Public number brush hits, brush a chicken feather
Conquer Antarctica 2021-02-23 13:43:29
on September 29, some users found that many wechat" big "articles easily reached tens of thousands of reading volume, and the number of hits was very bleak, hovering in three digits and four digits. Some netizens broke the news that WeChat official account number of tools was blocked. (September 30th Beijing Youth Daily)

has been wondering that some of the unknown WeChat official account numbers seem to be not authoritative. 100 thousand hits are often seen in ordinary articles. So many people click on them, see too much, and do not take any serious matters. Maybe they do not see enough. Others can not appreciate them.

However, such a phenomenon makes me ready to move, such articles can have such a high number of hits, do it yourself, do something eye-catching, the number of hits will not go up, cast some advertising, can not also generate revenue? Why bother to engage in entity, engage in network marketing, sit on the ground revenue, why not.

But some of the so-called number, the original is just like this, usually the number of hits is tens of thousands, suddenly one day became 200, which is too bloody. It turns out that we usually amuse ourselves. The number of hits basically depends on the brush, and it's also exposed. Now it's famous. The number of hits should be more than 200. How can it be hundreds of times.

Some of the so-called tuba, before that, had a lot of hits, just like a plump, colorful rooster. Suddenly, the rules were fair, and the sword of justice cut the feather to the ground, leaving only the naked body, which was extremely ugly.

This time, the official operation team of wechat did a good job and advocated the concept of integrity. How can a person stand in the society without honesty? In a society, people who are not honest gain, and the society will lose the power of progress.

The shaping of morality depends on the joint efforts of the whole society. The reverse elimination of "bad money expelling good money" is just that some people do not act according to social morality, social rules or established rules. Some people, the so-called cruel to themselves, just drag their moral bottom line down a little bit, be more cheeky, and challenge the bottom line of society. As a public platform operator, in the process of making profits, it should also take some social responsibility and do a good job in the important support of social moral construction. Only by plugging the loopholes, grasping the bottom line and advocating honesty and trustworthiness can we maintain fairness and justice to the maximum extent, which is true in the network world and the real society.

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