2 billion 100 million Kwai, ready to fight a decisive battle.
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 One shot 21 Billion , Kwai is ready to fight a decisive battle.

 One shot 21 Billion , Kwai is ready to fight a decisive battle.

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 One shot 21 Billion , Kwai is ready to fight a decisive battle.

This year is also destined to be a different spring festival .

But anyway , Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese people , It must not be ignored . The problem is , How can we have a good Spring Festival ?

In recent years, ,“ The spring of the Internet ” It has become a new folk custom , The major Internet giants are very active during the Spring Festival , It has added a lot of new colors to the spring festival life of the people all over the country .

Spring Festival this year ,“ The spring of the Internet ” There will be new changes , Worthy of attention .

This Spring Festival , The live broadcast will be the highlight

There are many ways to have a good Spring Festival , There is an important content : live broadcast .

literally , Live is changing 、 Into the lives of countless people .

Last year's epidemic , Hundreds of millions of people watch and help each other live , Learn from class 、 Disco Entertainment 、 Live delivery , To just kill time , Live brings growth and comfort to people .

Spring Festival this year , How to do a good job of live broadcasting is a topic that giants must face . How can we ensure that more people are covered , And meet the needs ?

1. Super red envelope with enough heart

Red envelopes and other benefits are one of the means that have been tried repeatedly , This Spring Festival is no exception .

This year's Spring Festival red envelope came very early ,1 month 29 Japan , Kwai Chi has already been the first to start. “ Warm and lucky year ” Preheating field , User login Kwai , Click the spring festival activity area in the upper left corner to enter the activity page , Flight chess 、 Gather good fortune 、 tug-of-war PK、 Open Lucky Bags and many other play methods have cash red envelopes and all kinds of good gifts .

 One shot 21 Billion , Kwai is ready to fight a decisive battle.

Flying chess is very unique and interesting : After entering the venue, users should first choose from seven categories “ Funiu ” Choose your own spokesperson from your own image , Let it be the user's favorite in the game “ flag ”, Click on the dice , The calf will move on the chessboard , You will receive a cash red envelope during the journey 、 Coupon 、 Lucky card 、 Cattle coins and other gifts , You'll also get accelerated runs 、 Three even dice and other props , Speed up the calf . At the end of the line, you have a chance to get a large amount of Koi red envelope , And unlock the new theme , Switch between different game scenes .

The user will receive 7 This is a beautiful picture card , They represent Shanghai , Beijing , The northeast , Central China , The landscape of Southwest China and other geographical regions , The faster to unlock 7 Zhang Tujian , You can get more red envelopes .

2. Super annual gift , Meet demand in time

Spring Festival is also people's purchase of new year's goods 、 For consumption “ peak viewing time ”, The live e-commerce during the Spring Festival shows a stronger emotional satisfaction to users , Including preferential price 、 High quality content and emotional links . These are Kwai Fu as well. “ Short video + live broadcast ” Advantages of the platform , Except for the price , The interaction between the master fans and the Kwai Tat fans is highly interactive with the fans. , Let the Spring Festival come true “ Chop the hand ” With a touch of warmth .

In this year's super broadcast IP in , The Kwai will also face Nanjing. 、 Xi'an 、 Chongqing 、 Harbin and other four cities across the country hold special Super broadcast of new year's goods , Focus on displaying time-honored brands all over the world 、 Special commodities and cultural and creative products .

2 month 1 Japan ,“ Kwai Fu , Go shopping ” The first super spring festival special show will be held in Nanjing . Star song Zuer appears in the studio together with fast talking Hua Shao , Bring Nanjing salted duck to customers 、 Jinling Pork Bun 、 Time honored caizhizhai crisp candy 、 Study suite of imperial examination Museum 、 Qinhuai gift boxes and other special commodities and cultural and creative products .

2 month 3 Japan , Lin Xinxin will bring Xi'an rougamo with Wang Yaoqing 、 Shaanxi Liangpi 、 Shanshisan Hufu biscuit 、 Mung bean cake of Xi'an Restaurant 、 Laosunjia mutton steamed bun and other special commodities . Special purchases for the Spring Festival will also be built in Kwai Fu Street. , Realize online and offline linkage . Besides , There will be more in the live broadcast 1 Yuan seckill 6.66 Tons per year 、100 Gold bars for free and other heavy benefits .

