4 tips for 100W+ double click on tiktok video.
Little butterfly 2021-02-23 13:52:38
On the trill , There is a basic feature of high-quality videos , They all have tens of thousands of reviews , Have many friends ever thought about it , Behind the data supported by the high amount of traffic , It reveals the social motivation of people ?

According to the integration and analysis of big data , We can find out , The most common traffic drivers can be roughly divided into the following categories 3 Characteristics , Only by mastering the users, can we help you like it , Comment on , Forward and follow you , We can go in the right direction , Get high traffic .

1、 Contentment and happiness

The reason for tiktok is that users can't extricate themselves. , A large part of the reason is that its intelligent algorithm can continuously provide positive feedback , Constantly meet the needs of users to pursue happiness .

This kind of demand is often triggered by the negative emotional experience in life —— That is to escape from pain .

Tiktok is a way to create clear positioning. , This kind of person is especially important in funny subjects . Because when users form a fixed impression of actors , Users will think that you can continuously meet their needs and form expectations , So it's going to have a focus on you .

This is like comparison. , Employees have no expectations of a moody leader , Because you don't know what he's going to be like next ; But there will be expectations for a leader with clear rewards and punishments , Because you know what's going to happen to him , It's this deterministic performance that makes people expect .

This kind of long-term consistent design not only makes fans form a sense of expectation for actors , And sometimes because I like actors and approve the content .

4 Tiktok video capture 100W+ Double click like

2、 Resonate

Have the same experience , Someone who experiences or likes , It's easier for two people to resonate with each other , In a nutshell “ I am also ”“ME TOO” It can be seen that this nature is regardless of nationality and nationality , Goes the , When both suffer the injustice of fate , There will be people who are reduced to the end of the world , When you have a common interest, it's when you have a good friend, you have a thousand cups of wine …… That's why , When people see a video , If send out , This is me , I have been so bitter and so on , Basically, he will give you his comments , When your short video reminds him of his memories and the mood he wants to express in his heart , Then your comment area is his personal platform .

4 Tiktok video capture 100W+ Double click like

3、 Get value

People always encounter all kinds of problems in life , These problems prevent us from completing a certain task .

therefore , If you can solve a problem in people's lives , Let them better complete the task , Then you can attract these people's attention .

for instance ppt、excel Software 、 Video clip 、 Food teaching 、 Life tips, etc , The biggest feature of such accounts is instrumentalization , Even if people don't think of it simply because of it , But when it comes to demand , When you meet a problem, you will think of it .

For example, when we want to make something delicious , Meet a problem , Maybe the first thing I thought was that so and so had done it , So we tiktok naturally and look at the tutorial and so on. .

4 Tiktok video capture 100W+ Double click like

4、 Spreading energy

Let's talk about a simple case , Previous microblog hot search :“ Chinese passport can take you home ”, This caused a heated discussion among netizens , In depth analysis is not difficult to find , It's a sense of national pride , see , This is my country , China ; see , This is the strength of China …… Something with positive energy , At the same time that the user forwards it , It's also an indirect way to label yourself , I am such a caring society , Focus on public welfare , Promising young people who love their country , Good man for short .

The main reason for this kind of crowd forwarding is that , Video itself is the transmission of unique ideas , Then we can spread it in a wider range .

Before tiktok saw a child salute the red flag in Tiananmen. , His parents made a video and put it on the tiktok. , trigger 100W+ People gathered around to discuss , There are too many such examples , No matter how people use their inner heart , It's all spreading energy .

Last , Remember , Let users transfer their comments for you , We must grasp the user's heart , A good starting point , In order to make the flow of sustainable large-scale growth .
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