How to learn C language
Xiaoxian 2021-02-23 13:43:35

Hello everyone , I'm spinach king , Today's video lesson is C# Introduction details , The purpose is to let more people have the opportunity to contact the software development industry, and guide the friends who are interested or want to change their profession to enter the software development industry

This course No software development experience , But you need to be familiar with the operation of the computer ( Software installation 、 Document editing 、 Use IE And search engines ), I hope all of you can understand C# A further understanding of language .

 Teach you how to get started C Language

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 Teach you how to get started C Language

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 Teach you how to get started C Language

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How to get resources , I replied by private letter “C Language ” Course resources are available free of charge

Private letter course , First of all, click attention in the upper right corner of the article , After paying attention, click my avatar to enter my headline homepage , There's a private message in the upper right corner , Click in to send “C Language ” that will do .