Baidu Baijia enterprise blue V account opens up a new fission mode to enhance brand publicity

Agudo 2021-02-23 15:20:57
baidu baijia enterprise blue account

In the face of increasingly diversified and personalized consumer demand , As the market environment changes , Brands have to keep pace with the times , Keep looking for breakthroughs , In order to occupy a place in the fierce competition , therefore , Brand upgrading has become an important issue in brand marketing .

such as “ Douyin short video ”APP, Removed “ Short video ” Three words , Highlights the recognition of tiktok brand ; Including Kwai Chung , It has also been upgraded , Not only has the brand changed Logo, Also put “ See every life ” The brand of Slogan Upgrade to “ Embrace every life ”.

Baijia certification service provider pushes Technology :jutui22

And more recently , Baidu Baijia also announced the brand upgrade , Replace with other brands Logo、Slogan Upgrading is different , The new Baijia will open Baidu 12 A mobile platform , Become a creator unified account , Now let's take a look at the new look of Baijia .

 Baidu Baijia No

Baidu Baijia brand upgrade , The content ecosystem has been strengthened .

Need to know , There are many sub brands under Baidu brand , It's a huge mobile ecosystem , In addition to comprehensive Baidu APP Outside , There are also knowledge classes Baidu knows , Baidu Encyclopedia , Baidu library , Baby knows , Video class good-looking video , National video , And Baidu Post Bar , Baidu net disk and so on .

In the past , Creators are based on these platforms , Has accumulated a certain number of fans in their respective segments 、 Content and other aspects of the accumulation of unique value .

But it also means , When a creator wants to cross the border into another field of creation , He has to start from 0 Start , And the previous accumulation can't be repeated . This is not conducive to the flow of creators in the ecological environment , It is also easy to dispel the creative enthusiasm of the creator .

So , Baidu Baijia is in 2020 Baidu World Congress put forward : Baijia will become a key to Baidu's entire mobile ecosystem , From fans 、 Content 、 authentication 、 In terms of rights and interests, we will fully open up all products in Baidu's system .

As the only Creator account in Baidu mobile platform , Baijia can effectively gather the content value of the platform , To provide users with a one-stop 、 The whole scene service system , In this age of distraction , Undoubtedly, it helps the brand to focus users' attention on its own creative platform .

The updated Baijia , It can make the creator achieve success in any product line of Baidu , It can also be reflected in other products , Don't spend too much time on 0 On the basis of deep ploughing , And creators can also participate in incentive activities on multiple platforms , Enjoy a variety of rights , So as to attract more creators to stop on the platform , Create more high quality content on the platform , Let the brand realize more systematic and diversified development .

 Baidu Baijia No

so , Baidu Baijia has upgraded its brand , Build a longer 、 More dimensional service chain , It not only strengthens the content ecosystem , And it's easier to reach the majority of users , Enhanced brand influence .

The second is the multi-directional spread of combined boxing , Enhance users' perception of brand upgrade .

In today's booming social media , Topic marketing with low cost 、 The advantage of rapid communication , More and more popular with brands .

It's not difficult for a brand to establish social marketing to attract the public's attention , The hard part is , How to attract the public to participate in the theme interaction , And in this process, update the public's inherent understanding of the brand , It's not just a challenge , And it's what brands have to do .

In response to this upgrade , Baidu Baijia launched a set of effective communication combination boxing , It's a huge amount of sound , And let the public imperceptibly feel the attitude and original intention of the brand , Now let's see how Baidu Baijia does it .

Suspense marketing , Inspired the public's curiosity .

 Baidu Baijia No

In terms of this event , Baidu Baijia didn't directly announce the brand upgrade at the beginning , Instead, I told you on the official micro blog that there was something urgent to do , And gather the whole family , This can be said to give you room to imagine , Success arouses everyone's curiosity .

go by the name of “ A stone makes a thousand ” So called “ A stone makes a thousand ”, This news also exploded in the major creative groups , And because of these fragmented information and the participation of netizens , The hot search of Baijia has also evolved into social communication , Just a few days. ,# Baidu Baijia emergency meeting # The topic of this topic has also reached 5609.2 Ten thousand times , This amazing effect was unexpected by the brand .

Invite celebrities from different industries , Stimulate the resonance of users .

 Baidu Baijia No

Everything has to be measured , Using suspense Marketing , Pave the way for the event , Ferment , It's advisable to build up popularity , But a brand can't just satisfy the public , In case things don't turn out the way they want to .

therefore , stay “ An emergency meeting ” After the event has been fully fermented , Baidu Baijia was officially announced on Weibo “ Brand upgrading ” Specific events of , And invite industry celebrities as the theme “ do what little one can to help ”, They're not just the spokesmen of Baijia , And a user of the platform , Their voice is easy to resonate with users , Plus the value influence of these bigwigs , It's easier to win users' favor and trust in the brand .

in general , Brand upgrading means that the brand “ The second birth ”, It also represents the strategic intention and development direction of the enterprise , And behind the upgrade of Baidu Baijia brand , It's actually a change in the entire mobile content ecosystem , Whether it's for the Creator 、 user , Or the value of your own brand , It's of great significance , This is undoubtedly a win-win brand strategy for the three parties .


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