11 essential mobile office software
Yan Jiadong 2021-02-23 09:51:14
As an office worker , There must be these in the mobile phone APP.

Of course , Different industries , The use of software is also different .

【 Communication tools 】


This one has to be , Foreigners are also using , Communication will be more convenient .


Restricted , To turn the net , You can find an agent to download and install .

Many guests are used to this .

11 Mobile phone office essential software


Some of the guests are still using , Call or something , It's OK .

11 Mobile phone office essential software

Led the LinkedIn

Develop customer artifact , We've dug several high-quality customers on it .

11 Mobile phone office essential software

Futong world

According to your email client , Our company uses this .

Email follow up and development .

Ali sellers

Only for companies with Alibaba accounts .

【 Office tools 】


Just sign up for an account , Usually process the file to save to the network disk , Even without the computer , You can also check and edit on your mobile phone .

If you're willing to spend money , It's better to have a member , Big memory .

Watermark camera

Not particularly practical , But it's necessary .

Take a picture in a cabinet , Take pictures of the big goods , etc. , Watermark with time and place , It's more real .

Scan King Almighty /MINI SCANNER

Mobile scanning is more convenient , And it's the kind of scanning software that can edit images on its own .


Just bring it with you , It doesn't have to be high-end .

Baidu SkyDrive

This is more widely used , Pictures of the company's products , It is recommended to back up to your own network disk , Available at any time .

QRbot/QR code scanner

You can scan the barcode type APP, A lot of third party inspection , We have to test this . Or before mass production , It can be used to verify that it is correct .
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