What is the reason why tiktok is the "Opium" of the new era, destroying the values of contemporary people?
Wei bochen 2021-02-23 14:12:20
2016 year 9 month , A domestic short video software goes online , After that, it quickly occupied the top of the download volume of each software market .

Now it has gone out of the international market , It also set off a boom abroad ——Tik Tok( Tiktok ).

Many people have mobile phone with the tiktok software. , It is no longer a simple entertainment product , Now it has grown into a part of people's lives : Shake before you go to bed , Wake up and have a look , Take a look after dinner , Excretion time is inseparable .

Short video wave is thus driven , With efficiency 、 Fun and “ Record a good life ”, More cannot do without tiktok. .

Tiktok official data show , end 2019 year 1 At the beginning of , Tiktok breakthrough 2.5 Billion , Monthly breakthrough 5 Billion . stay 2019 year 7 month , Tiktok even bought British start-ups. Jukedeck.

 What is the tiktok in the new era? “ ideological opium ”, Is destroying contemporary values ?

In a short time , The tiktok became the king of short video. , High streets and back lanes are all tiktok shadows. . Tiktok, especially some background music. (BGM), It led the music frenzy some time ago .

And the sound is really tiktok. , On this platform , There are also more and more content exporters to draw your attention .

When the tiktok comes out , Quite a few people are in the herd mentality , Tiktok begins to play. . Play and find the fun , Often a brush can't stop , What's more, it's because of the tiktok. , You can hold your cell phone for four or five hours .

Tiktok before BGM When the fire is all over the streets , Even if you don't play tiktok. , You know it's “ Tiktok BGM”. You can't hide from your ears .

 What is the tiktok in the new era? “ ideological opium ”, Is destroying contemporary values ?

One of the tiktok users is increasing. , It's because a lot of people don't know it , Pursuing group identity .

Group identity refers to the group members will group goals 、 standard 、 Behavior is the goal and behavior standard that one pursues .

Output of tiktok culture , Enriched everyone's life , It also brings some problems —— Spiritual poison .

I have many friends around me , Or tiktok. , Some of them believe that the tiktok is a new era. “ ideological opium ”, It's not just taking away routine life , It also takes away personal time and energy , Once addicted, it's hard to quit .

most important of all , They think that , Tiktok is now reshaping. 、 Destroy your values .

In their view , There are many things that tiktok contradict orthodox culture. , There are also a lot of stupid ideas , It doesn't even have meaning . So in the eyes of many people ,“ Tiktok is a byword for three vulgar. .”

 What is the tiktok in the new era? “ ideological opium ”, Is destroying contemporary values ?

The Southern Weekend used to be called 《 Tiktok retarded mentally retarded Zhengxin is fresh. 》 The article , Mentioned :

“ Information is dismembered , Knowledge becomes a fragment , People become the target of feeding , Don't use your brain , All you have to do is laugh .”

It used to be very hot “ Tiktok four gate incident ” You should have heard about it , What are the four events “ Bath door ”“ Changing door ”“ Take off your clothes and hold the baby ” as well as “ Toilet door ”.

These are all bad videos uploaded by illegal netizens , These people are for hype and attention , There's nothing to do with it .

When the video came out , A crowd rushed up to think “ understand ” Video content . But few people really think about it , Why are these things posted online ? Why are so many people still talking about it after uploading ?

Later, regulatory progress , More stringent , There are few such bad videos , But there are also more videos that have no meaning .

 What is the tiktok in the new era? “ ideological opium ”, Is destroying contemporary values ?

Clearly know that some things are actually not nutritious , But why is it still like fish , I'm going to bite those baits , And enjoy it ?

First of all, we have to admit it , Now the society is an entertainment consumption society , The pace of life is getting faster and faster , More and more pressure , The heart is more and more empty . Tiktok is fragmented instant messaging. , It can make people happy in a short time .

When people watch short videos , The brain is actually in a relaxed state , Plus, many of the videos in the tiktok are mainly funny. , To put it simply , There are a lot of videos for entertainment , Even if there is no deeper connotation , But it can also be achieved “ Relax ”“ entertainment ” The effect of .

But fragmented information , It is difficult for people to form a complete system thinking .

for example , Before the red voice of the tiktok “ Gentle ”, with “ Gucci Prada ” dance , It has gained a lot of praise and praise .

 What is the tiktok in the new era? “ ideological opium ”, Is destroying contemporary values ?

People like to see beautiful women , I like to see some things that don't bother me , It's human nature , And tiktok is just the background algorithm, which calculates personal preferences. , It's just catering to the public .

So people will think that , Tiktok is full of vulgar. 、 Have no meaning 、 Empty culture , Tiktok , It is the collision and fierce battle between mainstream culture and non mainstream culture .

Actually , These tiktok videos are not the ones that appear on the platform. , Because it only provides a platform , Those videos that appear frequently in your mobile push , It's the result of big data calculation according to your preference .

Really responsible , He is the creator of the work , It's you who accept cultural output .

 What is the tiktok in the new era? “ ideological opium ”, Is destroying contemporary values ?

People's favorite culture , The subject is people themselves , Not the culture or the platform itself . Whether it's a cultural creator 、 Exporter or receiver , It's really necessary to improve media literacy .

This is the Internet age , People are closer , Cultural creation has become more convenient , The media threshold seems to be lower . Value output has also become an easy thing .

China's news media has been emphasizing , Improve personal media literacy , It's for everyone who has access to the media . But it's really important to improve media literacy , How many people are there ?

Although this is a very inclusive era and society , But it doesn't mean “ inferior ” Culture 、 Values can take hold .

Where can tiktok destroy? ?

What really destroyed you , It's just you .

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 What is the tiktok in the new era? “ ideological opium ”, Is destroying contemporary values ?

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