Tiktok brush flow? Group control marketing system: banned
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2020 year 9 month 30 Japan , The people's Court of Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province made a ruling , A company in Hangzhou Stop the publicity immediately 、 Extension 、 sales 、 Operation for “ Tiktok ”App Group control marketing system based on Web . This is the first time that the court has targeted “ Tiktok ” Group control software on the platform issues judicial injunction .

 Tiktok brush flow ? Group control marketing system court ruling : No

Tiktok is one of the hottest short video platforms in China. , Enrich and entertain our life , The superiority of its recommendation algorithm is the key point of its promotion .

The net red tiktok is also a sharp rise in the price. .

This can not avoid some people's envy , I want to go by the side , by “ Brush data ” Overnight fame , Group control software should be born .

01 Group control software

The official definition of the group control software is tiktok. , Now we search the Internet with keywords , There will also be a large number of group control software ads . In general, the functions of publicity are as follows : drainage 、 Bulk powder increase 、 Mass distribution 、 Help to be popular 、 Multi device reality 、 And so on .

In short, the essence is , Let you spend money on data !

 Tiktok brush flow ? Group control marketing system court ruling : No

02 Why did the court ban it ?

We should maintain the market order of fair competition !

From the perspective of users ,“ Brush flow ” Behavior is essential to normal operation 、 The injustice of high quality content creators , It also infringes on the short video viewer's access to reality 、 The right to recommend high quality content .

From tiktok , Group control software will prevent normal distribution of tiktok. 、 Recommendation mechanism , Destroy its ecological environment , It could damage its reputation .

even to the extent that , Group control software will become a tool of network fraud .

After all, the platform is hard to find 100% Timely control , Just imagine , A false 、 If the swindle information is pushed to more users because of the good data , It's very likely that there will be another one 、 Victims of information fraud .

 Tiktok brush flow ? Group control marketing system court ruling : No

03 I “ Brush flow ” What should I do? ?

Although it's average “ Brush flow ” Behavior , The law will not punish you personally .

However, each platform has its own account penalty .

According to the news ,2019 year 10 month , The company launched a “ Woodpecker 2019” action , Ban on suspected praise 、 Tiktok and other false brush amount of cheating violation violation number exceeded 171 ten thousand , Stop the illegal production 、 The request for false brushing amount of powder 4. 6 100 million times .

If you're called , Please remember the lesson .

If you haven't been blocked or otherwise punished , that “ And cherish it ”, Don't be opportunistic any more .

 Tiktok brush flow ? Group control marketing system court ruling : No

04 Achievements of goose factory : Award of compensation 260 Ten thousand yuan

Tiktok , What's more, Tencent, another big Internet company, has made great achievements in group control software .

Due to the interference of a group control software 、 Destroyed the normal operation of wechat products and services , Tencent takes it to court .

The court said , The group control software stores or uses the data of some unknown wechat users without authorization , Endangering the information security of wechat users , Worsen the business ecology of wechat's existing data resources , Substantial damage to the competitive rights and interests of wechat data resources , Endangering the security of wechat 、 Stable 、 efficiency , To disrupt its normal operation , Constitute unfair competition .

Although the group control software “ Batch operation of wechat 、 Grab information ” As mentioned above “ Brush flow ” Group control software based on , Slightly different in function and business performance , But the essence is the same .

This year, 6 month , First instance judgment of the court , Group control software compensates Tencent 260 Ten thousand yuan .

 Tiktok brush flow ? Group control marketing system court ruling : No

05 summary

Group control software , It is illegal to !

But I want to say more , We want to be more real as users .

I was on the hot list some time ago “ Shanghai celebrities ”, Group members use the form of collage to package themselves , Create your own high-end image , By the whole network group ridicule vanity and hypocrisy .

Tiktok “ Brush flow ”, Actually , Is it different from them in essence ?
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