New year's Eve , Old fellow Kwai is also welcome to buy Moutai from the whole country. , New year's Eve 8 Point to night 12 spot , In the fast Kwai shop, the official live room. , Every minute 100 A bottle of Maotai , A Lamborghini sports car will be sent out on the evening of the event , also iPhone12、 Apple headset 、SK2 Free gift !

3. Super live , Innovative play brings multidimensional experience

If you just grab the red envelope every year , It will make users feel aesthetic fatigue , In the field of Internet Marketing , Spring Festival is a very important time , Users are not simply after real money , Hope to get more three-dimensional enjoyment . The Kwai has grasped this demand accurately. , Combined with their own business advantages , Live broadcast as content carrier , Combine red packets with multiple contents , Seamless connection between user interaction and content consumption .

2 month 2 Japan ~2 month 26 Japan ( Lantern Festival ) period , The Kwai will bring a period. 26 God 、 Wonderful All Star Live Show , It can be seen from the program list , Super broadcast gathers Jay Chou 、 Kenny 、 Naiwan 、 Lestanie 、 Huang Zitao and other 300 stars , And Wu Xuanyi , Flow combination hard candy girl , Idol group R1SE, As well as the strength singer Tengger 、 Huang Ling et al .

In addition to the daily conversation with the stars “ A little distance ” Contact , Kwai super broadcast live content and form are also rich and varied. , Cover the party 、 Talk show 、 Music Ensemble 、 speech 、 Second dimension and other fields , More fresh content for live broadcast , It can meet the leisure and entertainment needs of different users in one stop .

and ,26 In a matter of days , Users can open Kwai to watch live broadcast at eight o'clock every night and have the opportunity to get massive bonus benefits. . This is Kwai's original creation. 、 Innovative method of combining content with red envelope .

 One shot 21 Billion , Kwai is ready to fight a decisive battle.

 One shot 21 Billion , Kwai is ready to fight a decisive battle.

 One shot 21 Billion , Kwai is ready to fight a decisive battle.

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Kwai Chung as a fast track to celebrate the Spring Festival of the ox ,“ Super broadcast ” Continue the welfare of the red envelope , It also increases the ornamental value , It can also generate more interaction with users , It can be said that there are more than one stroke .

Powerful ecology behind super broadcast

Huge user demand during the Spring Festival , Is a series of live broadcasts planned by the official platform enough ?

Of course not. . As a platform , Can provide cross regional services 、 Stratum 、 Live content of circle , To be worthy of possession “ Super live ” Ecological live broadcasting platform for all .

A platform , Gathered users from all over the world , It is more likely to meet the needs of all corners of the world .

This is also a great advantage for Kwai Chung. . In well quickly , Gaorihuo ensures that the anchor can output content live anytime and anywhere , At the same time, it also creates more diversified products 、 Content ecology of grounding gas .

So in Kwai , You can see seven continents , The vast world of five oceans , You can also see playing musical instruments at home 、 The old, middle and young in calligraphy and painting ; From the most fashionable song and dance , Transition to nearly lost traditional crafts , It's just as natural ; Another look at the mountain rangers guarding Tibetan antelopes in Kekexili 、 Card Guards on the Qinghai Tibet Railway 、 Sea chasers on the eastern coast , Experience a hundred occupations and a hundred lives .

 One shot 21 Billion , Kwai is ready to fight a decisive battle.

meanwhile , In order to meet the needs of the whole people , The task of the platform is not just to build a good platform , We also need to carry out macro-control through official operation , Broaden the boundary of live broadcasting , Further improve the ecological environment in the content .

Across the region 、 Stratum 、 Circle layer , From users , Can also go to users , such “ Super live ” ecology , It is possible to better meet the needs of the whole people during the Spring Festival .

in the final analysis , One “ Super live ” ecology , In the end, it is still to serve users .

During the Spring Festival , The Kwai Tai platform plans a series of actions. , It's not just super live , And super red envelopes 、 Super annual gift , The purpose is in this unusual Spring Festival , Warm to countless users 、 Super company of trust .

User driven , This is the foundation of Kwai Fu's career. , It will also be the driving force for it to continue to break through the imaginary space in the future .

For users , Nature is good for nothing . It's like this Spring Festival ,“ Every night 8 Click on the Kwai , branch 21 Billion , Watch Super live ”, Why not ?