Enterprise hundred blue V authentication account, seven supporting enterprise functions
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It is suggested that enterprises create all relevant main contents as topics and act as hosts , If you don't do it , If they do it , What are the consequences , You understand. , And topic has the function of real topic host , Topics have hot spots , Timely and so on , The topic of quality is feed flow 、 Hot talk about distribution in channel scenarios , Reading volume 、 Interaction can get more traffic exposure , And after reaching a certain number, you can also set related topics , therefore , Creating related topics is a must for enterprises to operate Baijia . Baijia certification service provider pushes Technology :jutui22

  The original and original protection function of enterprise Baijia

  As an enterprise, Baidu baijiahao blue v Certified author , I believe it's easier for Baijia to pass the novice period , however , For Baijia, it's original , It's not easy without quality content , If there's a headline here , Operation and maintenance number , Achieve certain conditions can be quickly applied for original , The company with the original label is better .

  When we get the original , What must be set up is the original protection contract , This not only avoids the risk of peer plagiarism , And there can be displays , meanwhile , For your own we media account , Baijia “ Original protection ” The function can still set the white list , Setting up original protection can not only protect rights easily , It can also avoid the risk of peer plagiarism , And through the original can also enjoy the article “ Self recommendation ” As well as many rights and interests such as unlimited distribution of documents .

  Enterprise hundred blue v Official label authentication function

  If your company has its own trademark or authorized trademark , that , Enterprise official label certification function is essential , Because this can show different from the general hundred account , At the same time, it also highlights its own brand advertising , Therefore, it is strongly recommended that if there is a trademark or authorized trademark, it must be certified .

  Enterprise hundred blue v The function of certification and quality creators

  Enterprise hundred blue v Certification is more powerful , But there are also certain requirements for certification , You need to have a certain number of fans and other requirements before you can apply , The rights and interests of the account of houbaijia have been basically possessed by the company , And the weight of the account has a qualitative leap .

  As long as the high-quality creator is a breakthrough in publishing quality 600 branch , I believe other requirements can be met at this stage , therefore , In the face of high-quality creators, we must apply and pass .

  We're doing blue V After certification and quality creator Certification , It is believed that the certification of enterprise Baijia is basically over , The weight of enterprise Baijia can reach the peak . But it's still recommended that you continue to input content , Only then can carry on achieves the second to receive and the explosive fund article .

Baidu Baijia blue v

  Dynamic function of enterprise Baijia

  Dynamic function of enterprise Baijia , It's good for the account's growth and exposure , It's a very good propaganda channel , High quality dynamics will be distributed to all platforms , And, for example, corporate activities , Hot issues and so on can be released dynamically , It is conducive to the improvement of the score of all aspects of the account .

  Enterprise hundred blue v The account number “ Commodity mount ” and “ Advertising setup ” The function of

  Enterprise hundred blue v Authentication account number “ Commodity mount ” It is conducive to the exposure of account revenue and products , Commodity mounting can be dynamic , video , Articles and so on can be carried out “ Commodity mount ”, But if you don't have a product , It is not recommended to mount other unrelated or related products to gain profits , Because the company is still to promote its own products .

  Enterprise hundred blue v Authentication account number “ Advertising setup ” The function of , If enterprise Baijia is not for profit , It is recommended that this feature be turned off , Because if it turns on , Revenue is OK for large internal capacity and high-quality accounts , But for SMEs , I don't believe there's too much content , The income is very low , If you add in the fact that the enterprise has not done the bidding Promotion , that , The advertisements appearing in the content are likely to be the advertisements of peers , That is to say, you are paving the way for the advertising of your peers , See what I mean , therefore , Anyway , At least we don't need to open it in the early and middle stages , I'm sure I need .

Baidu Baijia blue v

  Enterprise hundred blue v Authentication account number “ Home page configuration ” The function of

  Enterprise hundred blue v Authentication account number “ Home page settings ” Baidu's function was launched some time ago , Backstage “ laboratory ”-“ Home page settings ” You can see that , Personal account is opened by invitation system , In other words, the general personal account can not set this function ,“ Home page settings ” There are three settings , Namely : Product promotion area ; Applet ; menu . Baidu is open to this function of enterprise Baijia , It's the welfare of content creation in enterprises , Not only does Baidu have a good ranking , And with these closures , There will be good transformation , This is what enterprise 100 must do , As an enterprise, Baijia must know , And it's a function to do well .