Smart notebook evaluation of Migu iFLYTEK

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smart notebook evaluation migu iflytek

I don't know if you made up your notes when you went to school , Pile up stacks of draft paper ; When I'm working, I'm in a hurry to hold a meeting and record the contents of the meeting , After looking for the minutes of the meeting, I found that the minutes were full of flying dragons and flying phoenix , When looking for the content, I can't find the main points ?

If you answer “ Yes ”, Then I suggest you upgrade your notebook ! Recently, iFLYTEK and Migu reading launched a smart notebook , All you need to do is write and write , It can take care of , And powerful support “ Listening, speaking, reading and writing ”, You can take notes, read or listen to books on the same device .

 Good assistant for office study Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook evaluation

What is sacred about such all-round talents ? Let's take a look at Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook .

01 Young people need to “ burn ” get up It's light and portable

When I got Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook , I was amazed by its packaging design —— The green of youth fashion , Just in line with the aesthetic of youth , One “ burn ” word , It also reflects young people's attitude towards life —— Whether it's study or work , All first “ Burn up ”.

The design of the package is very much like a hardcover book , The overall design has a kind of book flavor , Let people calm down when they can see it .

Open the package, Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook will officially meet us , The main body of the notebook is about the size of a regular paper notebook , The fuselage is also very thin , It's better to hold it in your hand . The back of iFLYTEK smart notebook is made of fabric , Feel comfortable and reduce the weight of the whole machine .

 Good assistant for office study Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook evaluation

The front of Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook adopts asymmetric design , The right is a little wider than the left , And left up and down page buttons . I found out after I started , In fact, there is another reason for such asymmetric design —— One hand grip is more in line with human mechanics , And it doesn't block the screen , It's easy to turn pages up and down , It can be seen that iFLYTEK's seemingly simple design actually contains a lot of “ Be careful of the machine ”.

 Good assistant for office study Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook evaluation

Along with the notebook also presented a pressure pen , The design of the pressure sensitive pen is more like the shape of the commonly used pen , The penholder is 9mm Best thickness , Weight is 10 g , The balance weight is even and the handle is comfortable . Watch the clip carefully , I found another one “ Scheming ” Rail design of , The pen can be stored directly in the smart notebook , There won't be the tragedy that the pressure sensitive pen can't be found once you put it away .

 Good assistant for office study Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook evaluation

At the bottom of the fuselage we also noticed , Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook also has a dual speaker design , This also means that this product supports the function of audio playback . At the top of the fuselage is a dual microphone design , It's convenient for radio reception and reduces occlusion , The recording is better .

 Good assistant for office study Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook evaluation

There is also a slot on the left side of the fuselage , Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook supports 4G Network and extended memory , Insert a 4G Mobile phone card , Even without WiFi The online function can also be used in the network environment .

02 Eight core chips show faster There is no drag on the ink screen

It's not enough to have a great look , Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook also has ultra-high configuration and the latest display technology in the industry . In fact, the biggest pain in the current ink screen products is that the refresh rate is not enough , So the program switches stuck and the page loads slowly , It's like the last century .

Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook aims at these problems , I chose to upgrade on the configuration , Adopted MTK8768 Eight core chip , Based on the android 9.0 Deep custom development , Smooth operation . Combined with the latest ink screen display technology T1000, Fast refresh .

From the motion picture above, we can see that , Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook for reading , Flipping is fast , And page loading speed is also in the forefront of ink screen , It's a great experience .

 Good assistant for office study Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook evaluation

It is worth mentioning that , To protect the user experience , Long time non offline service , Don't drop the chain at the critical moment , IFLYTEK also equipped this smart notebook with 4100mAh The big battery , Support about two weeks of ultra long standby time , Can guarantee long-term records .

03 Take notes, dictation, reading and biography 4G Network transmission is more convenient

As a smart notebook , Of course, the most important thing is the note taking function . The note taking function of Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook also has convenient file sorting function , Different types of documents and notes are stored separately , Search in the form of a folder , It's much more efficient than looking for a needle in a haystack in a paper notebook .

Handwriting and voice to text —— It's easier to record

Back to note taking , The note taking function of Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook supports handwriting input and recording , Both ways can be converted into text online and uploaded to the mobile phone or PC On , Convenient file export . The recorded voice can also be played after recording , Dual speaker design allows sound to spread well .

And most importantly , Everyone should know iFLYTEK's voice to text black Technology , The efficiency and accuracy of voice to text are very high , It's convenient to organize the notes .

 Good assistant for office study Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook evaluation

When you're in a meeting , Everyone else is writing down the main points of the meeting , And you just need to turn on the recording function of Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook , The whole meeting is easy to record , One click to text , Efficient processing efficiency makes you more comfortable in the workplace . In class , Worry about missing the point of the teacher's explanation , Just turn on the recording function , One click reception of the whole class content , It's also convenient to sort out and review after class , Learning becomes easier .

and , Whether it's handwritten text or voice to text content , Can be found in document search , As long as you search for keywords, you can accurately locate the content of your notes , It's more efficient and convenient than the pen .

