What are the rights and interests of enterprise Baijia?
dongxiaofeng 2021-02-23 14:31:53

First of all, the Baijia 24 Tiktok Kwai's latest rights combine with the function of the official account of the quiver , Enhanced version launched , What's more, it plays a key role in promoting marketing for enterprises . Let's take a look at the rights and interests after Baijia certification ?

One 、 identity privilege

1. Enterprise blue V identification 、2. Official account tag 、3. Brand enterprise label 、4. Search the first display card 、5. Baidu live rights 、6. Dynamic city can be seen 、7. Encyclopedia optimization scheme 、8. List of stores 、9. contact number 10.poi function

Two 、 Marketing privileges

1. Content cards 、2. Home page banner To configure 、3. Menu material outside the chain 、4. Head picture decoration 、5. Data analysis 、6. Fans portrait 、7. User management 、8. The website links 、9. Content mount 、10. Marketing content access 、11. Private message auto reply 、12. There's no commission for Du shop

3、 ... and 、 Training privileges

1. Selected cases 、2. Marketing University

Here I would like to remind you that after the completion of the general certification, you must find an agent service provider ( Enterprise WeChat jutui22) Open enterprise functions , Some customers think it's too much trouble to find an agent service provider or they want to open it by themselves , Xiao Bian is here to talk about , If you want to complete the function certification, you must find a service provider to audit , Or I'll hand it in 600 Audit fees don't work either .