What if there is not enough vaccine? Canadian researchers want to delay the second injection
Quanzi 2021-02-23 08:25:44
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【 Global network reports The reporter Bian Zihao 】 According to the “ Russia today ”(RT)18 Reported Wednesday , Canadian researchers are calling for a delay in the second dose of Pfizer's new crown vaccine , The reason is that a single dose can already provide “ Short term protection ”, And delaying vaccination can get more people vaccinated .

The idea was published in an open letter in 17 Japanese 《 New England Journal of Medicine 》 On . The letter says :“ Given the current shortage of vaccines , Delaying the second dose is a matter of national security .”

 What if we don't have enough vaccine ? Canadian researchers want to recruit : Postpone the second injection

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As report goes , Canadian researchers, after reviewing Pfizer vaccine data, concluded that , Although the protective effect of two complete doses of neocrown vaccine is 94.8%, But single dose still has 92.6% The effect of , The difference between the two is almost negligible . therefore , They think that , The government should delay the second dose of the vaccine , This will get more people vaccinated . But the researchers also admit that , The dose of vaccination may affect the duration of immunization against the new coronavirus .

however , Pfizer doesn't seem to agree with the researchers' proposal . Reports said , Pfizer responded to this , Don't take this one dose reduction approach , Because the single dose method needs thorough evaluation and further research . Pfizer believes that , The plan of vaccination should be decided by the health department . However , The company believes that health authorities should monitor different vaccination programs , To make sure that the vaccine has the most protective effect .”

According to the global news network of Canada , Howard, the country's deputy chief public health officer ? New (Howard Njoo)18 Japanese name , Changing the approach to vaccination programs “ Under discussion ”. He said :“ Take a dose ( The vaccine ) Protect more people and give two doses to fewer people as planned , Where is the balance between these ?”

Reported , last year 12 Tony, the former British Prime Minister ? Blair once said , The original vaccination plan should be changed , To get more people vaccinated with the first dose of the new crown vaccine . Some scientists support this , Some people are antisymmetric “ Too risky ”, Lack of sufficient data support .

except “ Just one dose ” Out of the way , The U.S. vaccine and drug program “ Operation warp speed ” Montseff, the chief consultant of the company ? Slavi 1 month 3 Japan also put forward another method —— Still vaccinated twice , But half the dose each time . Slavy said at the time :“ We know , For the Modena vaccine , For the age of 18 To 55 People between the ages of two offer ( Inoculate ), Half a dose at a time , That means we can use the vaccine dose we have now , Achieving the goal of doubling the number of people immunized .”