Discuz! The classic forum program is back
cool breeze 2021-02-23 11:30:09
Discuz! Community forums are disappearing in the past few months , Has been DNSPOD and Tencent cloud Accepted by , And make a brand new Discuz!Q Version development . Those youth , Those years are back , Coming soon !

 Classic forum program Discuz! Back again

The following is the original announcement :

Hello everyone , I'm Wu Hongsheng ( Bra ),Discuz! In the past , Experienced a lot of difficulties , It's the stationmaster 、 Developer's never leave , Give Way Discuz! To this day , At the same time, there are still a large number of new and old users . Thank you for your ! After a period of recruitment and preparation , Now? Discuz! We are ready to open up to you in a new way , Here are some of our plans : About this forum, this forum will resume operation from now on . Due to manpower constraints , We still don't have a full-time operation / Operation and maintenance team , I hope you take good care of the forum environment , Consciously maintain the order of the Forum , According to the requirements of each section, post back . The sectors we plan to recover include :
  • Discuz! Official release : For official use Discuz! X Information and version release
  • Discuz!- Plug in and template communication : For plug-ins and templates , At the same time, we can discuss the development of plug-ins and templates .
  • Discuz!- Install and use : Let's discuss all the related problems about installation and use
  • Discuz!-BUG Communicate with the problem : communication SQL error 、 back door 、 The function of the official original application did not meet the expectation , Discuss solutions together
  • Station master Gang : Publish paid solutions

About Discuz! XDiscuz! X In the future, we will continue to use open source to move forward . Open source is not just about letting go , We have set up by Tencent cloud 、 Former team members of Kangsheng 、 The open source committee composed of the original application center team , Yes DZX Future direction and community code integration for management . Focus on DZX Code partners should have seen the code base become active again recently .

DZX The official open source address of is https://gitee.com/ComsenzDiscuz/DiscuzX . Welcome to continue to submit PR(Pull Request, Please refer to https://gitee.com/help/articles/4128 Develop and submit patches ), We will arrange resources for existing and future PR To deal with . In the subsequent DZX The version will thank the students who submitted the patch , At the same time, this forum will also be for the corresponding ID Add a special “Discuz!X contributor ” medal .DZX The open source version of is preparing to release a version of , introduce mysql 8 Full support ,H5 File upload and other functions , Coming soon . Our open source management team , Now the staff are all part-time , Everyone is right DZ The enthusiasm of the , Use your free time to serve you , I hope you can give understanding and tolerance , I hope the past is DZX All the big bulls who have contributed the code and the future will be DZX Contributing code partners can continue to submit high quality code . About Discuz! X The app store DZX The official app store for https://addon.dismall.com/, The plug-ins and templates of commercial charges should be published to this platform , This platform will continue to iterate in the future , For developers and webmasters to provide better trading platform and services . About Discuz! Some small partners may have heard of it from some channels ,Discuz! There is a new version in development , Today, I'd like to share some information with you : We've been thinking , In today's increasingly expensive platform traffic , Is there a new product form , It can help you gather the fans' traffic of the big platform , Leave high-value users on their own small platforms , Let the traffic belong to the entrepreneur . The result of thinking is Discuz! A new version of the , We call it Discuz! Q series , Is parallel to Discuz! X Another product line of the series ,Discuz! Q The goal is to help traffic V、 online celebrity 、 Knowledge payment 、 Entrepreneurs of wechat ecology and mobile Internet , It is easier to complete user precipitation and transformation payment .Discuz! Q It's lighter , More liquid , More mobile , Community products that are more open and easier to redevelop .Discuz! Q first alpha edition , It will be released around the lunar new year . In the years gone , We use the 10 Years of time , Explore and polish with the station master Discuz! All series of products ; future , We still hope , Entrepreneurs can participate in Discuz! Q The creation of the series , Let's continue to expand more possibilities .
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