What do Kwai Fu buy for A station?
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6 month 5 Morning and morning , The Kwai confirm has been completed. Acfun Overall acquisition of , future ,A Station will maintain an independent brand 、 Maintain independent operation 、 Keep the original team 、 Independent development . Kwai Fu will also be in the fund. 、 resources 、 Technology, etc A The station strongly supports .

Tell us about China's Kwai , There is no other news to be released .A The station responded to the search for Chinese makers , There are no other internal adjustments at present , The team remains the same .

Tiktok rising ,BAT In the background of short video , Kwai pair A Standing hand is a bit unexpected . Previously, there were media reports that , Alibaba abandons holding in Yunfeng fund and its backers A Post station , Today's headlines want to take over A standing , And many times and A Station contact .

Internet analyst Ding Daoshi tells us to look for Chinese makers , Kwai is buying at this time. A standing , First, the price is relatively low , secondly , although A The operation of the station is not good , however A The users of the station are very valuable , Can complement with Kwai Fu users. .

A What is the standing price ?

According to the information of enterprise credit publicity system , Beijing sairuisi Dynamic Culture Communication Co., Ltd (A Station subsidiary ) In this year 2 There were two records of equity pledge at the end of the month .

2 month 27 Japan , Cyrus is a star entertainer ( Beijing ) Technology Co., Ltd 2560 Beijing Kwai Tai Technology Co., Ltd. ;3 month 6 Japan , Guangzhou bullet screen Network Technology Co., Ltd (A The main operating company of the station ) The quality of Kwai's switch is fast. .

Today morning, , The Kwai Fu official confirmed the completion of the confirmation. Acfun Overall acquisition of . The Kwai did not announce the purchase price. , But according to public reports at the end of last year ,A Standing in the negotiation with Alibaba , The pre investment valuation is 7.5 RMB , That's better than it was in the last round of financing 18.5 The estimated value of 100 million yuan has shrunk by more than half .

According to the announcement issued by Chinese online at noon today , The company signed with the Kwai Fu. 《 Assignment agreement 》, All the shares to be held by the company A Station equity sold to Kwai , The total transfer amount is 1.4 One hundred million yuan .

Chinese Online 2016 year 11 Month after month 2.5 100 million yuan A standing 13.51% equity . Chinese online name , Up to now , Chinese online only paid the investment advance in RMB 1.39 One hundred million yuan . Because the company and A The capital increase agreement signed by the station contains “ precondition ”, and A The station failed to meet the relevant requirements , So the company didn't pay all the investment , No industrial and commercial changes have been made .

The Chinese Online 1.4 100 million yuan to sell all of its holdings A Station rights and interests , If the part is still 13.51%, Then we can calculate , The Kwai takeover A The estimated value of the station is about 10.37 One hundred million yuan .

A Station users and Kwai Fu complement each other

A The situation is not optimistic , According to published reports ,A Standing last year 11 Monthly actual DAU drop to 160 ten thousand , among PC End 90 ten thousand 、 Mobile 45 ten thousand —— This figure was last year 1 What's the peak of the month 1200 ten thousand , Monthly average at that time DAU Also have 800 ten thousand .

In the case of a sudden drop in data , What Kwai Fu wants to buy A standing ?

A cultural and entertainment investor told us to look for Chinese makers , The acquisition is for Kwai Chung. , There are two benefits , Can increase crowd coverage , Broaden the circle of users . meanwhile , Expand revenue , Preparing for listing . about A Station , The flow of Kwai is a supplement. , secondly , Money is also an important factor .

Data analysis and display of Aurora big data , On the result of user gender distribution ,A Both the station and the Kwai show the characteristics of male users slightly higher than that of women. , And the proportion of men and women in the two user groups is similar . The results of user city level distribution show that ,A More users are distributed in the first tier cities , Proportion to 20.04%, New first tier and second tier cities A Station users also have a higher proportion .

And Kwai's users are sinking even more. , The proportion of users distributed in the third tier cities and below is more than 100% 60%. In the specific city distribution , Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen A In the proportion of users, the top four are in turn , The concentration of city users is not significant for Kwai city. .

