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what should we do if we forget the password of Xuexin account and change the mobile phone number? It is the official website of for students to inquire about CET-4, CET-6, test and other information. So how to retrieve the account and password of Xuexin? Now follow Xiaobian to have a look!

xuexinnet < / P > < br > < strong > what should we do if we forget our account and password and change our mobile phone number < / strong > < br > < br > first, forget our password < br > < br > just a little partner who simply forgets his password can retrieve his password by logging in to the Xuexin file - retrieving his password - entering his user name and verification code < br > < br > Second, forget his user name < br > < br > the little partner who forgets his user name can also log in to the Xuexin file—— Retrieve the user name - enter the ID number and name - retrieve the username

three, username and password and mobile phone number, and forget the

. In this case, you need to re register your account. However, don't worry, re registration will not lead to the disappearance of school status and education information.

Re registration method: open the registration page and follow the prompts on the page. At present, the system security mailbox can only be registered once. If it has been registered, it can be replaced or not filled in. Please fill in the security questions completely or not. If the prompt "ID number has been registered", you can check "I want to re register" to continue to complete the registration.

The above is Xuexin account password forgotten, mobile phone number also changed the solution, friends learned it?

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