What are the ways to get website traffic?
Internet promoter 2021-02-23 09:30:57
The proportion of different traffic sources reflects the different management strategies of website owners and the development stage of the website . that , What are the sources of website traffic ? Next, spider pool blog editor will analyze the three ways of website traffic sources with you , Let's see !

 What are the ways to get website traffic ?

1、 Direct access to sources

Search engine source and external chain source depend on external , So there's usually a lot of uncertainty , Such as search engine algorithm adjustment 、 Business model tuning 、 Strategy supervision, etc , This may make the website traffic from hundreds of thousands per day IP Down to thousands of . For small business stations , It's more economical to get traffic from search engines 、 Cheap options , But for small business sites , This is a good choice . For a growing enterprise , If too much traffic depends on search engines , It's easy to put the enterprise into huge and unpredictable risks . When websites grow , The usual way is to build and strengthen your own brand , Make direct traffic the majority , And the other two aspects are complementary to the traffic . The external source may also cause some or all of the previous external link construction failure due to the adjustment of the external website platform rules or the modification of the website and the change of the business strategy , This may result in a significant decrease in the traffic contribution of external links , This will have a significant impact on the operation of the website . therefore , The proportion of direct access traffic is a direct reflection of website operation strategy and stage . As a website operator , More reliance on search engines and external traffic in the early stages . With the development and maturity of the website , In order to be a healthy development strategy , The proportion of direct access has to be increased .

2、 Search engine sources

Search engine usually refers to the search traffic contributed by multiple search engines , Such as “ Baidu ”、“360”、“Sogou” and “Bing”, They are the largest share of the market . It includes paid traffic and free traffic , Usually refers to a tender 、 Online advertising, etc , And free traffic is through search engine optimization (SEO) Natural search traffic . Whether it's paid traffic or natural search traffic , The core is to use keywords to locate users , And then locate the drain . The former uses keywords 、 Creative copywriting and other more accurate user positioning operations , Minimize click costs , Improved input and output rate ; The latter is based on the mastery of search engine algorithms and the in-depth understanding of user needs , Set up a collection of search engines 、 Indexes 、 Ranking rules and user experience 、 Keyword layout 、 Inner chain layout 、 High quality content 、 Outside the chain layout 、 The site structure of traffic channel, etc .

3、 Source of external chain

Outside the chain generally refers to all other forums 、 Blog 、 Portal site 、 E-commerce website 、 Microblogging 、 WeChat 、QQ、APP And Baidu products , In addition to the main station , If Baidu knows 、 Baidu library pays 、 Free or reprint 、 Users actively spread 、 Text hyperlinks 、 Wrong text hyperlinks left by plain text links , Image links or other types of links . The wider the external connection , The greater the chance of transportation . meanwhile , The quality of external chain traffic is closely related to the quality of external chain and platform . for example , Links placed in soft articles widely reprinted on major websites are more authentic 、 More accurate , If the probability of random or wrong click is high , The retention rate of users is low , The jump rate is high , Garbage site outside the chain is higher . It's the low value of external traffic .

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