What is Baijia number, how to register Baijia number and matters needing attention in operation
Agudo 2021-02-23 10:04:19

The so-called "Baijia" is like the headline number , Or the official account of WeChat , It's one that needs your identification , Then register where you can post articles , It also has the concept of fans , But its fans, you know , Its core advantage is that baidu searches for a source of content , do SEO I know Baidu has a high weight on its products . Why 2021 Nian Bai Jia may continue to have weight , That's because Baidu focuses on the private domain traffic of baijiahao .

  The benefits of Baijia are :

  These three pictures , See what it means ? No matter PC Mobile phone is , Search Baijia account for a large proportion of the home page . You might say , I search 【 mobile phone 】 Definitely not , Um. , exactly .

  How to register Baijia ?

  I won't go into details here , According to the address above , I want to understand the basic text can register it .

  Just under the registration instructions :

  1、 If you have a baidu account, just register directly , No registered baidu account , Whether it's an individual or a company , Please prepare the photos taken by the operator with ID card first ;

  2、 When you choose a type, you can choose an individual or a company , When you don't know what to choose , See what you have , If you have both , It's OK to register one each , But a person can only register one , Find another identity , For example, I registered XX New media and Internet XXSEO Two , My brother's information in the back .

  3、 Don't think it's easy to register, there's nothing to notice , In fact, when filling in the information, we must think about the hundred family number , If you don't think about it well , It's better not to , Because you don't have content .

  How does Baijia operate ?

  Are you thinking , Baijia still needs to operate ? No operation , Why register for Baijia , Good looking, ha ha . Like me SEO The same is the official account , If you don't post an article , Then why should others pay attention to you ?OK, Is operation just about sending articles ? Do I copy a lot of calculations online ?NO, Not counting. , Operation is not just about sending articles .

  How does Baijia operate , There are the following points :

  1、 original

  What also don't say , Originality is a must . Originality represents the value you provide . Emphasis on originality 、 Emphasis on the quality of articles , This is what all content platforms value . This is the origin of the originality evaluation standard in the Baijia index .

  Um. , Originality is very important , How to create ? Actually , Any industry can be original . You may ask , I wrote my own articles and sent my own website or official account. , Is it original to send another hundred , Of course . Then you think , I went to see the original of others' official account. , It's OK to move to Baijia , I can only say you are a chicken thief .

  2、 The content does not involve pornography, gambling and drugs , Nice picture

  Do you understand that , Although the flow of pornography, gambling and drugs is large , But gentlemen love money , It's well written . in addition , Don't write a headline that doesn't live up to its name , such as , Oh, my God ,1 I'll teach you how to make money in ten minutes 100 ten thousand , Then the content is how to raise pigs . The picture must look good , I can't make it look good , Let's be clear . Don't learn from me , I write things , I didn't really look for the picture . If you find a small editor to do it , Isn't it hard for her to find some pictures . Change the angle , What's wrong with your content , Good pictures, plus points !

  3、 Update regularly

  Don't be on the 15th day of the first day of junior high school , Not even updating one for a few months . The author used to be the best negative . That year 2013 year 5 Yang Honglin built the official account on the road. , Unclear positioning , operating 5 year ,1000 No fans , The article was only published after three or five months . I have this one now , Strive for one article a week , Half a month to go , Less than three months , from 0 broken 1000, at present 2000 fans + Of course, it's not as big as hundreds of millions , Why do I compare with it . That's the magic of renewal . So you can make a day for yourself , Zhou Geng , Don't set the date , Don't do one more article a year .

  One more sentence , You just have to write something valuable , People naturally care about you , I'll give you a compliment ! You may ask , I'm from a company , I give it to the company , Do you need to be so attentive ? I just want to say , In its place the interest of his , To be dedicated to your work is to be responsible for yourself . And even if there's no one to watch in the early days , Hold on to a certain time , Naturally, someone came to see it , The official account is so. , This is the case with Baijia .

  4、 Articles are the same as professional fields

  Operation of Baijia , What is your position , What's best . Don't get angry when you see something . For example, one of these two friends contributed to me , I don't think it's relevant , Maybe not . Even if not many people watch it , You also need to know that your content is relevant . Just like this official account. , You'll never see me write about food , Bi Yi , I can't write it , The official account of eating. , Of course . There are specialized skills , Don't ask for too much ! You said I do mechanical , Can I send it , Or I write small programs , Certainly. , Remember that the areas of expertise must be consistent .

  5、 Increase interaction

  In fact, Baijia also has interaction , this , I didn't do well . My interaction has been done on the official account. , It's not very good either . such as , We used to leave messages , Or a lottery or something . But isn't operation the routine anyway , La Xin 、 Promoting activity ( Interaction )、 Retain 、 conversion . I'm doing this for me APP It's for operation .

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