Enterprise Baidu Baijia blue V authentication account, open business mode with goods

Agudo 2021-02-23 15:00:19
enterprise baidu baijia blue authentication

Enterprise Baidu baijiahao blue v The authentication account opens the e-commerce delivery function , Qualified enterprises can open video with goods / Column function , Promote products and pay columns in videos .

  come to know , After the video author who meets the requirements of Baijia platform opens the function of video linking products or columns , You can insert 3 A commodity or 1 Paid columns , The inserted product or column will be displayed in the form of card floating layer at the bottom of the video , In terms of commodities, Taobao is supported , JD.COM , Hedu Haohuo platform products , And columns can not only put their own paid columns, but also support access to other users' paid columns , so to speak , For small and medium-sized enterprises, there is another channel for cash flow .

  Because the video is in stock now / The function of column is not fully open yet , So video with goods / It still needs certain conditions to apply for the opening of column function :

  1. Opening 「 Video delivery function 」 Need to meet :

  Become a regular author

  Weekly video releases ≥1 piece

  Credit score ≥80 branch

  near 30 There is no record of violation punishment within days

  2. Opening 「 Video link column 」 Need to meet :

  Linked to the enterprise column : As long as the enterprise to baidu hundred blue v It's OK to authenticate

  Connect Baidu baijiahao blue v authentication : The priority is education 、 Cultural history 、 Parents and children 、 Finance and economics, 、 Technology 、 music 、 dance 、 sports 、 life 、 The social class meets the standard

I want to know about baijialan v For authentication related information, please contact wechat :jutui22 perhaps Scan wechat below


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