Anti haze which is the most practical, look at the 16 air purifier reputation!

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It's getting cold , Haze is coming , It's time to buy a nice air purifier ……

October autumn , It's getting cold , Fighting against haze is on the agenda . The new national standard of air purifier has been put into effect soon , What kind of performance will the hot air purifier on the market have ? How can we buy air purifiers ?

Let's take a look at the data report of Taoist Xiao !

2017 year 9 month ,《 Consumer reports 》 Based on the e-commerce platform ( Self operated by Jingdong 、 Suning's own brand and tmall flagship store ) Upper 41539 Consumer reviews , Yes 16 A popular air purifier has made a reputation analysis , Items include appearance 、 performance 、 The noise 、 Displays and air odors .

 Anti haze which is the most practical , Look at this 16 This air purifier has a good reputation !

For a more intuitive presentation 16 The gap between the two air purifiers ,《 Consumer reports 》 The weight of each index is set as follows : appearance (20%)、 performance (30%)、 The noise (30%)、 Show (10%)、 Peculiar smell (10%), And get the product's CCR Evaluation Recommendation Index . We are divided into 2000 The following sums 2000 More than RMB yuan are recommended respectively .

7 This is a new type of air purifier (2000 Yuan of the following )

7 The entry-level air purifier is rated in all 16 The score is not high ,CCR None of the indices exceeded 7 branch . Consumers targeting this price have lower budgets , We recommend more cost-effective products , It is not recommended that some products have obvious defects ( If there is a peculiar smell ) Products .

 Anti haze which is the most practical , Look at this 16 This air purifier has a good reputation !

Recommendation list : Cost performance star —— millet

 Anti haze which is the most practical , Look at this 16 This air purifier has a good reputation !

Millet air purifier 2( particulate matter CADR:310m3/h) The price is 699 element , Mika air purifier Pro( particulate matter CADR:500m3/h) The price is 1499 element , These two products highlight the high cost performance in the same-sex products .

They are “ The noise ” We have received good comments from users . among , Millet air purifier 2 The power in automatic mode is as low as 4.8W. Some consumers reported that : In sleep mode , Almost no sound was heard .

But what has been criticized is , No matter in appearance or internal structure , They are all related to bamuda, who ranks first in word of mouth EJT-1390SD-WK There are similarities .

 Anti haze which is the most practical , Look at this 16 This air purifier has a good reputation !

▲ Xiaomi on the left , Bamuda on the right

It should be noted that , Two products in the word of mouth “ Show ” I didn't get a high score in the event . In bad reviews , More consumers question its APP Display error , For example, the packing of the filter screen has not been torn open , mobile phone APP It's already shown PM2.5 The numbers are falling ; Just used for a day , Just remind me that there's still 20% The service life of .

No recommendation : There is a peculiar smell —— sharp

 Anti haze which is the most practical , Look at this 16 This air purifier has a good reputation !

Sharp's KC-W280SW Bottom of the list ,CCR The index is as low as 6.0.

This product claims to have “ Net ion group sterilization and humidification ” function , It's bacteriostatic HEAP Strainer . But there is a consumer response : The filter will give off a pungent sour smell . In relation to “ Peculiar smell ” Of 78 In comments , Yes 66 It's a negative comment .

Not only can not play the air purifier should be “ Remove the smell ” function , It also adds indoor pollution sources , therefore ,《 Consumer reports 》 Sharp's air purifier is not recommended .

9 High end air purifier (2000~14000 element )

High end air purifiers have 3 paragraph CCR The indices are all in 7.0 above , And 2000 There is a clear distinction between the entry-level products under RMB . stay 2000 At the price of more than yuan , Consumers can choose the product with the highest comprehensive score , Like bamuda , You can also choose the product with the strongest single purification ability score , Such as yadu . in addition , We don't recommend some expensive Nordic brands .

 Anti haze which is the most practical , Look at this 16 This air purifier has a good reputation !

Recommendation list

1. Star of word of mouth —— Bamuda

 Anti haze which is the most practical , Look at this 16 This air purifier has a good reputation !

Bamuda from Japan EJT-1390SD-WK stay 16 The best air purifier in the world ,CCR The index is as high as 7.4 branch . It's in 5 All the items performed well , More balanced .

According to the nominal , Its solid pollutants CADR The value is 343m3/h, Gaseous pollutants CADR The value is 190 m3/h.

appearance , It's all white on the floor , The lines are simple and fashionable ; There are two fans inside , One is responsible for suction , One is responsible for air supply , The top air jet technology is used to blow out the wind vertically , Then it flows back along the top and walls and is sucked in by the turbine from the bottom , Make the space air circulate fully ( Ordinary air purifiers are only equipped with one suction fan ).

Different from the common plate structure , Its filter screen adopts a unique barrel shaped design , This makes the cross-sectional area of the air go through larger , More filtration , And the built-in composite activated carbon filter screen can effectively absorb the odor in the air .

It is worth mentioning that , It claims to be as low as 16.2 Decibel , Accordingly, it's in “ The noise ” I also got a higher score on the Internet .

