Driver's license expired, no time to change? Let's postpone the renewal of the certificate
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A driver's license is an important document for driving on the road , It's about to expire, so we must replace it in time , Otherwise, there will be a lot of trouble . According to the car insurance clause , The insurance company's policy is only for qualified 、 Legal vehicles in force . The driver didn't renew his driver's license on schedule , The vehicle you drive is not up to standard , Insurance companies have the right to refuse the claims of car owners . Driving without a license 、 The driver's license is suspended 、 Invalid or inconsistent driving license belongs to illegal driving , Insurance companies are not liable for these acts .

that , What should I do if I can't renew my driving license in time ?

If the driver is due to military service 、 It is impossible to change the certificate within the specified time due to going abroad and other reasons , The driver can apply to the vehicle management office of the place where the driver's license is issued for an extension of the period of validity of the driver's license , It can also be done through “ Traffic management 12123”APP Online processing , The following small series focuses on the operation process of online extension of certificate renewal :

1、 land “ Traffic management 12123”, Click on “ more ”, choice “ Delay the renewal of driver's license ”:

2、 Read the business instructions carefully and click “ Read and agree to ”、 Read the user's announcement carefully and click “ next step ”:

 I don't have time to change my license ? Let's postpone the renewal of L / C to find out

3、 Confirm the extended driver's license renewal information and click “ next step ”, choice “ Reasons for delay ” Click on “ Get verification code ” And click OK , complete .

in addition , A driver can apply for an extension of up to three years , It should be noted that , During the extension period , Drivers are not allowed to drive motor vehicles .

source : Yinchuan traffic police micro release
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