Huawei mobile phone is easy to use, but also divided into 369? Don't be greedy for small and cheap, there are tens of millions of attention!
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Despite the threat of sanctions , But Huawei is still high spirited , Domestic market share continues to crush other competitors . thus it can be seen , The masses of consumers still approve of Huawei mobile phones ! But on the other hand , When we buy Huawei mobile phones, we should not choose blindly , After all, the cost performance of some models is limited , It's not a good place to start . In haowujun's opinion , As long as you pay attention to the following points , It's not easy to step into the pit !

1. Pay attention to product line ,P/Mate Series is hard currency , Enjoy / Maimang series to avoid the pit !

 Huawei's mobile phones are easy to use ? Don't be greedy for small things , There are a few points to pay attention to !

Just like the major mobile phone brands , Huawei's products will vary according to their grades , Divided into several series . Generally speaking , The rank of Huawei mobile phones is :Mate series ≥P series >Nova series > Enjoy the collection > Maimang series . Many people say that Huawei mobile phones are very strong , But these compliments are often directed at Mate/P series . in other words , Only the high-end flagship is really “ Hard currency ”, Can be recognized by the industry and the majority of friends , And all the other models have to go to the back .

Although Huawei has a broad mass base , It's very popular with consumers , But don't forget , The label Huawei pursues is “ marvelous,gorgeous,splendid and posh ”, Market positioning is much higher than other domestic brands , Only the flagship aircraft can reflect Huawei's true technical level .Nova Although the series is not as good as Mate/P series , But it's also very popular , Enjoy / The cost performance of maimang series is generally low , The performance level is weak , The quality is average , Pollen doesn't have to waste emotion and money on them .

2. In the same series of models , Add / The top version is more cost-effective , The standard version is very general !

 Huawei's mobile phones are easy to use ? Don't be greedy for small things , There are a few points to pay attention to !

Even the same series of models , Often according to the level of configuration , Give it a priority . Although the standard version also has flagship strength , The price is not too high , But the performance level will eventually fall behind the plus version and top version of the model . Like Huawei P40 In the series ,P40 Although the price is low , But the comprehensive strength is far inferior to P40 Pro and P40 Pro+, There is a big gap between them . If you have a relatively large budget , Good things are more likely to be in place in one step , Otherwise, there will be a sense of loss .

Take Huawei as well P40 For example , The standard model is equipped with Kirin 990 processor , and Pro The version is the same , But other configurations are much worse ! P40 My screen refresh rate is just 60Hz, It's smaller , The camera module is of low specification , The battery capacity is just 3800 Ma , The power of the charger is less than 30W. and P40 Pro You have 120Hz Four curved screen , Added a movie lens and a periscope ultra sensitive telephoto lens , Battery capacity and charging speed have been greatly improved . It also belongs to Huawei P40 series , The plus version is much better than the standard version ! Such a contrast , Which one is more cost-effective ?

3. The processor model should be accurate , kirin 810 It's the pass line .

 Huawei's mobile phones are easy to use ? Don't be greedy for small things , There are a few points to pay attention to !

up to now , All Huawei mobile phones on sale will be equipped with hiss Kirin processors , And that's why , We need to sort out the performance of Kirin processors . There are three processors with flagship performance , They are Kirin 9000、 kirin 9000E Kirin 990. All mobile phones equipped with these three chips , The performance is very strong , Every one is very reliable , It's just that the premium is different .

In my opinion , kirin 810 Processor is the pass line of Huawei chip , If the processor performance of a certain model is not as good as that of Kirin 810, Then there's no need to try , Because it's doomed . kirin 810 yes 2019 The hottest midrange processor of the year , But now it's almost 2021 Years. , It's on the verge of retirement . And that's why , If we find that the processor chip specification of a Huawei mobile phone is lower than that of Kirin 810, That means its performance is very limited , Unable to meet the entertainment needs of users .

Huawei is connected with glory , Although there is a gap , But there's no big difference !

 Huawei's mobile phones are easy to use ? Don't be greedy for small things , There are a few points to pay attention to !

I just mentioned , The highest purchase value is Huawei's high-end flagship , But the threshold of these models is too high , Out of reach . under these circumstances , We might as well think more about the glory phone . Although Huawei and glory have “ Separation ”, But they are, after all, closely related , Whether it's product design style or hardware materials , It's basically synchronized , The gap is not as big as you think !

Like Huawei P40 Pro And glory 30 Pro, The former has higher hardware configuration , There is no doubt about that , But not much higher than the latter ! If the former can play 10 branch , Then the latter can fight 8 Points or 9 branch , However, the price difference between them has reached several thousand yuan . let me put it another way : It's the same-sex flagship , Will have a higher cost performance !

 Huawei's mobile phones are easy to use ? Don't be greedy for small things , There are a few points to pay attention to !

To make a long story short , Huawei mobile phones are easy to use , But you can't buy it with your eyes closed , To choose or to choose , There's no harm in shopping around . For Xiaobai consumers who don't know the hardware configuration , Master these tips , You can bypass most of the traps , It's easier to buy a good mobile phone that really suits you !
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