Small true wireless smart headset evaluation: put intelligence into the ear

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small true wireless smart headset

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【 Global network intelligence assessment Zhang Yida 】 Marvel movie 《 Iron man 》 Smart housekeeper in " Jarvis " It can do anything , And can be called anytime, anywhere , This is probably the AI voice assistant that everyone hopes to get in their dreams . In reality , Today's smart speakers can also enable users to enjoy a variety of operating experiences by just moving the mouth , So more and more people hope that this voice assistant can be with them , And just like in the movie , Call at any time to serve yourself . Recently, baidu launched a small wireless smart headset with voice assistant , Can this headset realize your ideal life ? Let's see Yida decompose for you .

Real wireless headset from Baidu

From the outside , Small smart headphones belong to the standard semi in ear headphones , White rod shape , Pure white color is simple and elegant , It's like the science fiction elements in many movies . It's very light on the headset , Official data show that a single headset weighs only 4.1g, The lightweight texture ensures that users will not feel uncomfortable when wearing it for a long time . There are also raised blind spots on the earphone body , It is convenient for users to accurately find the tapping position , More precise operation .

 Small true wireless smart headset evaluation : Put intelligence in your ears

 Small true wireless smart headset evaluation : Put intelligence in your ears

Bluetooth is used in the configuration of small smart headset 5.0 Connectivity solutions , With binaural synchronous transmission technology , The sound signal can be transmitted to the left and right earphone units at the same time , The stability of the connection is guaranteed , The delay is also greatly reduced , In the experience of Yida, whether it's the pursuit of drama or the process of game , The synchronization of sound and picture can be well consistent .

An automatic wearing sensor is set outside the playing unit of the headset , Once the headset is detected to be removed, it will automatically stop playing , Automatically resume playback after re entering the ear , This is very convenient in daily life , If you're talking to someone, take off your headphones and pause the music , After the conversation, I can return to my own video world , The whole process is smooth and comfortable .

 Small true wireless smart headset evaluation : Put intelligence in your ears

double Mic In addition, the noise reduction scheme of artificial intelligence can accurately extract the voice and enhance the voice during the call , Effectively reduce environmental noise , Yida experience , On the subway 、 You can also talk clearly in noisy environment such as bus . During the experience , During a call , My friend even heard the subway security inspector talking .

 Small true wireless smart headset evaluation : Put intelligence in your ears

Sound quality , Large composite diaphragm moving coil element plus 13mm A combination of loudspeakers , Very easy to drive , Only 30% The volume can achieve a good sense of hearing , The sound quality is full and clear , There's no sense of procrastination in the sound , Triple frequency equalization , Listen to music everyday 、 Sports can enjoy high quality sound .

The endurance of small smart headphones is particularly worth mentioning , Generally, the range of a real wireless headset is about 4 Hour or so , And small smart headphones, small body, single charge can work 7 Hours , It's not a big charging box that charges headphones 3 Time , It can cover almost one day's endurance . In actual use , It's rarely used continuously , Depending on the degree of use , Generally, the power consumption of headphones will only drop a little in the morning , On average, when the headset and charging box are fully charged , Charging once a week is enough .

 Small true wireless smart headset evaluation : Put intelligence in your ears

Smart experts on the go

At present, there are many kinds of real wireless smart headphones on the market , And each has its own characteristics , It's easy to connect , There are also those that focus on noise reduction , The most impressive impression of small smart headphones on Yida is smart , It's like an intelligent assistant standing by your ear " Jarvis ".

First , When the small smart headset is paired with the mobile phone , In a small degree APP Turn on the voice wake-up small option in , You can call Xiaodu Xiaodu and wake Xiaodu assistant at any time , It's like waking up a small smart speaker , What do you want to do after that , It just " As you please ".

" Small degree and small degree , Play music "," Small degree and small degree , Play Zhao Lei's 《 Chengdu 》"," Small degree and small degree , Navigate to people's daily ", These are the voice commands that we take for granted , It's like a small smart speaker in your ear , The habit of moving mouth operation is back .

In addition to the voice assistant function , Intelligent translation function of small smart headset , Yida can't put it down , This can be said to be a magic tool to break the language barrier , Add more possibilities to your life .

There are three modes of intelligent translation function of small smart headset , The first is called the wandering earth model , They each wear a headset , Real time translation can be realized , That is to say, you speak Chinese here , The other headphone is English , On the contrary, they speak English , What's coming out of your headphones is Chinese . In this way, when you meet foreigners, you won't worry that you can't communicate because of the language barrier .

 Small true wireless smart headset evaluation : Put intelligence in your ears

The second is AI Translator mode , You can speak Chinese ,APP It will translate English automatically , Eating in a foreign restaurant , Order, check out, feel free to communicate ; When you can't find a destination when you travel abroad , If you want to ask the way, just say what you need , Show the translated text to the other party directly , Can solve the English is not fluent , I can't say the embarrassment .

The third is called simultaneous interpretation , When you have a Chinese speech in mind , Help you translate it into English ; At the meeting , Listen and translate , Synchronous output of bilingual conference records ; Yida conducted a short test using the news broadcast by CCTV , Not only is Chinese recognition very accurate , English translation is also very accurate , When the identified English is translated with translation software, it is found that it is almost consistent with Chinese , It can be used in real scenes .

 Small true wireless smart headset evaluation : Put intelligence in your ears

Conclusion : Xiaoduzhen wireless intelligent headset is a unique attempt of Baidu to expand its AI capability to other product categories , Small smart assistant , It doesn't have to be just a smart speaker . Baidu will gradually implement artificial intelligence technology , Enabling more scenes , Give Way AI Technology is no longer mysterious , Ordinary people can see , It works , And it can really bring more convenience to people's life through scene innovation .
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