Teachers, don't complain about the low salary. Let me tell you how to do we media
Wen Ke 2021-02-23 10:27:05

There is a big man in we media once said that : Now everybody's holding a cell phone , But the rich use mobile phones to make money , Those who have no money spend money on their mobile phones . Influenced by this sentence , I started the road of we media writing , A year , Accumulated some experience , Talk to the teachers .

Teachers often complain about their low income in the headlines , To be honest , It's a fact , But teachers also belong to ” Less than , There is more than “ The professional , If you complain too much , It will cause other people's dissatisfaction , The point is that it's no use complaining , Is that so? ? It's not like that , Let's spend this time doing something meaningful .

 Teachers , Don't complain about low pay , Let me tell you how to do we media

I've been doing we media for a year , I know a lot of we media experts , Most of them are teachers , The salary is not high either , No paid tutoring , But their income is not low , In addition to wages , Writing through we media , Some are thirty a day 、 Fifty 、 Some earn money one day , Some earn more than ten thousand a month , There's another day with an income of over ten thousand , For example, I , Who participated in Wukong Q & A ” New year's day “ Activities , Through one 30 The problem of Chinese characters , Third place in the total , Bonus 10000 element , Of course this is ” plain dumb luck “, Of course, this part is a joke , My attainments are far behind those teachers .

 Teachers , Don't complain about low pay , Let me tell you how to do we media

See here , You must be a little excited , Want to know how to do we media ? Listen to me .

One 、 It's not illegal for teachers to do we media !

There are millions of teachers on the Internet , They're all real name certified , The most famous one is Mr. Li Yongle of the Affiliated High School of the National People's Congress . Some teachers worry about whether we media belongs to ” Paid tutor “? It's a complete frame up , We media writing and teachers writing papers 、 There's no difference between publishing a paper and making a contribution , It's not a second occupation , It's not about making profit by taking advantage of one's position , So there will be no violations , At least for now .

 Teachers , Don't complain about low pay , Let me tell you how to do we media

Two 、 What's the point of teachers doing we media ?

Making money to support your family is just one of them , besides , There are at least two meanings for teachers to do we media ”

1、 Help others : Answer questions through writing and online , Write down your teaching wisdom and experience , Let more students and their parents benefit , This is a very meaningful thing , Is it right? ?

2、 Improve yourself : Writing through we media , Summarize the experience , Practice writing ability , While helping others , And I've improved myself , Why not do it ?

3、 ... and 、 Teachers have unique conditions to be we media !

1、 Teachers generally have good writing skills , If you exercise a little , Can write a lot in simple terms 、 Easy to understand articles . Why use these two idioms to describe ? Because headline readers come from all walks of life , There are majors in it , But there are also many parents who don't know much about education or have a low level of education , If you can explain the problem to them , I'm eager to give answers to my parents , You'll get their approval , They become your fans , And most of them are loyalty scores , Loyal fans will greatly increase your income .

 Teachers , Don't complain about low pay , Let me tell you how to do we media

2、 Teachers have rich experience in education and teaching . These everyday things , Think about it , Write it down , Help others answer some questions , You get a sense of accomplishment .

3、 Teachers have time ! Over the weekend 、 Holidays and some spare time can be used to write , Write something professional , No one's against that ?

4、 Teachers have teaching resources . Some teachers , Especially primary school teachers , By sending out some simple exercises , You can have hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans , These resources , For teachers , It shouldn't be difficult ?

 Teachers , Don't complain about low pay , Let me tell you how to do we media

Four 、 What are the ways teachers do we media ?

Before I wrote a question and answer about this , After that, many teachers sent private letters to me for advice , Let me take headline number as an example , Let's make an answer together , We media generally includes three aspects :

1、 Article writing : By publishing some high quality articles , Get the amount of reading 、 Likes and forwards , Benefit from . It's a bit difficult , Especially when there are few fans , Write an article that you have read 10 Ten thousand “ Explosion text ” It's not easy. , It depends on your level and topic selection direction , Of course , I often post articles , At least it will increase the number of fans .

2、 Wukong Q & A : This is my main direction , Wukong Q & A belongs to “ Short and smooth ” Type of , Answer some meaningful or hot questions , Fans are rubbing along with the amount of reading , There is a short answer from the teacher , Reading tens of millions of books in a few hours , The number of fans has increased by thousands . But the welfare period of Wukong Q & A is over ,2018 At the beginning of the year , As long as you're new , Open the revenue directly by invitation , And now , You need to continue to answer questions in one area , It's about a month or two before it opens up , appear “ The answer is in cash ” This a few word . If you want to be a good author in a field , such as “ The creator of quality education ”, You have to continue to create in the field of education , Otherwise you can't authenticate your domain .

 Teachers , Don't complain about low pay , Let me tell you how to do we media

3、 Video class : Including watermelon video 、 Tiktok 、 Live and so on , The way , Readers don't have to worry , The amount of reading is also easy to soar , For example, I shot a little bit before “ flag raising ceremony ” Video of a speech on the Internet , You get it 20 More than ten thousand reading volume and several hundred yuan income . If you can have a live broadcast , So the revenue and the amount of reading increase faster , However, it has a great demand on the professional level of teachers .

The operation of other we media platforms is roughly the same , If you are familiar with we media writing , You can create on different platforms at the same time , Some people have accounts on more than a dozen platforms , Of course, it involves a lot of energy , Reduce the quality of articles , So teachers are not recommended to do this , Especially at the beginning of we media creation .

5、 ... and 、 We media writing needs to hold what kind of mentality ?

I used to give it to a lot of friends 、 Colleagues have introduced we media writing , They were very interested at first , But most of them give up halfway , The reason is that the mentality is not right , Do self media , You need to have at least this mindset :

1、 Don't just come up and do we media for the purpose of making money , That way you're bound to get a few cents in the first place 、 The profit of a few cents scared away . Can stand in the service of students and parents 、 Improve your business level 、 Sum up their own experience in education and teaching and other aspects of the problem , So your mind will be more peaceful , The purpose of utility is smaller , The quality of the work is also high , The viscosity of the fraction is greater .

 Teachers , Don't complain about low pay , Let me tell you how to do we media

2、 Be calm about online “ spray ”: There are all kinds of things on the Internet , Anyone can use a smartphone , Your educational philosophy is likely to be misunderstood , Someone will give you a spray 、 A curse . You may not be able to accept it at first , But get used to it , And you can't swear , Because you are “ Have identity ” People who , Swearing can be “ Title ”, The previous efforts were in vain .

6、 ... and 、 Which teachers are suitable for we media ?

In principle, all teachers can do we media , But teachers at different stages , The focus will be different , Select the right direction , Will “ Have good prospects of gain ”.

1、 primary school teacher : In fact, primary school teachers are the best teachers for we media , Because they have a large audience ,“ Parents of students ” most , So it's easy to get the most fans .

2、 Junior high school teachers : Junior high school teachers are embarrassed , We can dig deep into the professional knowledge of some subjects to explain , You can also do more questions and answers about students' psychological guidance .

3、 High school teacher : Although the fans of high school teachers are not necessarily many , But because of the importance of the college entrance examination , So high school teachers can do professional guidance , You can also answer common questions , Also can carry on the college entrance examination question analysis 、 Voluntary filling guidance, etc , The fractional viscosity is still very good .

 Teachers , Don't complain about low pay , Let me tell you how to do we media

besides , We media writing also has many skills , Need you to explore slowly , Through the above explanation , Do you have a preliminary understanding of we media writing ? If you want to know more , Please click on “ Focus on ”, follow “ Win in senior three ” Teachers together , We win in 2019 Well !

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