Tiktok from 0 to cash in a new operational strategy
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Tiktok from 0 Is it really hard to cash in ? This year, 3 I joined the tiktok array in June. , The following is my tiktok. 9 I will share with you all the experience I have summed up in the past three months .

Tiktok is so hot. I don't need to introduce it. , But how to do tiktok? , How to operate well , It has become a hot topic in the operation circle this year , It is also the core operation platform in the operation field .

Various Internet Co tiktok array 、 Individuals are also joining the tiktok platform. 、 Even traditional industries 、MCN、 Stars and so on are all tiktok. , Let the flow of tremble tiktok burst into a burst point. .

Why all walks of life , Trembling is in tiktok. , Because the drainage of vibrato is tiktok. 、 Be quick 、 Big exposure and so on ; Why are so many people building teams , Personal investment to make tiktok short video , Because under the loud tiktok pool , Tiktok is really profitable if it is done well. .

 from 0 New tiktok strategy to cash in

Since the tiktok is short, video is profitable. , Tiktok can also meet your target on the platform. ( Such as drainage ) Tiktok, if you have no skills, , So far, it's really hard to do , In particular, individuals are prepared to cash in the area of tiktok. , First of all, there is no team , And then there's no money , Tiktok, is it difficult to do this? .

Actually, it's not difficult to do the tiktok operation. , Of course, if you have a team , If you have money to do it, maybe it will work faster , But what you need to know is , Tiktok tiktok gives us every opportunity to play in the flick. , It depends on whether you can hold it .

Tiktok tiktok, do you have a professional voice management team? , But your video tiktok is not measured by the algorithm. . Let me give you an example :

If you are a person who makes tiktok short videos , Shooting is your own business 、 In the later stage, it's myself 、 It's self-cultivation 、 The copywriter is himself 、 The script and so on are all made by ourselves , That kind of efficiency is definitely slower , But the advantage is that , Everything you do in it is up to you , You play it all by yourself .

If you are a team, you are making short tiktok videos. , There are photographers 、 There are editors in the later stage 、 How to operate the yanghao 、 The script has a director , It's faster , But your ultimate goal is the same , It's just that your videos are faster .

Let's finish this simple case comparison , It can be seen that , The only bad thing about individuals is that they are less efficient , But the final effect of the video depends on the number you do in the process , Right , How is your skill . If you can't grasp tiktok's core skills of operation , Of no avail, the number of tiktok operations teams is too much. .

Actually, is it really not tiktok or watching the money to make short video? , If you have the skills , One mobile phone and one mobile card for each person , Tiktok can be made with high quality and cash flow.

 from 0 New tiktok strategy to cash in

Of course, there are many tiktok skills. , I will share all my operation skills for free today , Tiktok, of course, I'm doing the same thing with the same technique. , I hope my voice operation skills and tiktok. , Can help you . The following is the full text of dry goods , Please collect it if you can't finish it ~~~

For today's topic , Let's start with an outline , Convenient for you to browse dry goods faster , Quickly find the right part for yourself .

01 Preparing for the start of the trembling account tiktok , Be short of one cannot

02 Tiktok algorithm 、 Recommendation mechanism

03 Detailed strategies and precautions for the number maintenance

04 Tiktok operation common sense link

05 Tiktok is a practical tool to use.

06 The most common problems in the process of making a number

good , We're in the dry goods phase , Dry goods long text warning , I can't finish the collection I don't remember , I have time to watch ~

One 、 Preparing for the start of the trembling account tiktok , Be short of one cannot

Whether it's a personal number or a team before it's done , We all need to be ready to start , Preparations for the tiktok short video before the start are respectively :

① mobile phone : If you say personal number, you'd better prepare a new mobile phone , It's not too expensive , such as : millet 、 Huawei and so on are OK . Why not use your own mobile phone . First, mobile phone can be used tiktok without being registered. , If it is registered, it is not recommended , Tiktok didn't follow the rules before. , It's very likely that the label is confusing , Positioning is not vertical

And then , The old mobile phone has registered tiktok. , Mobile phone tiktok on your phone. , It can be used to search for material , Because your new mobile phone is the new tiktok. , For the later positioning , It is not recommended to search with a new number directly , It's more convenient to search with the old number

It's understandable , The new number of the new mobile phone should be done according to the rules , The old number of the old mobile phone is used to find material .

