Yingying Intern reporter Shen Mengyun Trainee journalist Yang Jinzhu

4 month 23 Japan , It is located in an office building in East Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu 39 layer , Luo Wenjun , The person in charge of an online Red brokerage company , Enjoying the scenery through the huge French windows in the office , In front of him is not only a forest of tall buildings , There is also a blue ocean of webcast .

data display ,2017 China's online performance in ( live broadcast ) The overall revenue scale of the market has reached 304.5 One hundred million yuan , The scale of online live broadcast users has reached 4.22 Hundreds of millions of people , The annual growth rate is 22.6%. A lot of young people take advantage of this live wave , It has become a network anchor with a monthly income of more than ten thousand .

in fact , Behind these network anchors , There is also a team of professional brokers who arrange everything carefully . In recent days, , The reporter also visited the wanghong brokerage company in Chengdu , Learn from a “ Vegetarian ”( Non star 、 Ordinary people who are popular on the Internet ) To “ online celebrity ” The whole process .

Case :95 After the network red female anchor monthly income 3 Ten thousand yuan

 online celebrity “ Operator ” reveal :3 It's been a month since the package was launched It's normal to earn ten thousand yuan a month

The wall of wanghong economic company is covered with anchor art photos

This year, 22 Xiaoxiao is a network anchor , Have... On a well-known live broadcasting platform 20 Thousands of fans , It's also a red man in the circle , Her other identity is a contracted artist of a cultural media company in Chengdu .

Xiaoxiao, a professional performer, looks sweet , I've been exposed to webcast since I was a sophomore , At first, it was just for entertainment . After graduation, , She was introduced by a friend , Went to a certain platform to be a network anchor , Reward with gifts , In two months 6 Ten thousand pieces .

After the sweet taste , She started to get in touch with different live platforms . last year 9 month , Xiaoxiao saw the advertisement of a cultural communication company in Chengdu recruiting artists , Through a series of interviews , Become a contract artist for the company .

In recent days, , The reporter visited the wanghong packaging company located in Qingyang District of Chengdu . The company has a professional recording studio 、 Dressing rooms and dance rooms , as well as 20 A number of elaborate live rooms . In the dance room , Several tall artists are doing body training . And in the studio , A few young girls are broadcasting live to the camera of mobile phone .

Shao Shudong, operation director of the company, introduced , From last year 6 Since its establishment in , In less than a year, there have been signed artists 1189 name , And this is just one of the many wanghong brokerage companies in Chengdu .

packing : The fastest way to become a popular anchor is 1 Months

 online celebrity “ Operator ” reveal :3 It's been a month since the package was launched It's normal to earn ten thousand yuan a month

The interior of the studio of wanghong economic company

from “ Vegetarian ” To the network anchor , It needs to go through a bumpy process . All the artists who enter wanghong brokerage company , All need to go through strict interview and screening . Shao Shudong, the person in charge of the above company, introduced , The company will examine their facial features 、 Character and talent , The facial features are correct 、 A person with a cheerful personality and a certain talent , To become a contract artist of the company .

Luo Wenjun, the head of another wanghong brokerage company in Chengdu, said :“ It's beautiful , Or good facial features , Or there must be a certain talent and personality .” In terms of talent , Sing a song 、 Dancing is the most basic , It's better to play musical instruments , And have professional level .

Besides , Li Xu, the person in charge of another company, proposed that the artists themselves should be “ Multidimensional measurement ”, Including language skills 、 communication skills 、 Knowledge reserve and social cognition 、 Even the understanding of life and so on , Instead of just looking at the beauty .

Signing a company is only the first step , these “ It has potential ” When new people come in , The company will focus on their training and packaging , Wear and match 、 Makeup design and other basic courses , For artists to choose to learn .“ From a plain person to an anchor , In general 3 Months . Those with strong learning ability , As soon as possible 1 Months .” Shao Shudong said .

Once the selected anchor is officially employed , At least live every day 3 Hours , More even 6-7 Hours .“ Not every netizen will watch the live broadcast all the time , The live broadcast is long enough , The more talent you attract , The more chance you have to become a fan .”

