Microsoft Surface laptop go: low cost laptop

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microsoft surface laptop low cost

Microsoft's latest SurfaceLaptop Go From the appearance alone , It's hard not to like it . Typical Microsoft notebook style , But it's smaller than previous models , Screen only 12.4 Inch .

 Microsoft Surface Laptop Go evaluating : Low cost laptops

The real highlight is , Its starting price is not enough 4000 element . At such a low price, it is almost impossible to find a laptop that is excellent in all aspects . So , Microsoft Surface Laptop Go The first impression you get is that you stand out .

But after a week of use , I find Surface Laptop Go It does shrink in some ways . such as , Its screen is low resolution , The biggest only 8GB Memory , The shell is mainly made of plastic .

 Microsoft Surface Laptop Go evaluating : Low cost laptops

however , It has a high-end look , It has the performance that can satisfy the general user . about Surface Laptop Go For a specific group of users , The flaws may not matter .


Surface Laptop Go The first impression looks like Microsoft's 13 Inch Laptop series . however , If you look closely, it doesn't have an all metal shell . therefore , Plastic will be the first to remind you that it's just a cheap laptop . Actually , According to Microsoft ,Surface Laptop Go The bottom shell material contains about 40% The glass fiber of , So it's not the cheapest kind of plastic handle . This is done to reduce weight and cost at the same time .

 Microsoft Surface Laptop Go evaluating : Low cost laptops

When it comes to weight , This laptop only weighs 1.1kg, With a keyboard cover Surface Pro 7 almost , Better than Microsoft's 13 Inch SurfaceLaptop Be light , The weight of the latter is 1.27kg. At first glance, it doesn't seem much lighter , But there's one small detail that shows the role of weight . When I take it from one room to another , take Surface LaptopGo It's like holding a big tablet , It's not like holding a laptop .

 Microsoft Surface Laptop Go evaluating : Low cost laptops

Surface Laptop Go A fingerprint sensor is integrated into the power button , For quick login . There are only two ports , Fortunately, it's universal USB-C and USB-A. It can be charged with a special charger , It can also be done through USB-C To charge .


Microsoft SurfaceLaptop Go Of 12.4 The inch screen is reminiscent of apple 12 " MacBook. It won't look like Surface Go 2 The use of 10.5 It's as small as an inch screen , So there is enough space for multitasking to place program windows .3:2 The aspect ratio also makes the display better than 12 Inch wide screen is more practical . It is a pity , It's really a touch screen , But it doesn't support Microsoft's Surface Pen.

 Microsoft Surface Laptop Go evaluating : Low cost laptops

although Surface Laptop Go The screen is very practical , But it has an important drawback , That's it Surface The lowest resolution display used in the series , Only 1536 x 1024 Pixels , Far below 1080p, Even the first generation Surface Go The resolution is higher than it .

Surface LaptopGo The pixel density of the screen is only 148ppi. in other words , If you lean over the screen , It's easy to see a single pixel . I haven't experienced a screen like this for many years , Especially since Apple put high resolution Retina With the display as standard . With 12 " MacBook For example , Its pixel density is 226 ppi.

 Microsoft Surface Laptop Go evaluating : Low cost laptops

The screen resolution reaches 1080p Of 15 Inch game laptops also have very low pixel density , But it's usually made up for by faster refresh rates and higher quality screens .

Microsoft's explanation for this low resolution display says , Laptop users are generally farther away from the screen than tablet users , So the visual requirements for clarity are lower . Even if it's true , Laptop is not TV after all , What's more, today's TV resolution is also 1080p even to the extent that 4K 了 .

 Microsoft Surface Laptop Go evaluating : Low cost laptops

I admit from a normal distance , The clarity of the screen is OK , The color is also very bright , And it's very bright . Microsoft Surface The color of the series screen is always bright , But sharp colors with low resolution , bring Surface LaptopGo There's an illusion of going back to the past .

