Explanation on the public opinion of "dozens of Wuhan couriers owe more than 1 million to the network"
Old dream of Nancheng 2021-02-23 13:41:12
In recent days, , The Internet appears “ Wuhan, dozens of couriers owe outlets 100 More than ten thousand ” News and short videos , Many we media also reprinted it one after another , It has aroused widespread concern among netizens . Regarding this , Our Bureau attaches great importance to , Immediately investigate and deal with the situation reflected by public opinion , In order to let the masses and netizens understand the objective situation of this incident , Now the relevant information is explained as follows :

Verified by investigation , The interviewee in the video “ Mr. Lu ” Wuhan Yunda new City Transportation Co., Ltd ( Rhyme )、 Wuhan Juwei Express Co., Ltd ( Tact )、 Wuhan Longran Express Co., Ltd ( sto )( hereinafter referred to as “ Co distribution company ”) The person in charge of the subordinate contracting area , Above 3 The two companies are actually run by the same person in charge , Through the co distribution mode, Zhongjia village in Wuhan 、 Yunda, the central area of national Expo 、 Tact 、 Shentong brand express carries on the conformity management .2020 year 11 month , The co distribution company is transferred from the original person in charge and operated by the current person in charge .

2020 In the first half of ,“ Mr. Lu ” With the company signed a joint Yunda 、 Tact 、 Shentong express brand 《 District contract 》, It was agreed by “ Mr. Lu ” Contract the express service in some areas of the company , from “ Mr. Lu ” Recruitment of couriers to carry out express business .2020 year 5 Month to 11 During the month , Because the courier in the contracted area didn't follow Yunda 、 sto 、 Standard operation formulated by headquarters of Yuantong express company , Rhyme 、 sto 、 The headquarters of Yuantong express company fined the company according to the management rules . Based on the fine amount of the express enterprise headquarters, the co distribution company , According to “ Mr. Lu ” Signed 《 District contract 》 Yes “ Mr. Lu ” Fines . When the original person in charge of the co distribution company transfers the co distribution company , The original person in charge and the person in charge of the contracting area shall settle the relevant expenses ,“ Mr. Lu ” Objection to the settlement amount , As a result, the original person in charge failed to cooperate with “ Mr. Lu ” Calculate and settle related expenses . After checking with the actual person in charge of the original co distribution company, the person in charge of most other contracting areas , The relevant expenses have been settled .

2021 year 2 month 5 Japan , According to the investigation, our bureau , Ask for Yunda 、 Tact 、 Shentong, etc 3 Hubei company, a brand express company, implements the unified management responsibility of the whole network , On 2021 year 2 month 6 The morning of 10 When the former , Arrange the assistance of relevant management and financial personnel, including “ Mr. Lu ” More than a dozen persons in charge of the contracting area, including the company, are responsible for accounting the relevant expenses , And coordinate the distribution company to settle accounts with the person in charge of the relevant contracting area in accordance with the law . If the settlement dispute is too big to reach an agreement , But cannot pay the courier wages in time , By Yun Da 、 Tact 、 Shentong, etc 3 Hubei company, a brand express company, is in the co distribution company 、 Advance funds in the deposit of the contract area , Pay the courier's salary in time , Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of couriers . It is suggested that the disputes between the person in charge of the contracting area and the co distribution company should be handled through legal proceedings .

Optimize the development environment of postal express industry 、 It is our unshirkable duty to safeguard the interests of the people and the rights and interests of the postal and express service employees , Our bureau warmly welcomes the masses and netizens to supervise the management of Wuhan postal express market 、 For the development of postal express industry , So that the postal express industry can make new and greater contributions in serving economic and social development and improving people's livelihood .

Wuhan post administration bureau

2021 year 2 month 6 Japan

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