Alibaba cloud's 6-Month Free Evaluation of cloud server: 2-core 4g1m

Xiaominzi 2021-02-23 15:12:57
alibaba cloud 6-month month free

I have received Alibaba cloud free before 6 Months of servers , Now there are also some web pages . Because bandwidth is limited 1M, So it doesn't work .

I'm going to buy a new server tonight , It's free to find alicloud 6 A month's activity , It's an enterprise version again . There used to be a version of .

I happen to have resources in my hand , So another server came for free , So I got the server , Nothing else . After all, there is not much demand for this website , It's not the main product .

Let's talk about this configuration first :

CPU:2 nucleus

Memory :4GB

System disk : Local dish (50GB) also 50G Of SSD Data disk

bandwidth :1Mbps Proprietary networks

Area : The north China 2( Beijing )

Mirror image :CentOS 7.2 64 position

 Alibaba cloud is free 6 Three months of cloud server evaluation :2 nucleus 4G1M

Let's get into the subject , This time, the evaluation process is simple , Just a few parameters .( Because in the beginning I tested wrong ... I tested my other alicloud servers for half a day )

One 、 Alibaba cloud cloud server basic information detection

 Alibaba cloud is free 6 Three months of cloud server evaluation :2 nucleus 4G1M

 Alibaba cloud is free 6 Three months of cloud server evaluation :2 nucleus 4G1M

50G System disk , It seems that the default system disk is 30G Well ? There is also... Available memory 3.4G.

Two 、 The hard disk of Alibaba cloud server IO Read and write speed test

 Alibaba cloud is free 6 Three months of cloud server evaluation :2 nucleus 4G1M

Alibaba cloud's reading and writing speed is an old problem .

3、 ... and 、 Alibaba cloud server ping Speed 、 Download tests

 Alibaba cloud is free 6 Three months of cloud server evaluation :2 nucleus 4G1M

 Alibaba cloud is free 6 Three months of cloud server evaluation :2 nucleus 4G1M

My local ping Average value in 60 about ( Chongqing Telecom 100M), Download a 100M The file of , And the files are still in Alibaba cloud server (5M), It's a bit slow .

It's a proprietary network 1M And the classic network 1M, Speed .. Do not have what difference , Are all the same .

Four 、 Alibaba cloud server UnixBench Run point tool test

 Alibaba cloud is free 6 Three months of cloud server evaluation :2 nucleus 4G1M

UnixBench The result of the run is about 2272 about , It took more than half an hour to finish . I said before that Alibaba cloud is KVM The architecture of

5、 ... and 、 Alibaba cloud server one click detection of hardware configuration 、 Node download and IO Read write script test

 Alibaba cloud is free 6 Three months of cloud server evaluation :2 nucleus 4G1M

With this one click test , Just to see I/O Reading and writing speed , As for the following node speed , Too lazy to wait .

It's not so bad , But it's faster than alicloud's ordinary cloud disk ...

The rest is not going to continue testing , Generally speaking, it's OK , Users with low requirements can still choose to play , It's free , You can't ask too much .

Anyway, I will use the wechat scene show , Or short-term , If you want to use it for a long time , This is definitely not in the choice .

Finally, let's talk about the conditions of free collection , Is to complete the enterprise real name certification on it , As long as you have the Alipay account of the corresponding enterprise .

Personal free , I think we all know , Real name plus sesame credit .


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