2. Performance star —— Yadu KJ500G-S5

 Anti haze which is the most practical , Look at this 16 This air purifier has a good reputation !

In terms of air purification alone , Yadu KJ500G-S5 outstanding , Its nominal particulate matter CADR It's worth as much as 577m3/h, The theory predicts that every hour can produce 577 Cubic meters of clean air without particles . therefore , It's in word of mouth “ performance ” I got the most from this 8.2 branch , Most consumer feedback : The purification effect is good , Fast , The wind is strong .

This is mainly due to its double turbofans and two sets of filters on the left and right sides , Both sides of the air to improve the filtration efficiency .

There is a fly in the ointment , The strong air volume brings a certain amount of noise , Some consumers reported that : It's a little loud , It's noisy . When the consumer goes to bed , You might as well switch it to sleep mode with less air volume .

No recommendation

Not grounded ——Blue air and IQ Air

 Anti haze which is the most practical , Look at this 16 This air purifier has a good reputation !

Bruyal (Blue air) and IQ Air They are all well-known Nordic brands , The former is from Sweden , The latter comes from Switzerland .

But the performance and price of these two brands are a little acclimatized in the Chinese market . among , Bruyal 303 Of particles CADR Only value 250m3/h, The purification effect is relatively average . and IQ Air HealthPro 250 The price is as high as 13482 element , And there are three layers of filters , Replace the cheapest filter screen on the first floor 780 element , If all three filters are replaced , The cost is 3000 Yuan of above .

in addition , These two imported products are in “ Show ” It's not human and intelligent enough , There is no intuitive data display and APP operation , This aspect slightly lags behind the domestic brand .

03 Purchase suggestions

1、 Be careful CADR Value and CCM value

From the two rigid indexes in the new national standard of air purifier CADR value 、CCM Since its implementation , The air purifier market has been well regulated . Next ,《 Consumer reports 》 I will talk about the significance of these two indicators .

CADR value , That is, the speed of purifying the air , It is the most important parameter of air purifier .CADR The higher the value , The stronger the air purification capacity of the product .

CADR The value is divided into particles CADR And gaseous pollutants CADR value . In terms of use effect , For haze , Consumers are more suitable to buy particulate matter CADR High value air purifier ; For home decoration , Consumers are more suitable to buy formaldehyde CADR High value air purifier ( For decoration , If time permits , Ventilation will be more practical than using air purifiers ).

 Anti haze which is the most practical , Look at this 16 This air purifier has a good reputation !

CADR The value is usually marked on the product package , Sometimes it appears directly in the product model . Philips KJ330F-C03 For example , According to the national standard ,“KJ” Stands for air purifier ,“330” representative CADR The value is 330 m3/h,“F” It stands for compound ,“C03” The serial code for this air purifier .

as for CCM value , It represents the cumulative purification capacity of the filter screen for pollutants , We can understand , This has a lot to do with the life of the filter screen . There are four grades of this index in particulate matter and formaldehyde respectively . Among them, particulate matter CCM The order of values from low to high is P1、P2、P3、P4; formaldehyde CCM The order of values from low to high is F1、F2、F3、F4.

《 Consumer reports 》 It is suggested that you should choose CCM High value air purifier , In this case , The service life of the filter screen will be longer , The replacement cycle is relatively long .

 Anti haze which is the most practical , Look at this 16 This air purifier has a good reputation !

2、 About the filter screen

The structure of the air purifier is simply a fan + Strainer . among , Fans let the air flow , The filter screen filters pollutants . The filter screen acts as a barrier to pollutants “ The main ”, Its importance is self-evident .

Air purifiers generally use HEAP Strainer ,HEAP The filter screen is mainly made of various organic fibers , Tiny holes to intercept particles , And gaseous pollutants like formaldehyde , The adsorption mainly depends on activated carbon .

 Anti haze which is the most practical , Look at this 16 This air purifier has a good reputation !

According to the products on the market ,HEAP Filter grade from low to high is generally divided into H10、H11、H12、H13 etc. , The higher the rank , Filtration efficiency ( Mainly aimed at 0.3μm Above particles ) The higher the , Naturally, the more expensive the price is .

It is worth mentioning that , The U.S. consumer report recommends that users change the filter every three months . Of course, considering the different levels of air pollution in different parts of China , As the case may be . Some brands of air purifiers will identify the service life of the filter screen and the service life of the filter screen APP Set up a replacement reminder on the .

 Anti haze which is the most practical , Look at this 16 This air purifier has a good reputation !

▲ The filter screen needs to be replaced regularly

in addition , Consumers should choose air purifiers with corresponding functions according to the pollutants in the place where they live , There's no need to get rid of germs 、 anion 、 Humidifying these additional functions costs extra money . If the air pollution in your area is serious , Ordinary air purifiers are no longer working , You can consider a home fresh air system or higher FFU.

however ,《 Consumer reports 》 I hope consumers can choose their own air purifier , We should also practice it , Cherish and cherish our living environment .

 Anti haze which is the most practical , Look at this 16 This air purifier has a good reputation !

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