What is we media? How should ordinary people do we media? What are the ways we media can make money?
Never give up 2021-02-23 14:17:17
With the development of Internet , More and more people are interested in the sideline of Internet . Among the sidelines, we media is the most popular , Do self media , It can realize the great leap of self-worth in a short time , You can make the first pot of gold quickly ?.

The heat of we media , And the low threshold of we media 、 High yield , Must not be separated ?. Many people just do it as a sideline at the beginning , Slowly, some people have turned to the main business ?. Now it's already 2021 Years. , But we media can still do ?.

today , Let's talk about Dachong , What is we media ? Ordinary we media Xiaobai , How to get started ??

What is we media ??

Dachong thinks that , We media actually has two meanings ?:
  1. My own media : Privatization 、 Populist disseminators , By modern electronic means , Media that deliver information to the outside world ?. Let's talk about it more generally , Ordinary people spread their ideas through various platforms . therefore , Everyone is a self media ?.
  2. Free media : Unlike TV 、 Newspapers and other traditional media , We media is more liberal , There are no restraints , More autonomy , They also have a greater say , This is something that traditional media can't do ?.

 What is we media ? How should ordinary people do we media ? What are the ways we media can make money ?

Businessmen work on laptops

What are the characteristics of we media ?

We media has broken away from the shackles of traditional media , More diverse in form ?. For example, the TV station is video , Radio is audio , Newspapers can only be pictures ?. And we media can be video 、 Audio 、 Image & Text 、 comic 、 live broadcast 、 Q & A and so on , Either way , You can try ?.

Platforms are also more diverse , Profitable , Unprofitable , We are all free to choose . And all platforms are accessible , The audit threshold is also lower , If you go to a newspaper to contribute , We need to reach a certain level , We media has no such requirement ?.

The most important thing is , The threshold of we media is very low , You don't need any investment , As long as there's a computer 、 mobile phone , We can start our media career ?.

 What is we media ? How should ordinary people do we media ? What are the ways we media can make money ?

How can we make money from the media ?

  1. Platform revenue : After the novice period , Generally, advertising revenue can be opened , The more you read , The higher the return , There's a buzz , And there are extra rewards ?.
  2. Advertising revenue : It can connect hard and wide 、 Soft wide, etc , According to the amount of reading 、 The number and activity of fans , The revenue from advertising varies ?.?
  3. Bring in the goods : A little higher , You can open the right to bring goods , You can earn commission from the e-commerce platform , By sales ?.
  4. Brand revenue : This is the way to play in a higher level , For example, some brand implantation and so on , It has to be at a certain level , Only then can the gold owner come to the door ?.
  5. Appreciate the benefits : This is a button at the end of the article , Resonate with readers , Or provide value , The reader may give some change , The biggest reward Dachong met was 200 element ?.
  6. The benefits of the course ?: We media are opinion leaders , With its own fan base , You can open a column , In the form of paid courses , Output some value ?.

Actually , There are many ways , Dachong here introduces several mainstream methods ?.

 What is we media ? How should ordinary people do we media ? What are the ways we media can make money ?

The value we media can provide

The value we media can provide , It's more than just a little bit of revenue ?. Personal brand promotion brought by we media , It can't be measured by money ?.

Like Luo Zhenyu 、 Li Xiaolai and so on , A personal brand has long been established , Rely on personal influence to endorse , It's paid off a lot ?.

These big guys , It's all the result of long-term persistence , Insist on exporting value , It will blossom and bear fruit ?.


Some people say , The dividend period of we media is over ?. Dachong doesn't think so , We media is something that can persist and create value for a long time , Whenever it starts , It's not too late ?.

If you want to be we media , But I can't get started , Comment on “8” And forward , Dachong will send a we media operation Dictionary , Let you easily into the moon 5000 element ?.
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