Internet analyst Ding Daoshi thinks ,A Although the operation of the station is not good , But its users are still very valuable ,“ If the acquisition is completed , I believe that Kwai Fu will soon turn this part of the user back to form complementarity. .”

Four shocks of team with capital

A The station was founded in 2007 year 6 month , China's first bullet screen comments website. , But because of the frequent changes in the capital side , Several executive rotations , Step by step behind its competitors B standing , Even many times the website can not be opened 、 Stop taking 、 Closed message .

2017 year 11 month 25 Japan ,AcFun The website cannot be opened .2018 year 2 month 2 Japan ,A The website of the website cannot be accessed again , Previously, there were media reports that ,A The server of the station will 1 month 31 Due later in the day , If it cannot be renewed, it faces the risk of shutting down the server . however , Prior to acquisition ,A All stations are in normal operation .

Sky eye information display , Before this round of acquisitions ,A Station has won 4 Round of funding , Namely 2015 year 8 month , One group, 5000 Thousands of dollars in A Round of funding ;2016 year 1 month , Softbank China capital 6000 Thousands of dollars in A+ Round of funding ;2016 year 8 month , Huace film and television 5000 Ten thousand yuan of strategic financing ;2016 year 11 month , Chinese online 2.5 RMB 100 million B Round of funding .

And the management team are very stable B Different stations ,A Every capital change of the station is accompanied by the change of the management team .2014 Year to 2016 year ,A The station has experienced four leadership changes .

2014 year ,A Station major shareholder Chen Shaojie leaves , Aofei investment A Stand and become the largest shareholder , Accounting for stock 92%. thereafter ,A Simon, former stationmaster “ Discord of ideas ” Run away , Management of aofei Department .2015 year 4 month ,A Station legal person and chairman of the board from the former aofei animation domestic marketing director Cai ZhaoZhan replaced by sun min , Aofei is Cai Dongqing's stock company 92% drop to 51%, Sun min shares 41%.8 month , Sun min took the post CEO, Liu Yanyan is editor in chief .2015 year , Youku tudou 5000 Ten thousand dollars in capital , Management reshuffle .

2016 year 1 month , Softbank China 6000 US $10000 investment A standing , The core team has changed a lot again , Mo ran takes over from sun min CEO The position of .2016 year 7 month , primary A Liu Yanyan, chief editor of the station, took over the post of Mo ran CEO The position of , Vice president of Aofei Entertainment 、 Li Bin, chief strategy officer, serves as chairman of the board .

a A Station executives said ,“ Every time the management changes , We will talk to the outside world , This is a new beginning , But in the end , Everyone became the beginning itself .”

After the announcement of this round of acquisition ,A Station on the search for Chinese makers said , The team has not adjusted at the moment .

What's the intention of short video giant's layout of subculture ?

Previously, there were media reports that , Today's headlines have been around for a long time A standing , And has been with many times A Make contact at the station . Yunfeng fund and Alibaba give up holding A Post station , It's just a chance for today's headlines .

Except yes A Standing out of my mind , Today's headlines have made some moves in the field of second dimension . As early as this year 1 month , The acquisition of Biyuan by Beijing flash Star Technology UGC Community half dimension . This is 2017 Watch comics at the beginning of the year C After the round , Today's headlines in the field of animation once again shot . This year, 3 month , Toutiao also participated in the development of sound and shadow animation, an animation production company A Round of funding .

Why are the two short video giant's video and subculture of today's headlines and Kwai Po directors? ?

before , There was an analysis that , Information flow mode that only depends on we media to produce content , It is not enough to occupy an advantage in the future content distribution competition .

Tang Xin, an independent Internet analyst, tells us to look for Chinese makers , Short video is characterized by low content threshold , But the update is fast . Short video enterprises rely on short video content to quickly gather users and authors , We need to try to establish our own industry threshold . Director Bu's video and the second dimension are based on such considerations . The second dimension can gather some loyal users , Can also accumulate IP, Long video is the accumulation of copyright , Long video relatively , Longer life cycle .
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