Three web sites to apply for office 2021
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Office 2021 Free installation

OneDrive 5T Download and install for free forever start-up Full course

1. YOPmail Temporary email address registration :

2. Sign up for a Microsoft account :

3. upgrade A1P Account add group :

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Hello everyone I'm Gucci

Before I taught you to get OneDrive 5T Hard disk in the cloud , And download and install Microsoft Office,

Many netizens have encountered different problems when applying , And it's true that some of the steps in applying are different from before , So today , I decided to take you all together again and install it together from head to tail Microsoft Office Abreast of the times 2021 Year version , I'll create an account by , To download and install , Last And activate it , Do all-round help ,

And besides telling Windows The operating system and MAC OS In addition to the different ways of operation when downloading and installing , We will also explain the most common problems and solutions in each step

therefore , In this new 2021 year , To get a free official license Microsoft Office My friends must not miss this detailed and complete tutorial

Simple and crude We'll start right away

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Today will be divided into several parts

First of all . Apply for an education account

second . Apply to Microsoft A1 Account

Third . take A1 Upgrade your account to A1 Plus Account

Fourth . determine A1 Plus Account validation

The fifth . download Office 2021 Year version

The sixth . Installation and startup Office

The seventh . take OneDrive 5T Change folder name and settings

1. First , We're going to apply for an educational email account number , Because the vast majority of people have applied Microsoft Account number of , So I suggest you , Whether you've applied before or not OneDrive account number , Please be sure to use Traceless mode Open the page to To apply for , Otherwise, it's easy to fail , Or you may find that after the application is completed OneDrive Only 1T The capacity of , It's all because the account you applied for before is still in the browser Cookie Detected relationships , Of course, you can also use a new browser to apply or clear the browser's Cookie Apply later , How can you be happy

2. Now? , We enter YOPmail This website , URL I'll put it in the help bar at the bottom of the video , This is an application for temporary email A website with account number and address transfer function , With other temporary email The biggest difference between account sites is , This Yopmail Meeting Transfer the domain name to ncov Under the domain name of Education , And that's why we have an education email Account to install , So an education account is fundamental to the application process , If you have your own education account , You can also apply directly with your own account number , But it should be A1 Level account number , And may not be available A1 Plus The level of

3. ad locum , Let's enter a custom name , The name can be customized , I'm going to type ibrogucci20210109, ibrogucci It is my IG Account number , You are welcome to follow me , After completion , Don't close this page , Open a new web page and proceed to the next step

4. Now we need to apply for Microsoft's A1 Account , Get into Website , See the login page , We input the just applied , Then login , Please note that ,@ After the domain name , Be sure to enter Domain name of , Otherwise, it will show that you can't find this account , Here's the student or teacher option , Fine , How can you be happy , I choose teachers

, Then enter the account data , And customize the password , The captcha column goes back to YopMail, Click refresh , You'll see Microsoft email Here comes the verification code , Then fill in the verification code , Choose a country or region , You don't have to check it down here , And then I'll start ,

The system may ask you to log in again , We log in , After logging in , You need to verify that your phone number is the same as email Account number , Here we directly bind our commonly used accounts , And if you want to apply for an account for your family or colleagues , The same cell phone number is used here email The account number will not be affected , After all of them have been verified , Click finish , Log in again , See the welcome screen , Before you succeed , But only use A1 Account

5. Here, by the way A1 Follow A1 Plus The difference between accounts , Some friends log in here successfully , You'll see your own OneDrive It's already 5T It's a lot more capacity , But you have to set up - Account information - subscribe , You'll see that your account number is A1 Grade , If you don't need to Office Download to local installation and use , Only on the Internet Office Words , This A1 Level of account is OK , But to download Office And install it on your own computer , You have to upgrade to A1 Plus To download Office. .