Although the screen is really disappointing , But Microsoft's efforts to reduce the screen border are commendable .Surface Laptop Go The edge of the screen is thinner than that of most Microsoft products , It's just not up to Dell XPS 13 Or Microsoft Surface Pro X So thin . The reduced side and top edges of the screen make this laptop quite different from most low-cost laptops . It has a smaller shell , The overall style is also more modern .

 Microsoft Surface Laptop Go evaluating : Low cost laptops

Keyboard and touchpad

Microsoft's way of balancing cost and quality is strange , In their eyes, the screen doesn't seem to be a very important thing , And some details have to be perfect . such as ,Surface LaptopGo The keyboard and touchpad are different from the high-end Surface The products are on a par .

 Microsoft Surface Laptop Go evaluating : Low cost laptops

The keyboard is full size , It won't be as small as the keyboards on other laptops . Its key stroke has 1.3 mm , Can provide a very comfortable feel . Unfortunately, the strange point comes again , The buttons are very comfortable , But the keyboard doesn't have a backlight . This makes it possible to use in low light environments Surface LaptopGo It is a little hard .

 Microsoft Surface Laptop Go evaluating : Low cost laptops

The touch pad feels smooth and accurate to use , But it's much smaller than the touchpad on other ultra portable laptops .


Fortunately, Microsoft did not shrink its core performance components , Otherwise, no matter how good the appearance is, it can't be called excellent notebook .Surface Laptop Go With Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor , This is a four core CPU, The speed is up to 3.6GHz.

 Microsoft Surface Laptop Go evaluating : Low cost laptops

In fact, portable notebook computers at this price can use Intel's low power consumption Y Series of chips . What Microsoft says is , They hope Surface Laptop Go Have a basic level of performance . Intel Y series CPU Can be used in SurfaceGo 2 And so on , Achieve the goal of performance for efficiency .

What we use SurfaceLaptop Go Equipped with 8GB Memory and 256GB SSD, You can see from these two parts that this laptop is not for heavy users . Yes, of course , If you really need it, you can match it with 16GB Memory , But is it really necessary ? It's worth thinking about .

 Microsoft Surface Laptop Go evaluating : Low cost laptops

From my experience of using it for a week ,SurfaceLaptop Go It's fast enough . I usually just browse the web 、 Listen to online music 、 Use multiple social software to make video calls , Of course, we have to edit the text very frequently .

Sometimes I feel like 8GB There's not enough memory , And every time you install a new application , I think 256GB SSD It's too small . however , For users like me who are mainly engaged in text work , It's enough .

Surface LaptopGo Built in Intel UHD The integrated graphics card can run 《 My world 》 Games that don't take up a lot of resources , It can even run at the lowest resolution 《 Watchman pioneer 》, And there's about 50FPS. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with Intel last year Iris Plus To show , Otherwise, the support for the game should be upgraded to a higher level .

 Microsoft Surface Laptop Go evaluating : Low cost laptops

Sum up ,SurfaceLaptop Go Our product strategy seems to be very clear , Let the less demanding users feel that its performance is more than enough .


The lowest version is 4GB Memory and slower 64GB Of eMMC Storage , This is Microsoft Surface The lowest price in the series . however , Follow Surface Go 2 equally , Users are not recommended to buy the lowest version . It's only for users running one or two applications .

 Microsoft Surface Laptop Go evaluating : Low cost laptops

In my submission Surface Laptop Go The minimum requirement is 128GB SSD Storage space , coordination 8GB There won't be much performance discount on memory . If the configuration is higher , The price is close to using 4K Of the screen 2019 This is Dell XPS 13 了 .

Anyway? , The machine SurfaceLaptop Go It proves that Microsoft can also make notebook computers with strong functions and low price . It doesn't have the fancy features of a super laptop , But it works , High cost performance .

  • The price is low
  • Fashion style
  • All versions of CPU Very fast
  • The keyboard and touchpad are great

  • The basic version has low configuration
  • The screen resolution is very low
  • The biggest only 8GB Memory optional
  • The biggest only 256GB Storage space is optional
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