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qq group marketing network marketing

Now that the Internet is in vogue , Network sales are more and more popular among large, medium and small enterprises and even individuals , More and more enterprises and individuals have entered this field , Prepare to sell your products through Internet marketing . then , All kinds of platforms in the network , It's all taken advantage of , Advertising can be placed on the website , Email can be advertised ,QQ You can also advertise , All in all , Advertising is everywhere , Everywhere there is . stay QQ In the age of the Internet, where this kind of tool prevails ,QQ Group marketing is favored by the majority of sales friends . however , done QQ Group Marketing , stay QQ Advertising in the group , I believe we all have feelings ( I think that feeling , I can only mean , can only be sensed , I won't explain it here , You may feel it later , Maybe it's better to experience it yourself ).

Often in QQ People in the group should know ,QQ How annoying it is to advertise in a group , How annoying , Especially when it's not divided QQ In a group , For example, in my yellow pages 88 Network communication group SEO When it comes to experience , All of a sudden, someone came out to post a big advertisement , In this way , I don't even look at ads , Fly him out of the crowd , Because he bothered me ( The consequences of disturbing Management ); And such as , In a white-collar work personnel QQ In a group , To send out a farm machine , Rice transplanter , Ads for harvesters or something , Do you think someone cares about you like this ? Can you sell the product ? I think it's almost unrealistic , And must have been kicked out of the group .

 One of the ways of network marketing QQ Group Marketing

QQ Group marketing is not wrong , It's the right way , Well done , The effect is really good , But if it's not done well , It's going to hit the wall everywhere , I feel bullied every day , Over time, it will be right QQ Group marketing lost confidence . that , How to do it QQ Group Marketing , How about QQ Advertising in a group is not annoying , They won't be kicked by the group leaders ? today , The author sorts out some of his own views , I hope you don't spray me , Personal view , The author is now a number of hot QQ The administrator of the group , Many industries QQ They all have , Let me tell you , Hair QQ Various methods of group advertising and analysis of their advantages and disadvantages :

No1: Be lost to all sense of shame . a centipede dies but never falls down , To die without rigidity ; Wildfires are endless , The spring breeze blows again .

This way, , To put it bluntly, it's shameless , Push into the group , You get kicked when you make an advertisement , Get kicked and add groups everywhere , It's repeated . This kind of advertising is the most annoying thing for group friends 、 Disgusting , Someone did , It shows that it has merits , analysis : This kind of advertisement is popular among group friends , All of a sudden , Visual effects for people , At that time, many people could see this advertisement , If your ads are for mass consumption , For example, in Taobao shop , It's just another promotion , That may bring you good traffic . The disadvantage is , This kind of advertisement is really annoying , If you are not familiar with the management group leader , It's basically a kick when it's made , What is more , There will also be negative effects , such as , If you're in a SEOer Inside the group , Send your own personal website , It's pissed them off , May cause your website traffic instability , There are various problems during the visit , What's worse is being hacked or punished by search engines K standing , So it's easy to lose more than gain by advertising like this , I also hate this kind of advertisement , And now Tencent is interested in doing these ads QQ There will be corresponding punishment , So be careful .

No2:QQ Group discussion group advertising .

Force people to the discussion group , It's kind of rogue , But it's really practical . In a 500 One of the QQ In a group , If the cluster industry is similar to your product industry , So it can be done in this way , A discussion group can go into 20 personal , A group , You can combine cities 20-30 A discussion group , So the whole group will see your message , Even better than the ads in the group , Because there are many diving friends in the group , I don't look at groups at all , But if you take him to the discussion group , Then there has to be QQ Remind him , You can see your ads , So pick the right target QQ Group , Do a discussion group, advertise , It's a good way . The drawback is that it has nothing to do with No1 The method is more like 、 It's a hooligan , Discovered by the group leader and management , They'll be kicked out too , Target selection QQ If the group is unreasonable , It's easy to do it again No1 The consequences of the method . So this method can choose the time , Aim at the customer base .

 One of the ways of network marketing QQ Group Marketing

No3:QQ Group user training method .

This is mainly about the cultivation of accurate customers , Precision customer training refers to training customers related to you , I have seen a successful case before , Is an intermediary salesman , He built QQ Group , The owner of a campus QQ It's all in your hands , establish QQ Group , When there are owners selling and renting houses in the community , The first time he knew , Then he set up tenants on the other side QQ Group , When a tenant needs to rent , He also knew for the first time , There are customers and resources , It's easy to be an intermediary . This kind of precise customer training QQ Group Marketing , It's the best way to market , But we need to collect and cultivate customers slowly , With these customer resources in hand , Need to worry about performance ? Actually , In addition to the precise customer training method , Another way is , You can build all kinds of communication groups , To make friends , The game , Shopping or something , These people may be more miscellaneous , The needs are different , But you are the leader of this group , Don't worry about being kicked ( Of course , Advertising in this way , Maybe it's not as fast as adding other people's mass ads ). therefore , Here we mainly recommend the precise customer training method QQ Group Marketing , It's the best QQ Group Marketing .

No4, Friendship QQ Group Marketing .

The so-called friendship style , In fact, it's relying on the friendship with the management of the group leader, occasionally advertising , The management didn't see it , To put it bluntly, it is to let go of water . If you can make a name in the group , This method is very good , You can also use friendship , Do a question and answer advertisement , Not to be hated by friends , And sell your own products , It's better not to be kicked .

No5,QQ Group component application Marketing .

QQ The number of main components and applications of the cluster QQ Group space and QQ Group mail ,QQ Group space as long as it's group friends , All have access to , And there's always a hint , It can be preserved for a long time , Although the flow is small , But it's about the long run , A long time , There's a lot of traffic .QQ So is group mail , although ,QQ The group mailbox won't be read by everyone , But everyone's QQ The mailbox will be cleaned regularly , Most people will see clearly when they clean up , So as not to delete useful mail , In the process, someone may see your email advertisement . Except for group space and group mail ,QQ Group sharing of groups , Group announcement of those , And make the most of it , Group sharing anyone can do , Group announcement can only be modified after management . Last , Another particularly important application is group photo album , Group album you can upload your own product photos , Company photos, etc , These pictures can be your own advertising pictures , It can also be a publicity image , May bring you a certain amount of traffic .

So much for today's sharing , I think these points are to do QQ Group marketing friends are more common , Relatively easy , It's also easy to make mistakes , Here is a summary of this sharing . Of course ,QQ Group marketing is a profound knowledge , The most important thing is to explore by yourself , Maybe there are other ways , For example, violent software mass distribution , Software pulls people to build groups and so on , I find that it's the best way to find the right way for myself , I share , Just for your reference , Maybe you can understand a better way to do marketing after reading my share .

 One of the ways of network marketing QQ Group Marketing


I'm Lu Xingyun , The first person to start a business live broadcast , The founder of Xingyun society . I will put my several years of entrepreneurial experience and do network marketing experience , I share my experience with you without reservation . Help you succeed quickly !

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