How to get more than ten million tiktok in the jitter?
Hello everyone , I'm Hao Xiaoxiang

A lot of people have told me recently , Tiktok: you see, the video on the jitter is very interesting. , Little brother and little sister are so beautiful . Why are there so few likes in my videos ?

This article will tell you , To get 10w+ What preparations do you need ?

One 、

Shake rules tiktok

First , Tiktok can be divided into two video uploading modes. .

1. Direct shooting and uploading

2. Local video upload

Knowledge point : Local video upload default to original sound , But on the basis of the original sound, you can also add music ! It's used when you want others to know what you're using BGM.

Two 、

Creativity first

Tiktok is familiar with the rules of shaking. , We need a good idea as support .

Publishing original videos is the best way to get praise !

The following are all good ways to get a lot of likes :

1. Record the interesting things in your life , Make funny videos with friends, etc

2. You can also learn popular dance , Gesture dance, etc

3. With facial expression series , Use rich expressions and body language

4. Travel records , Show what you see through the video

3、 ... and 、

Good quantity control

A good game player will control his video tiktok.

Just imagine , If you send several in a row a day , Others will not be happy when they see the screen swipe , And there is a certain degree of aesthetic fatigue , Good works will be submerged .

Four 、

Time of release

The most frequent periods of shaking are tiktok. :

1. Friday night

2. Two days on weekends

3. Weekday mornings 8 To 10 spot , evening 6-8 spot

Grasp the release time ! Your work will be seen by more people , The fire is faster !

5、 ... and 、

Add a good challenge

Tiktok has different challenges every day. , Add one when sending video , It will make your video more visible , It will also attract more praise and attention from the same fans .

Someone asked , So the video sent that day has nothing to do with the challenge, can you add it ?

Certainly. , But if you're sure of the quality of this video , Then don't add it , In addition, it will add to the story .

6、 ... and 、

@ Important people

@ You have friends or fans , Maybe they would like to attract more people

It's really not good @ Then go @ Tiktok assistant Well

Of course , Even if you do that, it doesn't guarantee you success 10w+ Like , We need some luck sometimes

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