Media box: what does Baijia do?
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It is said that :“ No pain, no gain. , No pains, no gains ”

We media for operation , We should stand loneliness and helplessness , Especially in Baijia .

Running Baijia , We must first learn to look at the background data analysis , Baijia has an index analysis tool , It's equivalent to direct understanding, giving the operator a clear direction .

 Media box : How does Baijia do it ?

To be a we media, we must first understand a truth : Only quantitative change can achieve qualitative change , Qualitative change produces the butterfly effect . Every little change , It's all very different results .

today , I'm going to share some experience of operating Baijia , They are all the results of my research through practice and research of background data .

How to quickly pass the novice period of Baijia ?

1、 Field of registration

I believe Xiaobai has just started to make Baijia , about “ Select account type ” It must be confusing .

So I suggest , The first is to choose from the direction you are good at ;

Next, choose entertainment 、 lifestyle ;

In this way, there will be a lot of materials and opportunities for the birth of popular articles .

Baijia is good , Other we media platforms are good , What you're doing is , It's mainly for the purpose of spreading things that are more interesting to you and your users .

What operators need to do is : Have content to publish , And capture the user's sense of vision .

The authors of Baijia are divided into novice authors 、 Junior authors 、 Intermediate author 、 There are four levels of senior authors , It represents the author's different stages and comprehensive level in Baijia platform .

2、 Vertical focus

In the early days of the rookie , Baijia system will strictly control the content released in the novice field .

The system will be based on the relevant content of the domain , To decide whether to give a recommendation .

It should be noted that : Don't post articles in this field later , I'll send it later That field The article , In this way, the system will discount to calculate your index .

3、 Stay active

This is a particularly critical process , The novice period of Baijia is average , You can only publish one article a day .

Suppose you post an article every day , System calculation will help you to improve certain qualified scores .

4、 Original and hot

Original and hot , It's the top priority for the novice to improve their score quickly .

Now the novice period , Baijia system will be based on the content Originality and richness Recommend , In this way, you can greatly speed up and improve your Baijia index , The hot spot is the shortcut you can improve your score .

 Media box : How does Baijia do it ?

What are the reasons for the decline in the number of recommendations ?

First , We compare the situation through the data in the background , We can analyze two reasons :

1、 Run into holidays , Users and traffic are focused on entertainment

2、 The content doesn't reach the visual effect of attracting users , And produce visual fatigue

that , For operations , How can we improve our reading capacity ?

1、 Rub hot spots

The most important thing is timeliness , Put the content of the article itself , Combined with hot topics , Lead your own point of view , And picture and text .

2、 The article should not be too long

For the length of the article , Be in commonly 800 word -1200 Between words , This is not the same as the official account .

Because we all know about hot spots , So users will rely on curiosity , To see if there's anything new .

3、 Don't do the title party 、 Don't publish fake content

While editing articles , The other thing to note is : Don't make headlines and don't publish articles that distort facts .

Once reported and complained , The system will deduct credit points , Will seriously affect the system to your article recommendation mechanism .

How to improve the production of Explosion text The risk of ?

Several reasons for the emergence of explosive articles , Through the observation and practice of data on various platforms , Analysis of the following experience :

1、 The premise of a popular article is to be recommended

When we judge whether an article can become a popular article , It mainly depends on 2 Point content :

  • Look at the article 5-10 Minutes later , Has the amount of reading exceeded dozens to hundreds
  • Look at the category tag at the top of the article , Is there an operational label , There's an extra amount of recommended reading with labels

2、 The best observation time to judge whether it is a popular article is 10 minute , If you read more than 300 Words , Generally, the final reading amount will reach more than 40000 or 50000 .

3、 Baidu's recommendation mechanism is whole point recommendation

Now? , Baijia is based on the user's Click rate and click volume To adjust .

therefore , I think the best time to tweet is : morning 9 spot -10 P.m. . At noon 11 spot -1 spot , The system will recommend it again .

4、 The title of the article

Detection factors for Baidu's we media platform system , Generally divided into 3 Big grass roots :

  • Machine simple retrieval
  • Intermediate machine through the corresponding data accounting , Capture the key words highlighted in the article . such as :“ Not only 、 and ” These words
  • By searching the article categories , To advanced and representative academic and professional accounts , To review the recommended

Generally, we have analyzed the data and observed the operation of explosive articles , You'll find that 3 Two types of titles , It's the easiest to generate explosive articles :

 Media box : How does Baijia do it ?

1、 A title with a twist

That's what we call connectives .

2、 With the title of inventory

The title will highlight “ Numbers 、 percentage ” The lexicon of data

3、 A curious title

such as “ Two ha jump over the floor , The master flew into the hospital .” This kind of title has entertainment information that attracts users' attention .

therefore , I think we should stick to these points in the operation of Baijia , The recommendation probability of popular articles will increase a lot :

1、 Article with pictures

The article is messy , Will cause the user's sense of vision to decrease , Therefore, the best number of pictures in this article is 3 Zhang -6 Zhang Jian .

2、 The size of the picture

The size of the picture inserted in the article is best in 600*400 Pixels .

3、 Space between pictures and texts

In an article , The ratio of words to pictures is 150:1 Is the most appropriate .

4、 Image quality

The image material should be visually eye-catching , The usual choice is 16:9, And in the text can not appear in two-dimensional code related commercial content .

How to increase the unit price of Baijia ?

What is the unit price of Baijia ?

The so-called unit price of Baijia is , Total revenue excluding reading , The total amount of reading is in the content analysis of Baijia's background content data, and the reading amount of nearly a week is summed up .

Generally better 10w+ A week of reading , The second is to go to the income square to sum up the equity income for one week , The total reading is the unit price .

General unit price 15 It's a medium price , The relatively good unit price of Baijia is above 40~50 block .

At first , Many new operators don't understand the basic content of the analysis , These are the hundred names that measure you , In the system mechanism to recommend and obtain a stake in the wind .

How to increase the unit price income ?

1、 Ensure stable update articles

Baijia uses five dimensions to judge the activity of a number , Regular and in-depth publication is the most basic operation basis .

2、 Reject the title party

In order to increase the opening rate and reading rate of articles, some operators send articles , You can exaggerate the title , Even in the article there will be hints and other obscure words .

Although the amount of reading is often very high , But I don't know that your article has been labeled with the title party by the backstage , therefore , Of course, it is not difficult to understand the low unit price .

If you keep posting like this , There may also be penalties such as current limitation and power reduction , Do more harm than good .

3、 Insist on originality

Originality is the basis for the generation of popular articles .

4、 Real time hotspot

All the hot spots are the hype of the human team , As an operator , Need to watch and learn more about news channels .

 Media box : How does Baijia do it ?

Try to create real-time articles , That's what users are interested in , And this habit comes from exercise , It's not a day or two , It takes a lot of time to conceive, analyze and practice .

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