The real way of recording —— Wake up the feeling of writing

If Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook cooperates with its pressure sensitive pen , Will release its comprehensive advantages . IFLYTEK this “ Simulation ” The design of the stylus , Writing on Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook can get a real writing experience . And as a pressure pen , You can write a book with beautiful font , Even if there is no pen or writing brush , It can also show good handwriting ! In addition, Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook also has the function of handwriting beautification , It also makes your handwriting more fluent .

 Good assistant for office study Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook evaluation

When you turn off the handwriting beautification function , The effect of writing is more immediate , The handwriting can be generated with writing , There is a feeling of writing with a real pen . After the handwriting correction function is turned on , We can see the process of the written words becoming beautiful under the algorithm , It's also pleasant .

 Good assistant for office study Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook evaluation

Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook has another interesting point , It's the nib that's used to write , And its cap can be used to make “ Eraser ” The function of —— It's OK to write the wrong words , Turn the pen around “ Eraser ” Wipe it off , The moment you erase the words , There will be a kind of dream back to the classroom feeling .

The function is all ready A versatile notebook

As a smart notebook , Compared to traditional paper notebooks , Adding the function of voice reading is not enough , Comprehensive functional design makes this product more efficient .

First, the page layout , Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook supports three different page templates , Whether it's a line page that needs to be neat and easy to watch , Or a blank page for drawing and drawing , Or a lattice page with simplicity and convenience , Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook supports .

Compared to the traditional pen and paper , Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook also adds the function of inserting pictures , This is the biggest advantage of technology over tradition . Want to insert pictures in your notebook , Only in the smart notebook supporting APP——“ Reader writer ” The upload , It can be used in the function of notebook , Very convenient .

 Good assistant for office study Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook evaluation

If the recorded notes can only be viewed on this machine , That's not what it's called “ intelligence ” 了 . Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook supports the transfer out of notes , It can be transferred out in two ways: QR code and email , Convenient and quick . And support Wi-Fi and 4G Two connections , Let your content upload not be restricted by the network environment , Whenever and wherever possible , After I have finished my biography .

04 It's not just notebooks —— Reading and learning can be

Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook is not only a simple notebook, but also a reader and learning tool with massive resources . Reading a variety of book stores and document resources , Let Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook get the full scene reading experience ; Exclusive and customized open talk app , So that you can read and learn , A smart notebook , Complete all the functions .

 Good assistant for office study Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook evaluation

Massive reading resources + Multiple document reading

Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook and Migu reading have hundreds of thousands of high-quality reading books , So that you can enjoy reading anytime, anywhere .

in addition , Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook also supports office file 、 Web articles 、 WeChat official account and Baidu cloud SkyDrive access and other multi scene content reading .

 Good assistant for office study Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook evaluation

Information at work 、 Study notes , You can import the smart notebook in many ways , Read in a more eye friendly way , It also fundamentally solves the problem of blue light on the screen .

The introduction of the net language or WeChat official account is also very simple , Find the text you want to read on your smart notebook , Choose to share -> Readers and writers can , Upload through the cloud can be synchronized to the reader , Read in a better eye care way .

If you are tired all day and want to relax by reading , It can also be turned on “ listen ” function , The dual speaker design gives you an immersive reading experience . After work or study , Get a moment of leisure by listening to books , It can not only relax, but also enrich the knowledge reserve , Kill two birds with one stone .

Exclusive customization “ Chatteris ” application , Learning has never been so easy

In iFLYTEK's smart reader, we also have an exclusive application for free speech , All kinds of CET-4 and CET-6 real problems 、 Postgraduate English and other online exercises , Intelligent marking , Let you have more confidence in the battlefield before the test .

be known as “ Chatteris ”, Oral practice is also essential , The design of Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook's dual microphones and dual speakers shows its advantages . Dual microphone design , Better pickup , Reduce noise , Plus two speakers , So that you can hear clearly where your oral problems are , And then correct it .

Familiar words , If you don't practice, you will never learn a language well , And Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook gives you this opportunity , So you can be bold , Don't worry !

05 And finally

Taken together , IFLYTEK brings this product this time , Can be said to be “ Listening, speaking, reading and writing ” master . The current society is too impetuous , The electronic products of mobile phones and computers also make young people forget the feeling of writing , After a long period of typing , When you suddenly pick up a pen, you will find that you forget how to write many words , But Migu iFLYTEK smart notebook can make you return to the throb of carrying pen at that time .

and , Traditional paper and pen recording methods , At present, there is no convenience of scientific and technological products , Instead of looking for the key points in stacks of heavy notebooks , It's better to choose a light and convenient smart notebook , Efficiency and effectiveness ,“ Double effect Promotion ”.
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