6. It's also possible for you to click OneDrive Or try to create Office File will jump out of unsuccessful , The picture of your account can't be found in the directory , Don't worry , Help will be done at the back of the video , Let's move on to the next step

7. Now? , We are going to put A1 Upgrade to A1 Plus, And it's very simple , Add groups You can get it A1 Plus The account authority has been changed , We open the group page , URL I'll also put it in the help bar at the bottom of the video , After opening, if it is a blank page , You can click the program on the top left - Subscription groups , Or join a group in the middle , A lot of groups will jump out on the left , It doesn't matter if you don't jump out , There's a search tool on the right , Search for " in " One word , The group appears , We want to join the group of China refueling Wuhan refueling , Click Add group , Jump out of the dialog , You can type it here , equally , How can you be happy , Then click request , The system will automatically approve

8. Then we go back to , Office Webpage , You have to log out first , And then log back in , To account information - subscribe , You can see that it's already A1 Plus We have the authority to

But sometimes it will show that the connection failed or it will still be A1 Level , equally , Just log out and log in , You can see that it's already A1 Plus 了

9. Use one step , Whether you are using Mac OS still Windows System , The procedures and methods as like as two peas

10. Come here , Just for Microsoft Office Account registered successfully , Next , We need to verify that the education domain has set up our account , open OneDrive Or if you see an error message when you want to create a file " You don't succeed , The picture of your account can't be found in the directory ", It means that the education field has not been set up yet , At this time , We have to wait ,

11. Since last year 2020 year 11 This situation began to appear after three months , Before that, it was almost set up at the same time , As far as I know , Because last year 11 The power supply of some cities in mainland China is not stable since May , The system has to use backup lines , Friends who know the network architecture can understand , Generally, when a server does synchronization with other servers, most of them are 24 Synchronize every hour , And it's all set at off peak time , Therefore , The Internet is more congested , So sometimes the slowest and slowest is about to take 24 It will take an hour to set up , And this education account in addition to create an account in Microsoft's website , The system also needs to set up our registered account in the foreign education domain , therefore Please wait patiently

12. When you Verify in Office When files can be created on the website , It means it's set up

13. Then we can install Office Install the software locally , Use here MAC OS Friends , You will download one directly 1. 8 G The size of the installation file , When the download is complete , Can Double Click Installation , But use Windows Friends of the operating system , It's installed online , So only one will be downloaded 1M Size of the online installation executable , But the way it's installed is pretty much the same

14. Before the installation , We need to clean up the local installed Office, MAC Friends of the system , As long as you get there Application Inside , Delete Office Relevant documents are enough ,Windows My friends must use special anti installation software to remove the original Office, Otherwise, the original Office Of Log Files and registration files will remain in the system and will not be deleted , There are a lot of anti installation software , You can search on the Internet , I recommend two ,
Revo Uninstaller

stay Glary Utilities,
I will put the download link in the video help bar , We follow the instructions to put the original in the computer Office Just unload it
, These two free versions are easy to use

15. Now we can start the installation Office 了 , double-click , Start installation ,MAC It's going to take a long time to install , Especially when the last minute is displayed , It could take five minutes , windows Because the system is installed online , So we must keep the network connection unblocked Installing

16. After installation , There are two situations , One is to jump out of the startup notification , And then you type in ncov Your account number and password , You can start it , Another situation is , installation is complete , It shows that everything is ready , open Office, Found that the registration information is still our original registration information , This one you can open Word, On the top left , Point file - Cancel the original account , And then use ncov Just log in with your account password

17. Turn on the OneDrive Check it out , We turn on OneDrive, use Sign in , Because I was just Word I have used this account key to log in , So after entering the account number, you can log in directly , OK, That's all right. , The file is the test file I created , Let's look at the capacity , It's also 5 T, It's really all set

18. In addition, I would like to remind you , This ncov Under domain OneDrive Accounts can't be used with other software , So for example, you're going to Google Files or photos in the library should be saved to OneDrive 5T Words , You have to take advantage of Google Of Take out Function to synchronize files to OneDrive, I will help you with this part in the next video

19. Last , Many friends ask OneDrive How to change folder names , Because the system corresponds to " Come on China, come on Wuhan " The file name of the folder , So the original file name must be preserved , Otherwise, an error message will appear , You can't synchronize with the cloud data , But if we apply for two OneDrive Account , Every folder has the same name , It's easy to confuse , So we can do this , stay MAC Inside , You can right-click on the original folder , Choose to make it , For the name of a folder, we can name it as we like , such as Name the avatar file and my login name ibrogucci20210109, So you don't mess with other folders , stay Widows This function is also available in the , Just draw the gourd like this

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