The tiktok is the 7 main category of short video.
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 Top hot 7 Tiktok short video , The last one is for everyone

The most popular playing methods on the tiktok platform are summarized as follows: Seven : Technology flow 、 Music and dance 、 Beauty 、 Life tips 、 Emotions 、 Adoration 、 Spoof .

1、 Technology flow

Technology flow is the tiktok type of short video type. , Tiktok official TVC Take the promotional film as an example , Video photographers make good use of light 、 Video techniques such as lens operation and editing , With cool electronic drum music , Create a psychedelic 、 stimulate 、 Trendy visual style .

Technology stream style short video wins with creativity and shooting level , The first video style on the tiktok platform. , So far, it still has high popularity .

The majority of technology players are boys who love to study , But because of the difficulty , And it takes a lot of effort to keep it up to date , So technology game player is a rare group on the tiktok platform. .

“ black face V” Tiktok is one of the few powerful real game player. , He never shows his true face 、 It is famous for its unexpected video creativity and powerful editing techniques , On the tiktok platform 2432 Thousands of fans , Broadcast volume exceeds 100 million , Total likes 1.5 Billion , Tiktok superstar. . This tiktok can also be seen as a favorite game player. .

 Top hot 7 Tiktok short video , The last one is for everyone

2、 Music and dance

The location of the jitter is tiktok. “ Focus on the new generation of music short video community ”, So tiktok is the biggest video type on the shaking. .

The most widely spread “ Seaweed dance ” For example , Its magic brainwashing music and dance , It has attracted numerous ordinary users and stars to shoot and spread spontaneously , Introduction of adorable elements in late dance innovation , Cat's soft and cute dance “ Seaweed dance ” It's spreading faster .

 Top hot 7 Tiktok short video , The last one is for everyone

Besides , Tiktok is also a popular music and dance video on the shaking platform. , In order to reduce the difficulty of video shooting , It's a very convenient and interesting way to show dance with your fingers , Finger dancing is tiktok favorite. .

Music and dance videos also extend to the mouth video , Just choose the right song or dub as the video accompaniment , The photographer only needs to shape the mouth and interpret the corresponding scene , This video shooting method is simple and easy to operate , Loved by many beautiful men and women .

3、 Beauty

Tiktok is the gathering place of many handsome brother and beautiful women. , Beauty videos , At present, there are four main types of jitter tiktok. :

① Simple makeup display .

② Through the shelter and instant clip, it presents a huge contrast before and after makeup effect .

③ Weird makeup .

④ Makeup removal challenge .

Beauty videos are usually eye-catching with their contrast effects , It fully shows the superb makeup technology of the broadcaster , Users usually pay attention to the broadcaster in order to learn make-up technology , So beauty videos later extended to more detailed categories , such as Z Shape thrush mode 、 How to draw highlights, shadows, etc .

Beauty videos usually also show the brands of cosmetics used , So beauty videos have become the focus of product recommendation .

In addition to cosmetic recommendations , Broadcasters will also recommend more magic make-up or skin care appliances , Tiktok loved by many users .

But at present, the beauty video has not developed into the site of wechat shopping , The purpose of product display is still relatively pure , The possibility of subsequent development into beauty shopping guide is high .

4、 Life tips

The video of life tiktok also has considerable video quantity and praise. , Tiktok users often say a word in the comment area. :“ Tiktok taught me ??????” It can be seen that the skill sharing video is welcomed by the majority of users .

 Top hot 7 Tiktok short video , The last one is for everyone

So far, there are many kinds of life skills video tiktok fire. , And triggered many attempts and imitations , Such as Haidilao homemade ingredients 、CoCo Best match 、 Self sewn hems 、 Two screen shots 、 Fancy laces 、 How to do amber and fast multiplication teaching .

Many products are heated in the tiktok life skills video. , It's like fishing at the bottom of the sea 、 Shoe sponge and mini juicer, etc , Many businesses have gained popularity and sales in this video marketing .

With more and more users' original content , The businessmen who took the opportunity to market also joined the battlefield , Trembling tiktok will be further strengthened with commodities. .

5、 Emotions

Emotional content video , Like sitcoms 、 Reading poetry for you, etc , It is common on all kinds of platforms .

But by comparison , Tiktok users for content “ short ” The requirements of , Tiktok also makes the emotional master of the voices on the shaking. , To be able to edit more skillfully , More accurately and quickly throw out the contents of the “ The heart of the audience “ Shake it ”.

6、 Adoration

Most people don't turn down cute videos , So tiktok tiktok adorable the family will also move their cat or dog to the video. , And play tricks with Meng Chong .

 Top hot 7 Tiktok short video , The last one is for everyone

After the lovely seaweed dance ,“ No refinement after the founding of the people's Republic of China ” Tiktok is another big video tag. , Users take photos of pets at home “ extraordinary ” The performance of the , use “ Kichiku ” Music creates atmosphere , Often get a high praise rating .

7、 Spoof

Spoof video brings joy and relaxation to viewers , It also received a lot of attention and discussion . There are many tiktok challenges on the pitch. , One of the reasons why these spoof videos can be widely spread is that they can be imitated , But we should also pay attention to the scale of mischief .

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