Be careful! Four AI course evaluation collection, including the number of language, do you dare to choose courses so casually?
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【 Write it at the front 】 If you are choosing English for your children 、 mathematics 、 Programming 、 I have questions in Chinese and other classes , Welcome to the top of the message, the first one to talk with me in detail , For the convenience of screening , Please note “ Headline parents ”.

English 、 thinking 、 Chinese language and literature It's the main three kinds of children's online courses at present , Some of the institutions on the market at present , In order to attract parents as much as possible , English will be included in the course 、 Thinking and language , Like little sparks AI There is Spark thinking AI、 Spark English AI、 Spark language AI.

Then besides , Which other institutions offer three kinds of courses ?

today , fish sir Let's take these AI Let's take stock of the course !

Guagualong AI course

 cautious !4 home AI Course evaluation collection , Including the number of words , Do you dare to choose courses so casually ?

Guagualong English

It's more mature in the market AI Teaching mode . It's arranged for a week 3 Heaven's new knowledge teaching ,1 Three days of recitation , In addition, two days of picture book reading and fun competition , In terms of teaching, it is Pay more attention to sentence patterns and simple reading .

It is worth mentioning that guagualong English , Make good use of words in sentences , Memorizing words in situations can also deepen children's understanding . But there are fewer games and exercises , And the form is single .

Melon dragon thinking

Guagualong thinking has now begun 3 Courses at five levels , Pay attention to review and lay a solid foundation , The difficulty is moderate . The foundation is poor , For children who are relatively hard at school , It's more appropriate .

Guagualong language

Guagualong language is an enlightening language course after English , The course is divided by subject content , Yes Ancient poetry 、 expression 、 read 、 Ancient Chinese Literature Search The content such as , At the same time, in the subject content learning , Will be integrated into the teaching of Pinyin and Chinese characters , The courseware presents Mainly animation video , The course is quite interesting , It can improve children's interest in Chinese learning and traditional culture .

Little monkey AI course

Monkey English

In terms of teaching content Focus on the output of words and sentence patterns , At present, the teaching of reading has not been seen in the curriculum system , But the primary stage contains natural spelling courses , So it is It's more suitable for children with zero foundation to use for English Enlightenment , It's just less practice , Parents have the conditions to do more after-school supplement for their children .

Little monkey thinking

Monkey thinking is 2020 Year of 3 monthly , The curriculum system is not perfect , At present, only l1 Levels can be selected . From the classroom situation , The classroom of little monkey thinking is still It can arouse children's learning enthusiasm , The difficulty is right 3-5 For the year-old , More suitable .

Monkey language

The system of little monkey language is still strong , The content includes According to the textbook design of the Ministry of education , The content includes Learn to read 、 pinyin 、 read 、 Oral expression and The Enlightenment of Chinese culture Several big plates , If you've been learning Chinese in little monkey , In fact, there is no need to carry out project study any more . In content , Little monkey language connects the first grade knowledge of public schools , It is more suitable for young children to learn .

Little spark AI course

 cautious !4 home AI Course evaluation collection , Including the number of words , Do you dare to choose courses so casually ?

Spark English

At present, only experiential courses can be selected , In content teaching, it is mainly the accumulation of vocabulary , The learning content is simple , The system is not strong , As a supplementary course, it's OK .

Spark thinking

There are two options: experience class and system class , The content mainly includes Life applications 、 logical relationship 、 The use of number sense and Graphic space And so on . One thing to remind parents is , Spark thinking AI Class as a light class , It can't be compared with live class .

Spark language

Spark Chinese course includes pinyin AI course and Literacy AI course Two types of , And there are experience courses and system courses , Both classes are Study by topic , It's mainly about Pinyin spelling 、 Words and sentences and read Learning from .

Zebras AI course

 cautious !4 home AI Course evaluation collection , Including the number of words , Do you dare to choose courses so casually ?

Zebra English

Zebra English comparison Pay attention to reading , Therefore, the practice of words and sentence patterns is more , It can lay a solid foundation for reading . in addition , There are many free picture books for Zebra English , And the division of age is meticulous , This also shows that zebra English attaches great importance to reading .

Zebra thinking

Zebra thinking is compared among several major knowledge blocks Focus on numbers and operations , There is advance learning in content , The rhythm of class is also relatively fast , So it's hard , If the child is good at learning , It's not bad . in addition , Zebra thinking Part of the knowledge points belong to the question type of young to small , If it's a child at this stage , It can also be used to consolidate the foundation .

Zebra language

Zebra language in content has Words 、 Idiom 、 Ancient poetry 、 Reading and expressing and writing Several parts . Practice enough , In addition to the practice in class , There is also a separate summary lesson . On the whole , Zebra language is used to Be a children's reading initiation course , Or the auxiliary course of reading learning is more appropriate .

Okay , Today's talk about several companies that include Chinese language and literature 、 English 、 thinking On the line of AI I'll give you an inventory one by one , Which one to choose depends on the children's learning .

If there are other questions , Welcome anytime

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