A man in Qingdao quickly became addicted to the habit. In March, he spent 20 thousand Kwai money directly under the anchor line.
A dream in a lonely city 2021-02-23 10:09:31
Volkswagen · Poster news Liaocheng 1 month 10 - “ unable to bear , I can't help it , Every day, if you have nothing to do, you want to open Kwai. ,3 A moonlight reward will be spent 2 More than ten thousand yuan , The anchor will add wechat to ask for money .” Netizen Mr. Wang told reporters ,2019 year 9 month , He left his hometown to work in Qingdao , In order to support the family , engineering 、 maintenance 、 The mechanic …… I've done everything . In a strange city , In addition to the work , Mr. Wang's life is extremely boring , Under the introduction of workers , He learned to download fast and watch Kwai live time. , But I didn't expect to have one from now on “ addiction ”.

3 Monthly gift to anchor 2 More than ten thousand , Feel great

Mr. Wang can't remember which anchor he gave the first time , But that kind of “ Beiershuang ” My feelings are still fresh in my memory .“ It's a singing studio , I used to think that people worked hard to sing , I want to thank you .” Mr. Wang didn't expect that , Brushing presents for the first time is like opening Pandora's box ,“ It's cool , The pleasure of spending money and being sought after .”

Mr. Wang divorced from reality , In the Kwai Fu and the host, I found myself in the fantasy. .

from 2019 year 9 Month to 11 end of the month , only 3 months , Mr. Wang has gone to enjoy the flowers 2 Thousands of multivariate , For a man who works hard everywhere , It's already a huge sum of money . And for the wives and children back home ,2 More than ten thousand yuan is almost the living expenses of this small family in one year .

Go back home and get together with wife and children , Fanran wakes up most ashamed to his wife

2019 year 12 month , Mr. Wang, who went back to his hometown to do business, got together with his wife and children again , Back to real life , Mr. Wang wakes up : No matter how beautiful the Internet is, it is also fictional , No matter how hard the reality is, we have to face it .

Mr. Wang, who regained his sanity, began to reflect on his idea 3 Months “ Floating ”.

“ In fact, it should have been recognized for a long time , Some Kwai anchor hosts add my WeChat and ask me directly for money. .” Mr. Wang was in a daze when he first encountered this situation , Although he turned down the anchor , But at that time, Mr. Wang just turned around to pursue other anchors .

“ The most shameful thing in my heart is my wife , Never dare to say .” Mr. Wang told reporters , His experience is very common among Kwai fan fans. , How many people are Kwai Ding the accumulation of their hard-earned savings through the rapid broadcast of live scattered. , Back in reality, there's nothing like chicken feathers 、 regret having done sth .“ Some people put all their money in , You can only see the harm of gambling , But we can not see Kwai Fu's forming in the Internet age. ‘ addiction ’.”

Kwai Fu should shoulder social responsibilities. Set the maximum reward

“ Kwai Fu should not only ask for real names when registering. , It should be required to upload the proof of actual income , And according to the income certificate set daily reward limit .” Mr. Wang has spent a lot of time on himself 2 Wan Yuyuan regretted playing Kwai Fu. , I'm also very afraid , Very worried about their reward addiction again .

According to Mr. Wang , Like him, there are a few friends who are quick to play Kwai Fu addiction. ,“ Seeing Kwai live is really too easy to get addicted to. , It's like a bottomless hole , I know it's expensive , I just can't get rid of it , Kwai can't earn money because he can't earn money. , There is no upper limit of reward , As a big platform , Social responsibility should be shouldered !” Mr. Wang said .

Indulge in Kwai Fu , Minors become victims of huge reward

How many adults can't control themselves and play Kwai live. , Children are more likely to fall into the trap of huge rewards .

《10 Young girl addicted to live broadcast 1 Ten thousand yuan per hour 》《 Rural girls indulge in Kwai Fu 3 Ten thousand parents' hard-earned money 》《10 Children play “ Well quickly ” Brush off large deposits 》 《14 Old girl is addicted to Kwai Fu. Call him 4 ten thousand Girl : He said he loved me 》……

The reporter searched the Internet at random , You can see a large number of people being killed “ Kwai Fu is addicted to addiction. ” Poison news . These two years , Children meet the eye everywhere because they are Kwai Ming. , Although the Kwai Fu has been repeatedly on the line. “ Super strict anti addiction measures ”, But the actual effect is very little .

Hainan Radio and television reporters have randomly asked more than a dozen primary school students , With more than 80% People who , They all have the habit of watching live broadcast . Girls like to watch and sing 、 Live broadcast of dancing , Boys like to watch live games . Several students said , They were watching the live broadcast , And give the anchor a gift .

Reporter's notes : Kwai Fu should shoulder social responsibilities.

In today's Internet age , Kwai live broadcast has become one of the daily entertainment of the masses. . Up to the octogenarian , Down to children , Scanty Kwai live broadcast is not seen. . But while entertaining the public , Kwai Fu should shoulder social responsibilities. , Watch live and reward “ Addiction ”. Burden on life 、 In the case of continuous negative impact , How to let everyone enjoy the entertainment life healthily in the webcast has become an urgent problem to be solved , At the national level, the corresponding regulatory mechanism should also be strengthened , Protect the network environment .
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