Function cost of public opinion monitoring platform and which one is better
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 Public opinion monitoring platform function cost and which good

Public opinion monitoring system is also called public opinion monitoring tool , Or public opinion monitoring platform , Is to be able to access the mainstream Internet portal 、 Journalism / social media 、 Forum 、 Blog 、 Microblogging 、 official account 、 News on short videos and other platforms 、 Software tools for real-time monitoring and collection of comment information .

The function of public opinion monitoring platform

For the vast amount of information on the Internet , Professional public opinion monitoring software generally has the function of whole network public opinion monitoring ; It can realize real-time browsing of massive information 、 Search for 、 extract ; All kinds of analysis of public opinion information ( Tracing the source of public opinion 、 Public opinion topic analysis 、 Analysis of the types of public opinion media 、 Reprint analysis 、 Netizen sentiment analysis 、 Public opinion development trend analysis, etc ) And public opinion statistics ; And automatic recognition of public opinion, automatic alarm notification ; Automatic generation of public opinion report and other five functions .

The cost of public opinion monitoring platform

There are many charging reference factors for a public opinion monitoring software , The first is the number of keywords monitored ; The second is whether there is a need for customization ; The third is charging by server ; The fourth is based on monthly, quarterly or annual charges . Therefore, different online public opinion monitoring companies have different quotation schemes for their public opinion products , According to the different needs of different users, different quotations will be made . As for the specific price , According to the feedback from the market , From free to millions of quoted public opinion software products .

Public opinion monitoring platform reputation

In the past , When consumers buy a product or a service , The standard to judge its quality is nothing more than price 、 ranking 、 service 、 Word of mouth and so on . But because different users have different criteria in mind , In the price area, there are many factors that affect the quotation of public opinion monitoring software , For this reason, the following micro technology editor mainly from the ranking 、 service 、 From the three elements of word of mouth , Let's share two mainstream public opinion software products , It can be used for reference .

according to the understanding of , Now it's better to do enterprise public opinion monitoring in the market , It's one of the top representatives -- Micro business information monitoring system ( Set the whole network public opinion monitoring 、 Competitive product monitoring 、 Industry monitoring 、 Marketing Monitoring 、 Public opinion recognition 、 Crisis alert 、 Public opinion analysis in one , Can provide 7*24 24-hour real-time monitoring service . And in the field of government public opinion monitoring, we do a better job , It's one of the top representatives -- Eagle eye speed reading network system ( Provide topics of the whole network 、 Network wide hot spots 、 Major events 、 People's livelihood hot spots focus on public opinion subscription and analysis services , Have the ability to quickly read the public opinion of the whole network 、 Real time monitoring of the whole network 、 Comprehensive analysis 、 Convenient and fast reading .
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