② Mobile phone card : I personally suggest mobile phone cards tiktok. , Tiktok is directly purchased in the jitter. . Of course, you can also choose , For example, Unicom 、 telecom 、 You can move . As long as the flow is enough , Estimated monthly 40 individual g about

③ Mobile phone holder : If this is a team number, you don't need to look at it , If it is a personal number, I suggest you buy a mobile phone triangle bracket , It's not very expensive to buy online , It is effective for shooting and recording video in the future , Play a stabilizing role , But you can not consider buying in the early stage

④ Time : After the above hardware facilities are ready , We need to prepare ourselves . Why is this one , Let's give a simple example :

If you are very busy from Monday to Friday , Only Saturday and Sunday , Combined with your time difference, what kind of number is suitable for you ; If you are early 9 On the evening of 5 If you go to work normally, combined with your time difference, what kind of number is suitable for you .

There is a difference , And there are many reasons , Like shooting time 、 Editing time and so on , This is based on personal situation , Here I suggest that every day at least 1-2 Tiktok

⑤ location : Location is before making tiktok. , The key link , This positioning is critical , Positioning is the first step to do the tiktok. , It's the most important step , Let's just choose it in one step . If you have positioning, that's better , Just choose . If you say it's difficult to choose the location

Then I give it to people who don't know how to better position themselves 3 A direction , I hope I can help you , Of course, it's better if you have your own positioning

Positioning suggestions 1: Choose your own field of expertise or your own professional field , For example, you do programming , It's programmers , But you want to do the tiktok. , Then if you don't have a special positioning, you can do this programming dry goods sharing

Why , First of all, you do programming dry goods sharing, you are professional , You know better what to share every day , And you will have material to share for a long time , There will be no interruptions or worries about finding material

Positioning suggestions 2: Choose your own areas of interest for positioning , For example, you like to record life stories in your spare time , Then you can make one vlog This type of account , This is very conducive to better output content , Because you're interested , It's something you like , In that case, it will be easier for you to start

And it's because you're interested , You will be more specialized in doing it

Positioning suggestions 3: If neither of the above is occupied , I suggest making a picture and text number or a music number , This number belongs to the public domain account , It's easy to get started and everyone likes it , For example, few people don't like music , Even if I don't like music , Then you do film and television , In a word, it's OK to find a public domain division

 from 0 New tiktok strategy to cash in

Two 、 Tiktok algorithm 、 Recommendation mechanism

Platform rules , Algorithm , Recommendation mechanism and other issues need to be possessed and understood before a platform is built , No matter what field platform you are going to build , We should first investigate these basic situations , Today we'll tiktok and recommend the mechanism.

① Tiktok algorithm

 from 0 New tiktok strategy to cash in

The above is a picture , Tiktok, I will give you more detailed answers to what is the algorithm for shaking. ? In fact, the algorithm of shaking is very tiktok.

The algorithm of shaking is actually based on the feedback of traffic and the tiktok of various indicators. , According to the praise , Comment on , forward , After the broadcast and other indicators to recommend . Tiktok is uploading a video. , I will push this video to some people first , If the feedback from these users is very good ( give the thumbs-up , Comment on , forward ) And other indicators will be reached into a larger flow pool

Tiktok is actually the algorithm of shaking. , It's more colloquial , You upload a video , Tiktok will push the video to the first wave of people. , If this wave of people feel good after watching the video , Then this wave of users will have behavior , It'll be over 、 give the thumbs-up 、 Comment on 、 Forwarding, etc , This shows that the video is good , Tiktok will be recommended to more people. , If the effect is good , Users are generating behavior , It will be recommended to more people .

