New wage price list in 2020! Come and see what rank you are?
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2020 There's less than a month left in the year , Workers from all walks of life will also return home , You guys who are fighting outside , What's your harvest this year ? Has the salary increased ? Recently, the Ministry of human resources and social security issued 2019 The salary level of employees in enterprises of different occupations in , Come and see what rank you are ?

2020 The annual wage price list is fresh ! Come and see what rank you are ?

A lot of people don't really understand what wage level is , The wage level means :“ The labor and social security department publishes some positions in enterprises every year ( Type of work ) Wages guide prices , It embodies the macro-control function of the government , To provide an objective market reference standard for both sides of labor supply and demand to negotiate and determine wages , To guide the employing units to reasonably determine the wage relationship of all kinds of personnel . ”

To put it bluntly, it is the market price of all kinds of professional labor stipulated by the state , Wage levels are divided into high numbers , Median , There are four grades of low number and average number , high 、 in 、 Low numbers are in the same position ( Type of work ) The salary levels of all the investigators are in the order of high to low , Calculate the arithmetic average of their total wages by a certain proportion .

2020 The annual wage price list is fresh ! Come and see what rank you are ?

It's like the median (50 Quantile ), There is 50% Is less than or equal to the value . Generally, it is divided into low digits (10 Quantile )、 Lower quartile (25 Quantile )、 Median (50 Quantile )、 Upper quartile (75 Quantile ) And high order numbers (90 Quantile ).

Under the influence of this year's epidemic , Many companies have also suffered unprecedented turmoil , Many companies are beginning to hire some top talents to enter the company with high salary , Even Huawei is no exception !

Ren Zhengfei mentioned in a meeting that , This year Huawei will recruit from all over the world 20-30 Named “ Talented teenager ” Next year, we will recruit... All over the world 200-300 Talented young people , This shows that Huawei attaches great importance to talents , High salary is the most attractive .

2020 The annual wage price list is fresh ! Come and see what rank you are ?

After this , Huawei internally announced 8 Annual salary plan for top students , this 8 All of them are 2019 This year's top students , The minimum annual salary is 89.6 Ten thousand yuan , Up to 201 Ten thousand yuan .

What determines our salary ?

What determines our salary ? Some people say it's ability , Some people say it's education , Some say it's an official position , Xiaobian also has two opinions on this :

One , Scarcity

Our scarcity determines our value , Value can influence our salary more , What is scarcity ? That is to take one thing to the extreme , For example : It's like learning English , If you can sit to the extreme , Reach the international professional level , Then it will be absolutely scarce in the society .

2020 The annual wage price list is fresh ! Come and see what rank you are ?

If we don't want to fight all the time , If you don't want to be eliminated by this society , We can combine ourselves , Let's see what we lack , Can be provided to consumers . It's more realistic to think about such problems .

second , Practice , How can we adjust business planning according to market supply and demand ? That is to learn to look for scarce goods and content , And the ability and method to provide scarcity .

Liu run said :“ More scarce than function , It's the experience , More scarce than experience , It's personal .”

2020 The annual wage price list is fresh ! Come and see what rank you are ?

Now what we lack most is not free knowledge , There are too many of these online , We accept it all the time , What we really lack , On the contrary, they turn this knowledge into their own , Skilled “ Time ” and “ practice ”.

What career is better to make money ?

From the data released by the Ministry of human resources and social security , The high number of wage levels , The person in charge of the enterprise is below , The annual salary is about 24.9 Ten thousand yuan , And then financial services came in second , The annual salary is 22.57 Ten thousand yuan , Third is information transmission , Software and information technology service personnel , The annual salary is 17.28 Ten thousand yuan .

2020 The annual wage price list is fresh ! Come and see what rank you are ?

Don't look at the high numbers , Financial services personnel have the highest wage levels in all other quantiles , Higher than other professions , Respectively 4.34 Ten thousand yuan 、6.79 Ten thousand yuan 、10.24 Ten thousand yuan 、15.33 Ten thousand yuan .

It can be seen that the financial industry is still the industry with the strongest ability to absorb money , Financial service personnel are also the highest rank workers .

Take Xiamen for example , It's also ranked first in the financial industry , The median is 159544 element , High order number can reach 468934 element , exceed 46 Ten thousand yuan .

People think that industry is the most profitable nowadays ? We are all employees of that rank ? May as well comment down to share with you , Thanks for reading , Remember to pay more attention to sugar ~
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