Didn't you click? No traffic? It doesn't exist! Here are seven ways to boost the click through rate
Li Xuepeng 2021-02-23 10:01:29

Today's article is to talk about the problem that every business friend is very concerned about —— Click through rate .

as everyone knows , Click through rate is an important dimension for us e-commerce people , No click on where to transform . That's what it is , Click through rate is to show the popularity of the baby , If the popularity is high, the chance of being caught on the home page of Shoutao is even greater .

Want to increase the click through rate , We analyze the factors that affect the click through rate from multiple dimensions , To optimize these factors , Click and it will come naturally .

 No click ? No flow ? There is no the !7 Here are all the ways to boost the click through rate

The impact of titles on click through rates

The title is more relevant to the baby , This is conducive to the growth of click through rate , Otherwise the baby has a show, but the click can't keep up with , After a long time, there will be fewer and fewer clicks , Lower baby's weight .

Many business friends will worry about a problem when editing the title , Is it better for me to edit the title of my baby or copy the title of my peers , Let me answer for a friend who has such doubts , Edit the title yourself , You can learn from other people's headlines , But you can't copy it , Combine the attributes and keywords of your product to compose your title , It's also easier to get new product labels .

The reason is very simple , Your product just hit the shelves , There's no base weight , Even if you use a good title from your peers , They can't compete with each other , A lot of trouble , It doesn't work , I can't bring so many shows from my peers .

For a product just on the shelf , You must add in the title and write the right category words , Ensure the smoothness of the title , Don't use words that don't conform to the rules , Don't use special symbols .

Generalization map

First , The most intuitive factor affecting the click through rate is the promotion map . A good generalization graph can introduce a large amount of traffic . A good promotion map must be compared with the pictures of other stores , Refuse to be the same .

The same picture will make the consumer have visual fatigue , You don't want to know your baby at all ( It's the same picture anyway , The details will certainly not make a big difference ) This makes us lose part of our customers .

Don't be too personal , The promotion chart must be based on a standard acceptable to the public , Things that are too personalized are often less acceptable to the public , And the loss of customers , Too personalized map may get part of the pursuit of personalized crowd , But these people are definitely in the minority , Our pursuit must be the masses , Of course, I'm not talking about businesses that specialize in niche personalized products .

Promotion map page display activities to increase the attraction of goods to consumers , For consumers who need our product , The strength of the activity can often become the root of the order .

For more than one color style baby , For example, solid foundation T Come on , They can be more fully and comprehensively displayed to consumers , Let consumers have more choices , After all, not everyone likes black, white, gray and tricolor , There are still a lot of consumers who pursue more colorful colors .

 No click ? No flow ? There is no the !7 Here are all the ways to boost the click through rate

key word

The choice of key words is similar to the title , Have a strong correlation with the baby , The correlation here refers to the correlation with baby's attributes and categories .

The choice of words is mainly based on accurate long tail words , Let's start with the words , After the quality is divided up , Add big words and hot words , It's easier to control .

 No click ? No flow ? There is no the !7 Here are all the ways to boost the click through rate

Many business friends do not consciously optimize keywords , If you choose a word and pay a price, you just leave it there ,“ Stocking ” key word , First of all, this word is definitely not allowed , In the early stage of key optimization, we need to make adjustments at any time according to the feedback of data , Do more observation and adjustment , At the same time, control the delivery time, region and matching method .

Key words are about your traffic , What kind of keywords mean what kind of traffic can be attracted , As I said before, it has a strong correlation with baby , The stronger the correlation, the more accurate the matching ( Precise matching here includes precise crowd , Accurate label , Precise drainage ).

A wide selection of words , Because the weight of each word is different , Of course, the effect of drainage will not be the same , Choose words with high weight and quality , It is suggested that small words be widely matched , Big words match exactly , This makes it easier to rank and show .

Key words bid card

Many friends feel that the cost of bid card is very high , The feeling of standard category will be more obvious , But most businesses ignore one problem , Don't optimize the account base , Come straight up and bid on the card , But the account weight is very low , Even at a high price , To not be able to card to a very good position , Wasted click costs .

When bidding card, the account basis should be optimized , Poor foundation, low weight , The effect of the card is likely to be not optimistic .

Non standard category bid card , In the early stage, the card can be based on the average price of the industry , Slightly higher than the average price of the industry to bid on it , And then we're going to look at the adjustment .

The standard product first optimizes the account basis , And then bid decisively , Dare to bid , Put the key words in the front position , To get more opportunities , There's a show, there's a click , When you get more clicks , Accounts can also get quick access to data , According to the data feedback , To make adjustments .

1. Click on high conversion words , You can adjust it according to your own budget , Let words like this work to the full .

2. Click on the words with high conversion or low conversion , It is suggested that the bid should be lowered appropriately to see if we are making a decision .

3. Click on low to high words , Increase the bid appropriately to get more opportunities to show , Observe the transformation effect of this kind of words .

Launch area

It's not necessary to launch all regions in the early stage , Choose to launch , Place with high click through rate is OK , This can help the account weight up , In terms of data, high-quality data can be quickly accumulated .

 No click ? No flow ? There is no the !7 Here are all the ways to boost the click through rate

The delivery area can be gradually increased according to the gradual optimization of the account , The specific baby will determine whether there is a region that does not need to be launched , If there is , This kind of area can not be launched .

The baby with great seasonal influence can be selectively put in only a few regions .

Many special cases, I will not give examples one by one here , Business friends can judge by themselves .

Control of daily limit

The previous daily limit can guarantee the basic click , The quality points can be divided quickly , There are no specific criteria , Set up according to your own situation .

When the budget of the day is limited ,ppc Very high , So we do this , Just go for a small increase in the number of hits , To rise from behind ppc After lowering , Increasing traffic .

My friends often tell me that I can't spend all my daily quota , This happens , It means you can't click on it , So the problem generally lies in the image and weight , A lot of words bid very high, but there's still no traffic, that's it .

When that happens , Make a new car map , The premium of accurate crowd is increased , Click up , As the number of clicks grows , Collection and purchase will follow .

After setting the daily quota, choose standard delivery instead of intelligent delivery , The intelligent delivery system will distribute the baby evenly in one day , This kind of data is not accurate , Fast test data according to their own situation to set the release .

It's better to show an increasing trend of daily limit when it's put in , It is helpful to improve the weight of the through train account .

Selling point Marketing

The selling point is what we use to attract the attention of consumers , A consumer who can be attracted shows that he has this consumption demand , It's a lot easier to have consumer demand , Just raise the consumer's desire to know more about the product , Show the selling points , Further bonus points for baby .

The selling point can be the price advantage , The advantages of sales and the features of the products , Many factors can be our selling points .

The display of product characteristics must be able to be understood by consumers , Consumers don't understand the selling points, what you do is useless in gorgeous , Because consumers get Not to the point you want to express .

What consumers can understand , What we care about is good selling point marketing .

The road of e-commerce is not crowded , Because there are not many people who insist .

Well, today's sharing is here , If you want to communicate and discuss, you can leave a message or pay more attention .

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