Baijia creates a "ingenuity plan", with 10 billion flows for enterprises
Agudo 2021-02-23 14:59:17

Baidu Baijia held “ Baidu ingenuity plan professional content ecological Conference ”, At the meeting , Baijia and China Lawyers Association 、 The Chinese Academy of Sciences and other authoritative institutions have officially launched the professional content support program ——“ Ingenuity plan ”.“ Ingenuity plan ” Education will be recruited through the whole network 、 science 、 law 、 Professional creators in finance and other fields , And take out 10 billion ecological flow 、5000 Million signing fund and 100 The opportunity of column co construction of file , Let professional creators achieve higher personal and social value in Baidu .

  10 billion traffic 、5000 Ten thousand signing fund to professional creators

  No matter how the content industry changes , Content creators with professional attributes are an indispensable part of the whole content ecology .

  Official data show , Baijia has more than 56 Wan's professional Creator , The total number of papers is as high as 4870 ten thousand , Reading more than a month 9 Billion . These professional creators have obvious knowledge sharing labels , And the distribution of professional fields is very wide , among , emotional 、 education 、 Literary history 、 health 、 The number of financial creators accounts for more than 80% , Finance and Economics 、 health 、 In the field of science and technology, there are many creators and accounts with millions of fans , On the one hand, it reflects users' preference for professional content , On the other hand, it also proves the professionalism and knowledge of Baijia .

  Yang She, general manager of Baijia, revealed that ,“ at present , Every day 13 100 million people watched professional content on Baidu , Behind every number is a curiosity to get professional content ; meanwhile , Compared to other areas of content , After users watch the content of professional field , And more willing to express their views , Especially maternal and child rearing 、 Knowledge teaching 、 Users in the fields of culture and history , The interaction rate is far higher than other areas .

  Yang said , Baijia makes “ Ingenuity plan ”, It is to further enlarge the professional content of the platform and the influence of professional creators . Next , Baijia will be linked with Baidu App、 Nice video 、 Baidu health and Baidu knowledge products, etc 8 Big platform escorts professional content , And take out 10 billion ecological flow ,5000 Million signing fund and 100 The opportunity of column co construction of file , Cultivate more professional creative talents .

  “ Ingenuity is the base color , It's not the quality of being outsidered ; Ingenuity is also the original intention , It's a belief in culture .”“ Ingenuity plan ” Chen Luyu, a specially invited witness, said , Real value takes time to brew , What every professional creator has to do , It's just to settle down , To be the star .

  Science fiction writer Ye Sheng also said , The so-called craftsman is when you have dug up the most proficient knowledge , Still have the ability to expand the field , From small to large , That's the ingenuity of the creator . In the view of Qiao VIP, the specially invited creator of Baidu health , The dimensions of ingenuity are richer , For example, craftsmen must receive very strict professional training , Master precision 、 Rich knowledge , And can provide services to the public .

  meanwhile , Baijia has built a complete set of links to content and services , Using content to solve problems . As Zhang Yanji, the person in charge of Baidu search products, said at the meeting , Hope future search from link information to link people , There is a professional creator behind every result , We also hope that users can get the information , Can be associated with Baidu platform content producers , Access to services , Complete the closed loop of service , Enrich and complete the experience .

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