Tiktok tiktok is the best way to complete the jitter check. 5 Indicators , In other words, whether the video is hot or not is a measure of this 5 Indicators

How can we better promote praise : There are two main reasons why I can give you video like :

The first is that the content is really good , Will get the user's approval ; And then there's the value of content , Like collection for future use , Illustrate with examples :

For example, do you have a food account , Want to better promote praise , How to make users feel that your video is valuable , Then you must show dry goods in the process of sharing and cooking , You could say that : Today this “ Spicy chicken ” Have you learned ? Learn to like collection , It's convenient to show off at home in the new year . You'll feel it when you say that , That makes a lot of sense , I'll give you a compliment

How can we better promote comments : There are two main reasons for giving you comments :

The first is that the content has slots , It's worth your comment ; And then the content resonates , We feel that the content of the video is just talking about ourselves

For example, you are an emotional account , Want to promote comments , Let users feel the slot or value of the video , For example, you can say this in the video : Here, I have two suggestions for Beipiao people , Or try to be an executive , Or go home early , Do you think so ?

Then this sentence is easy to promote comments . Because there are too many people in Beipiao , They all have their own opinions and feelings on this , For example, I think Beipiao is just for a better life

How can we better promote the end of the broadcast : There are three main ways to watch a whole video

First of all, the content is particularly attractive at the beginning , Leave a suspense , Users want to see the results ; Then there is the value of video , I want to see it after watching it ; Moreover, the content is questionable , It didn't make the user understand

For example, you are still a food account , Want users to promote the end of the broadcast , You can say that in the video : There are a lot of precautions in this dish , If you want the best dish , Be sure to watch the details in the video carefully , I didn't follow the video tutorial , The taste will change .

Will the user watch your video after watching this , It's even good

How can better promote forwarding : Most of the videos that users can forward are valuable and positive energy types

First of all, you want to let your users watch your video and forward it , Then your video must have value or positive energy

For example, you do programming dry goods sharing account , Then you have to highlight a lot of dry goods in your video , Let your users see it and find it's real dry goods , It can produce value to yourself and others , That video is conducive to forwarding . If I do this programming dry goods sharing account , I'll say a word at the end of each video : It's said that programmers change the world , Then you've made a contribution to changing the world

How can we better promote attention : There's only one reason to follow your fans , That's positioning

Why is it so crucial to raise the number ? If there is a mistake in the process of raising your number , Abnormal positioning , Label does not match , This kind of situation is recommended to some users in the mass field , Not vertical users , Will users still pay attention to you ?

Actually, it's very simple to let users pay attention to you , As long as the number is correct , Correct positioning , Your content matches your positioning , The rest is to polish the video content , The powder will rise quickly

② Recommendation mechanism

 from 0 New tiktok strategy to cash in

The above picture is the flow pool link in the tiktok push video process. , You can collect them , At any time to see their own video to which level

 from 0 New tiktok strategy to cash in

3、 ... and 、 Detailed strategies and precautions for the number maintenance

Let's talk about before the dry goods of yanghao , Let me first explain why we need to raise the number ?

When you register a tiktok , No content , No video , Send video directly without a maintenance number , Who do you think your tiktok will push your video to? , Because you didn't have user behavior before , You send the video directly . So understand !

For example, at this time you do clothing account , So you don't have a number , Tiktok will not know you are a clothing account. , When you release a video, you will try to push your video to the people around you and tiktok.

At that time, the crowd pushing is all in the public domain , At that time, the feedback of this group of users is certainly not as good as that of users in the vertical field , Then your video is difficult to achieve several indicators of the algorithm , So it's hard to continue to recommend to more people

If you have a number , Positioning and labeling , So when you send the video , Tiktok will know that your content belongs to the clothing area. , Then it will be pushed to the people in the field of clothing , If your content is high quality , At this time, people who like clothing will make user response , For example, like 、 Attention, etc . Then your video will go into a larger flow pool

Explain in the simplest sentence : Raise the number is to improve the weight , Correct positioning , There are attribute tags that belong to you . Next, I will explain my ways to raise the number and the matters needing attention during the period of raising the number .

