Tiktok Kwai, how can you plot the short video script?
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Tiktok Kwai, how can you write short video script quickly? ? With the continuous improvement and popularization of high technology , People's entertainment has gradually changed from outdoor entertainment to mobile entertainment 、 Electronic entertainment , And well quickly , As a powerful software on we media short video platform , It has become the object that many young people use to dispel boredom after having enough time and food . And a lot of people , While watching , There may be such a question : Can I try to shoot myself ?

The answer, of course, is yes . But , It's impossible to rush around like a headless fly without any preparation , Want to write a good play , The most important thing is to master a few skills , Understand the skills carefully , It's better than just writing 90000 by yourself . So next , I'll take the positive energy script as an example , Tell you how to write Kwai short short video script. . official account ” Script creation factory “ There are tens of thousands of short video scripts to watch .

 Tiktok Kwai, how to plot short video script? ?

1、 First determine the type of video you want to shoot . Unlimited type , But here we can also provide you with a few relatively easy popular types :( Kwai is more common in fast hands. )

① Sucking dogs, sucking cats, sucking pets ;

② Eat and broadcast ;

③ Sitcoms with jokes ;

④ Sharing steps of cooking , Food and so on .

In fact, there are many such kinds , But no matter what the script is , The first step is to establish a general theme and direction . in addition , There is another point that we need to ponder , That's the script , Is there a market in Kwai Fu? , Does it have a certain audience ? Although you can have your own ideas and ideas , But after all, the script was written , Video out , It's just for the audience , therefore , In fact, the market and audience of software , In fact, it largely determines the direction you have to write , To conceive .

2、 Draw up an eye-catching title and copy . A short video doesn't last long , How to catch the audience's attention in the shortest time , Don't give him a chance to go down , This is crucial . Also pay attention to the length of the copy , It's a short video, after all , You can't set the copy too cumbersome , Let people see for a long time do not understand what you want to express the connotation and plot . If it's a positive energy video , Then we should try not to name ourselves in the direction of decadence and blackening , More should be positive 、 dynamic .

3、 Content . Content is the most important big guy in the whole play , In order to get the official attention in many videos , It's about making videos that stand out and have positive energy , such as , Put some ordinary love segments , Injected with exaggerated dramatic elements , Expand into a complete story , This will make a deeper impression on people , Enhanced observability . Of course , It can also give the script a turning point , Let the story develop beyond the audience's expectation , In an unexpected place to give people an unexpected surprise and impact , It's interesting , Keep looking down , And I like it for you .

in summary , It's not hard to write a good play , The key is to master the skills , Have you mastered the essence , Last , There's also a crucial point , Namely : The most taboo is high vision and low hand , Just shot one or two , Not reaching the ideal million heat , They start to abandon themselves , This is not desirable , Everything has a process , If you want to come up, you should lead the market , lead , This is basically impossible , therefore , We should be modest and progressive , In the process of accumulation, it changes slowly , Learn slowly with a good attitude , This is the best .

 Tiktok Kwai, how to plot short video script? ?

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