I don't know what the salary is? Remember these formulas, your salary is accurate to every cent
Xia Mu Jin Su 2021-02-23 10:04:35
Many people have been working for a long time , But I still don't know how to calculate the salary . Most people think that as long as the wage difference is not much , It doesn't matter if it's a few dollars short . But for companies , One employee needs less money , Companies with a lot of employees , It can also save a lot of labor costs . In fact, it's not difficult to calculate wages , As long as the calculation formula and definition are clear , We can calculate our salary accurately to every cent . This article will explain the calculation formula of salary respectively 、 The calculation base of wages 、 The determination of overtime payment base , And wage deductions .

Wages , In fact, it is a kind of name for labor remuneration . By hour 、 By day 、 monthly 、 There are many ways to calculate salary by year , But the most contact is the monthly salary .

 I don't know what the salary is ? Remember these formulas , My salary is accurate to every cent

Let's first understand what's happening in the company 21.75 God 、20.83 God 、22 God 、26 God 、 The size of the week

Many non-standard companies like to talk to their employees , We are 22 Sky system 、26 The day-to-day way to work , In fact, these are not standardized .26 Tianzhi is also known as 6 Sky system , January has only Sundays off . There are also some companies that work big and small weeks , In fact, the company included weekend overtime into the agreed salary .

We know , The time of regular attendance is different every month , Some months just need to be on 20 God , Some months are going to 21 God , Some months 22 God even 23 God .

One 、 Average monthly attendance days :20.83 God , Because apart from the weekend , Every year, 11 I don't go to work on a legal holiday , So our working hours every year are 250 God ,250 God /12 Months =20.83 God , This number is just the actual time we are on duty , It doesn't have much to do with corporate computing .

Two 、 Average number of days paid per month :21.75 God , Because legal holidays 11 I don't go to work , But it's also a salary , Therefore, the number of days to calculate the attendance salary of regular shift every year is 250 God +11 It's a legal holiday =261 God , and 261 God /12 Months =21.75 God . So calculate the daily wage 、 Hourly wage , It's all based on this cardinal number . Like monthly salary 3000 element , So the daily salary is 3000 element /21.75 God =137.93 element , The hourly wage is 3000 element /21.75 God /8 Hours =17.24 element , General salary is calculated to two decimal places , By rounding . I know the algorithm , The overtime payment in the back is very clear .

3、 ... and 、 as for 22 God 、26 God , Big week and small week . First ,22 It must be illegal to use days as the base of calculation , But because the difference is not big , So many employees didn't mind . secondly , Adopted by the company 26 Sky system , Or big week and small week , It seems illegal , But there is something wrong with the salary structure inside the company , For example, the agreed salary is 5000 element , In fact, in the wage structure, we split the weekend overtime pay in many places , That is, in fact, the monthly salary is paid for your weekend overtime , It's just that I only talked about a total amount when I talked with you during the interview .

 I don't know what the salary is ? Remember these formulas , My salary is accurate to every cent

How to calculate the overtime pay when overtime is popular ?

We know Monday through Friday 8 The extra hour is the usual overtime pay , yes 1.5 times , Saturday and Sunday are 2 Double overtime pay , The official holiday is 3 Double overtime pay . When we calculate , Just follow 21.75 Calculate the corresponding daily wage 、 The hourly wage is multiplied by the multiple 、 Just a few overtime hours . Let's take hourly wage as an example .

Suppose the monthly salary is 3000 element , I worked overtime on the weekend 10 Hours , So weekend 10 An hour's overtime pay =(3000 element /21.75 God /8 Hours )*10 Hours *2 times =344.83 element .

What is the base of overtime payment ?

In the company , In addition to the basic wage , And the bonus 、 Commission, etc , There are many kinds of names , All kinds of subsidies 、 allowance , What position 、 traffic 、 having dinner 、 Accommodation and so on , There are also performance bonus and so on . Can we calculate the overtime payment when it is due ?

One 、 First of all, eliminate those who are not part of the overtime payment base

If it does not belong to the fixed wage stipulated in the labor contract , Like Commission 、 Commission and other floating bonus that need to reach certain performance conditions , This is not the base of overtime pay .

Two 、 achievement bonus , This has always been controversial , Actually, it's set like this

1、 If the agreed salary includes performance bonus , Like the basic salary 3000 element + achievement bonus 2000 element , In principle, this part of the salary should be included in the calculation base of overtime pay . It's just that 2000 Yuan can be based on the assessment system , After communication between the two sides , To float .

2、 If the agreed salary does not include performance bonus , The performance bonus is floating in proportion to the agreed salary , Then this part is not included in the calculation base of overtime pay . For example, only the basic salary is stipulated in the contract 3000 element , There is no other agreement , The performance bonus is based on the assessment , With 3000 Yuan as the base , Extra floating , For example, the assessment is A, Then the performance pay is 20%, So that is 3000 element +600 element , This does not involve the floating of basic companies , So it can't be regarded as the base of overtime pay .

 I don't know what the salary is ? Remember these formulas , My salary is accurate to every cent

3、 besides , What kind of allowance 、 Subsidies, etc , Generally, it should be included in the calculation base of overtime pay .

But here's the thing , Labor arbitration in some places in the past 、 When the court of first instance approves the base of overtime pay , It is based on the overtime payment base agreed by both parties , For example, the agreed salary is 5000 element , But it is also agreed that the calculation base of overtime pay is 3000 element ; There is also the emergence of no subsidies 、 When the allowance is there . But it's getting better and better now .

What are the deductions in salary ?

In salary , Like a personal income tax 、 Social security provident fund to pay the part of the individual , All statutory deductions , Besides, there are water and electricity charges 、 Hotel expense 、 Food expenses and other expenses , Confirmed by the company and employees , It can also be deducted from the salary .

Basically familiar with these , There will be no difference in the algorithm of wages , But sometimes, in order to keep their jobs , There's no way to get involved with the company , So in the end , It depends on the acceptance of employees , And the company !
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