① Increase account activity , Tiktok time per day 70 Minutes or more

② The most important purpose of maintenance number is to locate the account label

③ After positioning the label , Tiktok push more precise

④ How to keep a good account , Operation process of number keeping equipment

⑤4G Net registration , Do not fill in the account information to start maintenance

⑥ In the process of raising the number , Try not to connect to the wireless network ( My family is OK )

⑦ Keep the vibrato of the tiktok at any time. , It has the effect of positioning change , For example, swipe videos while eating , When traveling

⑧ One card, one machine, one number , Do not change device login

⑨ No, 1 Before ten thousand fans , Don't let others search your number , It will reduce the weight , It's also possible to get rid of your number

⑩ A wireless network should not exceed 5 device

Log in with your real name mobile phone number , Second, third-party accounts , For example, Weibo , Today's headline .

Search for video of this type in the tiktok according to what you want to send. , give the thumbs-up 、 Comment on 、 forward .

The first video was played in 500 The above breeding number is basically completed .

 from 0 New tiktok strategy to cash in

Four 、 Tiktok operation common sense link

① Qualification requirements for short video with tiktok pairs

What's on the horizontal screen 16:9, What's on the vertical screen 9:16

② Tiktok latest banned words / Word list

 from 0 New tiktok strategy to cash in

These are just some of the latest violations , In order not to delay the following time to see dry goods , Latest forbidden words / Word list I've summarized a table for you , Please ask me if you need

③ The skill of putting in

Tiktok is actually a step in step to shake the voice. , Paid promotion tool . Then how to put it in ? There are two points :

First of all, after a video is released, if 6 Within hours 1000-1500 The amount of play can be added , In this way, it will play a push effect after the launch

And then another point is that after the release of the video, the 6 In hours or so , The video is a little bit explosive , For example, tens of thousands of views , At this time, if you put in shake and will directly play the effect of brocade decals

Video is the most suitable data for adding : Video duration in 15 second -30 Seconds ago ; Like rate reached :5.0%; Conversion rate reaches 1%; Comment rate reached 1% As long as 6 The above data indicators are met within 24 hours , You can put it in with a shake

④ Tiktok release time

Release time : morning 7 spot -9 spot , At noon, 11 spot -13 spot , evening 18 spot -20 spot . Generally speaking, individuals take this as their starting point 3 Time to post video

⑤ Common types of tiktok

video + subtitle ; The real person appeared + subtitle ; picture + subtitle

⑥ Some rules and requirements

For example, how to open a window 、 Open a live 、 Set up shop 、 Video rights and other issues directly to shake the sound tiktok. , What is what is done in the jitter tiktok? .

 from 0 New tiktok strategy to cash in

5、 ... and 、 Tiktok is a practical tool to use.

① Hardware

mobile phone 、 Mobile phone card 、 Triangle bracket 、 stabilizer 、 sound recording 、 I don't recommend buying a camera in the early stage

If you do it personally, it's recommended that you take high-definition camera on your mobile phone

Team, because there are professional photographers , It is recommended to consider buying cameras

② Editing class

Computer terminal :pr( Emphasis on editing )AE( Focus on special effects ) Novices can't learn slowly , Not too anxious / Quick editing ( Starting with a simple )

Mobile : Novice entry level ( Cat shadow ) The canvas background (lnShot) Film narration and Soundtrack (WlDE) Steam drum subtitle , Variety effects ( Small shadow ) Dynamic sticker 、 subtitle (VLLO) Beautify your face ( Butter camera )vlog Originator (VUE) Audio 、 Subtitle extraction ( Quick editing ) Film filter texture ( Flash ) Mobile phone terminal pr and Ae/ Apple system only (Videoleap)

There are still a lot of it , Quick pictures and so on . Use it as you like . Personal comprehensive suggestions , Use clip

③ Chinese version material library

Tencent video 、 Iqiyi 、 youku 、 High score movie website 、 Gone with the wind movie 、 Bili, Bili 、 Look at the house 、 20 cinema 、 Movie paradise 、 National Cinema