Introduction : The loss rate of anchor is as high as 90% “ High Eq ” It's been a long time

 online celebrity “ Operator ” reveal :3 It's been a month since the package was launched It's normal to earn ten thousand yuan a month

It's on the air

according to the understanding of , The new network anchor's income mainly depends on the reward from netizens , But early income is also very volatile . Some anchorperson will give up because of the decrease of income for a period of time , Therefore, the flow of anchor is also very large .

Luo Wenjun said , Now everyone can be an anchor , But it's not easy to be a popular anchor , The only thing that people who come to the company can insist on doing is 10% about .“ Both perseverance and persistence are needed , And be able to be normal , Only the anchor with high EQ can do it for a long time .”

The current situation of high wastage rate , Li Xu also has a deep understanding .“ Our company can really stick to it , And there are only a few people at the front . After three months of internship , Only 30% I still have , in other words , The elimination rate is as high as 70%.”

What kind of anchor is “ High EQ ”? How to go further ? Luo Wenjun believes that , The most important thing is to make friends with fans .“ Find a common point to chat with fans , People like your character 、 I have a good chat , Only then can we make follow-up consumption . If the anchor just wants a gift , It won't be long .”

Shao Shudong mentioned , It's like a live anniversary , Some anchors celebrate online with their fans , And surprise for individual fans . Some female anchors usually prepare some intimate gifts for their fans , Hand made cookies to send to fans from all over the world , Weave scarves for fans in Northeast China in winter .“ The routine of walking away and the appropriate sense of distance , It's more conducive to the relationship between anchor and fans .”

profit : exceed 60% The monthly income is over ten thousand High income also has luck

To the outside world , Everyone's best wonder is how much money net red can earn ? Behind them “ packing ” How companies make money ?

Luo Wenjun's company , At present, more than 2000 popular online anchors are active , Monthly income 1-2 Ten thousand is more than 60%, The second is 4-8 Ten thousand , Only a few thousand dollars or more 8 Ten thousand yuan is a minority , And those with a monthly income of more than a million yuan are “ very rare ”. Of course, there's also luck , Some anchors will meet generous fans , A gift is tens of thousands of yuan .

According to him , Live mode , The company's main revenue model is to share . The general rule is that the anchor receives a gift , The platform is divided into 30%-50%, The economic company is divided into 10%-15%, The minimum 5%. The anchor was assigned to 40%-50%. Depending on the platform , Maybe the proportion will be slightly different .

If it's a company that provides all-round net red packaging, it's slightly different . Shao Shudong describes the company as “ In the early stage, the agency raised artists , Late stage artists support the company ”. He introduced , In the early stage, the company is responsible for the training of its artists 、 Get in touch with the business , The cost is borne by the company . later stage , When the anchor has a certain degree of attention and fans , Then you can receive advertisements 、 Sales promotion and other business activities , It's about the company sharing .

Although there is no specific income sharing , But the head of the company revealed , The company's earnings are in line with “ This principle ”, That is to say, among the artists the company has contracted to cultivate are 80% Will go , Last 20% I want you to stay . And this 20% People's income , Will fill in 80% People who don't make achievements make the company lose money .

Experts : Netizens want to spread valuable content

Wanghong has become a formal profession at present , How to see “ Net red economy ”?

Xue Yongfeng, senior analyst at Yiguan think tank, said , Wanghong company is a new business model with the development of entertainment industry . In the early , The threshold of this industry is relatively low . later stage , Due to the standardization of supervision and the improvement of audience aesthetic , The professional threshold will be higher and higher , So now there are a lot of online brokerage companies on the market , Full time to do the incubation and creation of net red .

He thinks that , Now? “ online celebrity ” Follow “ star ” Almost no difference , The emergence of wanghong company is a trend in the era of entertainment and Internet , As long as it operates within the normal scope of Supervision .

Zhang Zhenggang, Secretary General of mobile Internet in hi tech Zone, said , Net red economy has surpassed the traditional “ First, generate the flow , Then turn the flow into commercial cash ” The pattern of , The Internet Celebrities themselves are based on personality traits IP resources .

And wanghong not only means new ideas in the business field , It's a cultural phenomenon .“ Internet Celebrities should not just be entertaining 、 Stardom 、 Eye catching , It should be the dissemination of knowledge 、 Value communication 、 Public figures of positive energy transmission .” Zhang Zhenggang said .

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