Nobody around can answer whether UAVs are worth buying or not?

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answer uavs worth buying

 Nobody around can answer Is UAV worth buying or not ?

That's what the title says , No one around can answer this question , Is UAV worth buying or not !

When it comes to UAVs, I believe everyone is familiar with them , But actually bought a drone , Or that there are not many people who have seen UAVs with their own eyes , Drones are mostly just a name .

 Nobody around can answer Is UAV worth buying or not ?

If you want to answer that question , First of all, we need to know what UAVs are for .

The drones we can buy right now 99% It's all for taking pictures , There are a lot of products expanding out of the field of photography , Basically, they are represented by Dajiang UAV , And then play innovation in shape and size , Launch from 200 element -10000 About 10000 civilian products .

Drones are different from cell phones , He can't measure it in terms of cost performance . The technology content of UAV is much higher than that of mobile phone , It's a lot of trouble , So the principle of "one price, one goods" is more appropriate here .

The UAV products we can buy right now , Such as : TaoBao 500 Basically, toys are all under yuan , It can also be said that it is not the same thing as the UAV in our cognition . And you can experience it a little bit , And the UAVs that can meet the service conditions are basically 1000 Yuan Qi .

 Nobody around can answer Is UAV worth buying or not ?

Apart from the price difference , The biggest problem with UAVs is endurance . Now those 500 Basically, products with a price of about RMB can only fly 5-8 About minutes , This kind of ultra short time flight basically has no value , And it needs to be charged 2-4 Hours .

According to user feedback, the average endurance of mainstream popular UAV products in Xinjiang is 25 About minutes , If added 800 If you have a battery, it's about $1 , You can shoot 40 About minutes . This time can at least support us to shoot a good overlooking video , It's enough to take pictures .

Don't forget , After the drone takes off , We need to adjust the flight state properly , If you buy a cheap one “ toy ”, Just after debugging, there was no electricity , It's insane .

 Nobody around can answer Is UAV worth buying or not ?

The second is data transmission

There is little doubt about that , except 3000 Beyond the great frontier of the Yuan Dynasty , There are not many transmission distances that can be calculated in kilometers , Besides, the control distance 、 transmission speed 、 Flying altitude, these , It's all about money , What do you expect 7、8 A hundred dollar drone is a dream .

After talking about the effect of price on UAVs , What on earth can it help us do ?

In theory, there are several kinds of people who buy drones :

1、 Extreme sports fans , Ordinary cameras or GoPro I can't take that kind of dazzling picture with perfect angle , But if there's a drone following , Can take a lot of amazing photos , Because some angles are not accessible to people .

2、 Work needs , If you're a video player for the game , If you're a wedding guy , If you have a car club going out to play , There's no mistake in buying one at this time .

 Nobody around can answer Is UAV worth buying or not ?

3、 Digital enthusiasts , These people don't need a reason at all , As long as it's fun, I'll buy it , and 3、5 They can't even watch a hundred dollar drone .

4、 People who regret buying , There are many of them , Several of them have bought Dajiang's UAVs around me , After two times of freshness, they were all thrown under the bed . Ask them why , It's just that it's too much trouble to go out with it , And everybody's playing , It's boring to take pictures of yourself . This is the result of impulse shopping .

The advantages of UAVs :

You can take a lot of special angle photos and videos , Such as overlooking from high altitude , steep cliff . Also can complete a lot of usually can not touch the shooting task , Like the top of the warehouse , Or the top of a tree or something .

There must be fun , And if you're good at it , Will be a very popular person , You will be invited to many friends' activities , Maybe you can earn some water and electricity from your private work .

 Nobody around can answer Is UAV worth buying or not ?

The disadvantages of UAVs :

Single play , The experience time is short , In addition to daily special shooting, there is no possibility to take it with you . In addition, UAV is also a very dangerous thing , I believe many people have seen a video we sent before , There are a lot of injuries caused by drones , So there is a certain risk in the process of operation .

At present, many cities prohibit UAV flight , If you want to buy it , Just check to see if you can play in your city .

Here's our interview with people around us , See if their answers are the same as yours .

 Nobody around can answer Is UAV worth buying or not ?

ask : Now drones are so hot , Would you buy a drone to play with ?

A: I feel like it doesn't matter , It seems useless .

B: If it's cheaper, you can buy it for fun .

C: Beijing is not allowed to play , Why buy it .

D: Never thought about , Maybe I will buy it later .

ask : Do you know how long a drone can last ?

A: I think the advanced ones can play for a long time , How can you play 2、3 Hours .

B: My brother has one , Charge 3 It's an hour to play 5 minute , It's just SB.

C: I do not know! , No one's ever used it .

D: Feeling 1 An hour is the bottom line ?

That's what it is , Although I hear about drones every day , But basically, we know little about UAVs , In this case, it's basically a decoration to buy back .

But as technology matures , At present, there are many good UAV products on the market , The endurance time is getting longer and longer , It's just that it won't be popular , Otherwise, it's too dangerous for UAVs all over the sky .

We strongly call on the state to enact the UAV law , All the people who bought it must have an operation license to play , I'm responsible for myself and others .

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