According to their own habits of the website , Just search directly

④ Foreign material library

Videezy, Photographer material sharing community :https://www.videezy.com/

Distill, HD free video material sharing platform :https://link.zhihu.com/?target=http%3A//www.wedistill.io

Mazwai, HD free video download platform :https://mazwai.com/

Monzoom, HD video background material download website :https://link.zhihu.com/?target=http%3A//footagecrate.com/

Footage Crate, Download website of creative video elements with channel :https://footagecrate.com/

The above text is convenient for you to browse and use directly , The following pictures are for your collection , It's the kind that can be used at any time

 from 0 New tiktok strategy to cash in

6、 ... and 、 The most common problems in the process of making a number

ask : Why can't I download my video locally ?

answer : Only one reason , Not enough playback , Only when the amount of play reaches one level can it be downloaded . Can't download 3 A little bit

① Protect original content , If the video just came out , He was transported, and he got angry , Then you have to complain , This tiktok will increase workload.

② If you post a bad video , It was downloaded as soon as it was sent , If the video gets spread , Tiktok watermark with back tone , That's not very friendly to the tiktok.

③ If you can download it as soon as you send it , Users will put the video on other platforms , This will reduce user activity , Because users can see your content on other platforms

ask : Why is the video recording clear , But tiktok is vague. ?

answer : Most of my friends upload videos , It's all done in other software , And then it's in the phone , Tiktok APP Direct upload and send , This is a normal link , But this is the reason why many people are confused

That is to solve the problem of video blur , I suggest you use the computer to upload , Then it won't be blurred .

 from 0 New tiktok strategy to cash in

ask : What is the specific format of the video ? What are the requirements ?

answer : To sum up , Video requirements

video 9:16、 Bit rate :9000-15000、 Frame rate 24-25

This was all tested before , We can use it directly when we make videos

ask : Tiktok releases the first video or the front. 5 Why is the volume of a video so low ?

answer : Tiktok 5 It's a video that's important. We all know it , But tiktok before 5 There are three reasons for low video playback

① The video is too long , Because you are the new number , The first few videos are long, which is not conducive to recommendation

② There is a problem with the number keeping procedure , The label was not raised , Incorrect account location , Reduced recommendation

③ There's nothing to watch in the video , The copy doesn't match , Does the music match , Several indicators that cause tiktok to be completed.

ask : The video was cut off suddenly how to return a responsibility ?

answer : If you usually play hundreds of thousands of videos , All of a sudden, there are hundreds or dozens of plays for several consecutive days , At this time, you should check the following points :

① Are there any illegal words , Because some people are still taking some outdated illegal words , But I don't know there are many new illegal words . If there's a violation , Which video is illegal , Which video is blocked

② Is there a brushing process , It's easy to limit the current if you brush it

③ Is there any change in content , For example, you used to do it vlog Content , All of a sudden today you send a delicious food account , It's easy to get confused , Not good for recommendation

④ Check the comments on the day of the work 、 Leaving a message. 、 Is private letter suspected of violation 、 Sensitive words appear ?

⑤ View recent works , Which video does it start from? The playback volume is extremely low ? This video data analysis

ask : Is it OK to change fields suddenly ?

answer : If I suggest it, I don't suggest changing fields halfway , If you want to do other fields, you can choose to open an account , If you have to change it, it's not impossible ,3 A response

① If you change fields directly, you should change them slowly , That is to say, don't do it directly and rigidly

② In the process of changing, it's better to block your previous video content slowly

③ Change in the process of normal to raise the number , Same as before

ask : Tiktok before you register a voice. , Play for yourself , Now if you want to do it seriously, can you still do it ?

answer : The old one is definitely not positioned vertically , The labels are messy , But this number can do it , As long as the method is right , The weight will be higher , For the research of laohao, I give some suggestions 3 A suggestion

① The old man went to raise normally , But it will last longer , Suggested 7-10 God

② Gradually delete or block the previously blind video

③ The video that likes before and those who follow also gradually take pass

Because there are tiktok problems in the process of shaking. , The above questions are the most frequently asked , What confusion or problems do you have tiktok? , You can comment on it directly , I will solve your problems when I see them