What's the use of mastering excel?
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 Have a good command of Excel What's the usage? ?

Some time ago , I got a call from my cousin who was looking for a job : Why is it all the same on your resume “ Master Excel”, The company interviewed chose her classmate !

Under careful inquiry , It turns out that the interviewer focused on this point on his resume , Asked them the same question : Yours Excel How proficient can I be ?

My cousin answered “ Make tables and basic statistics ”, Her classmates said “ Meeting vlookup Function and pivot table , There's no problem making visual charts ”, And rattled out his own report to the interviewer .

No contrast, no harm , My cousin is right now “ Master Excel” Have a deep understanding of . At the beginning, this classmate took her as an elective Excel During the course , She thought that “Excel Just fill out a form , Do you need to go out of your way to learn ” And refused , In retrospect, I really regret the beginning !

Need to know , Do you really master Excel, It's not just a resume “ Master ” Just two words .

Excel It's one of the essential skills for job hunting , In fact, it has already become a common tool for study and work .

As a tool , The strength is that , Once you've mastered it , What you gain will far exceed the time and cost of study at that time .

Master Excel, How good it is ——

? On the job , Learn from good examples Excel It's like having an invincible weapon , It's easy to deal with the boss's individual needs , I'm afraid it won't be your turn to get a promotion and raise

? On the resume , Add luster , A sentence from someone else “ Master Excel”, You can write it down “ Have a good command of VLOOKUP、IF、FIND Such as function , Can use PivotTable for statistical analysis ......”

? Team work , Master the necessary skills in the workplace Excel, I don't ask for help in my work, but I can also help my colleagues , Workplace celebrities get√

? Facing a lot of complicated numbers , No longer have to stay up late and work overtime , Work efficiency has been improved , There will be more private time .

You bet , We are right. Excel No stranger , And we know how important it is , However ——

Most people think they know a few common functions 、 Shortcut keys for several operations , That's it 100% Of Excel, therefore , Few people can make good use of it .

Are you the same ?

▼ Others use Excel The formula “Alt+=” Statistics that can be done in a few seconds , You're still counting by the calculator ;

 Have a good command of Excel What's the usage? ?

▼ Others take advantage of it “VLOOKUP function ” Quickly found the target data , You're still busy typing ;

 Have a good command of Excel What's the usage? ?

▼ It took a lot of time in the end , Other people use PivotCharts to make charts that are intuitive and concise , Your chart is not only simple , There are many mistakes and omissions .

 Have a good command of Excel What's the usage? ?

“Excel” The word" , Itself is “ be better than 、 Is better than ” It means .

And as a Office It's one of the three office tools ,Excel It's much stronger than you think . It's not just a tool for processing data , Still able to Building data thinking tools .

Understand that , To make Excel It's really for you .

Every quilt Excel People who have been tortured , We all know the importance of it , But we have to face a lot of complicated functions , Even if I bought a pile of thick technical instructions , I don't know where to start ? Can't remember Excel Operation method , One ring for one ring of data , The results calculated by the wrong way are very different , Mistakes and omissions ?

Master Excel It's not hard , It's not too late to act .

Today I would like to introduce you to such a friend , He told the Excel like the palm of one 's own hand , The level of proficiency in operation can be said to be in a state of perfection .

He is Microsoft. MOS Certified Professional , Have 4 year +Excel Training experience ,24 financial Excel Founder of the studio —— Mr. Chen Shijie

?? Microsoft Office Specialist(MOS) It is called in Chinese “ Microsoft office software international certification ”, Microsoft is recognized by the world Office International professional certification of software , Global presence 168 National and regional recognition .

 Have a good command of Excel What's the usage? ?

?? As 24 financial Excel Founder of the studio , Have 4 year + Experience in offline training , Teach students the most useful Excel Practical skills .

 Have a good command of Excel What's the usage? ?

today , Lecturer Chen Shijie came to litchi micro class , From the most basic input data to data visualization , take Excel The essence of technology teaches you. , Help you improve your data processing capabilities , Improve work efficiency , Cultivate data thinking .

 Have a good command of Excel What's the usage? ?

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 Have a good command of Excel What's the usage? ?

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 Have a good command of Excel What's the usage? ?

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 Have a good command of Excel What's the usage? ?

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 Have a good command of Excel What's the usage? ?

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 Have a good command of Excel What's the usage? ?

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