Kwai and tiktok are different.
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writing / Gao Xiao Qian

This is the Kwai Fu's emphasis on communication with the media. , And tiktok has launched products similar to those of jitter. , It's also called because it's easy to imitate , The barriers are not high . In that case , Why do Kwai tiktok not directly introduce a class of jitter products? , To encircle, intercept and make up for the lack in the first and second tier cities ?

A close informed Kwai once told 36 krypton ,“ The Kwai had had such a plan. , But gave up . Because others have done well , There's no need to talk to Tencent 、 Baidu these giants to compete ”.

But Kwai Fu or re - making the product matrix plan is on the agenda. .

In recent days, , Hangzhou Youqu Network Co., Ltd App Store There are two videos online App: Information short video “ Cosmic video ”; And short videos like vibrato and tiktok with every video. “Uget”. Although the two videos are different from Kwai's location. , But the company is closely related to the two founders of Kwai Chung. . It can be seen from the equity relationship found in qixinbao , The shareholders of Youqu are Suhua and Peng Xiaochun .

 Tiktok and Kwai “ Dissimilarity ”

Well quickly +Uget+ Cosmic video , Kwai Tai counterattacked the headlines in the same way.

take Uget Come on , It's a coincidence that , The original version was updated a month ago . At the time , The tiktok has announced the breakthrough of domestic mobile users. 3 Billion , Global monthly user breakthrough 5 Billion . Do not rule out , The product is Kwai tiktok surpassed. , Defensive products launched .

Uget The interface design is almost tiktok. , It's just that individual modules have different permutations , At the same time, it also strengthens the application of recommendation algorithm in the home page . And the biggest difference , It may be that Uget Claim to be “ Interest in learning planet with its own strength and aura ”, Reflect on App There is a tutorial in 、get Skills and other modules . Tiktok increases social genes by adding attention. , however Uget I plan to build a community through my fellow citizens . The video on tiktok has been described as a performance. , and Uget It seems that they are deconstructing and fighting back through their own strength , Thus, it is called the “ Tiktok curve wrecker ”. And this is also ,Uget Tiktok products compared to the difference .

 Tiktok and Kwai “ Dissimilarity ”

1、3 by Uget,2 Tiktok

Another product space video , It covers technology 、 knowledge 、 entertainment 、 life 、 Social and other fields , It also introduces “ Microfilms ”、“ China one day ”、“ happy TV” etc. 11 A column . From the perspective of content attributes , Similar to watermelon video , I may leave in the future PGC The pattern of . However, the way of video display is quite different , The former focuses on vertical short video , The latter has a horizontal version of short video 、 Vertical version of small video and live .

 Tiktok and Kwai “ Dissimilarity ”

Space video on the left , On the right is watermelon video

From this view , Today's Kwai is constantly enriching its short video matrix. , The volcano that Kwai has fallen to the three or four city is still a small video of volcanoes. ,Uget Tiktok can be arranged like a second tier city. , The universe video can be arranged like watermelon video PGC Content . But it's worth thinking about , The headline was a short video puzzle , Tiktok is also pushing the way to achieve Kwai Yue's surpass. . And Kwai, in turn, defends short video matrix. , But what about the results ?

The Kwai surpassed tiktok begins to set up the Bureau. , Competition makes it easier “ Dissimilarity ” Did you? ?

The person familiar with the matter also told us 36 krypton , Previous regulation has affected Kwai Chung's large-scale commercialization. . And really affect Kwai's development strategy and product values. , Maybe the competitor's tiktok. . Even Tencent as an investor , It may or may not be possible .

Seven years' Kwai Fu , Already owned 7 Million registered users . The media has reported many times , The Kwai is already preparing for listing. . What I didn't expect was , after 2018 Development in the first half of the year , The whole industry structure of short video has been reversed . Quivering tiktok , In this year 6 Month of the month , Announce Lunar New Year 3 Billion , Diurnal activity 1.5 Billion , And Kwai's Day activities have been lingering. 1.3 Million or so . It means , Tiktok exceeded the Kwai Fu. , And it is widening the gap .

Such a big change , I wonder if I ever touched Kwai CEO SuHua , And his values . And the recent changes in Kwai Fu , It seems to be showing that .

Suhua took part at the end of last year “WISE2017 New business conference ” It means , The core of Kwai is record. , But because the quick tonality is Kwai Hui. , So it's different from other short video platforms , Kwai did not make use of stars. 、 Wanghong creates fashionable temperament everywhere in China .

Also last year , Su Hua was interviewed by editor in chief Li Xiang , Share some of the values that have been born since the birth of Kwai Chung. :“ We want the content to be as natural as possible , It doesn't stimulate users to publish content . We don't particularly encourage it , Send it if you want , No hair if you don't want to . No Kwai do list. , There is no hot list 、 Hot topics list 、 Hot event list .”

 Tiktok and Kwai “ Dissimilarity ”

He also stressed in particular ,“ We need to do it technically , It was finished in two hours . We don't do , It's not impossible , It's also because of our values . and , Except in very few cases , I will not allow Kwai to send it. .”

But in the face of competition , The Kwai is also making concessions. .7 month 28 Japan , The Kwai Chuan was launched. MCN plan ;8 month 13 Japan , The Kwai has been on line with the hot search and the window function. . Just MCN In terms of plan , Kwai Fu, then reply 36 Krypton scale ,“ And MCN The relationship between institutions is cooperative , It's not a contractual relationship , The purpose is to hope for systematic development MCN Services provided by institutions .”

For the problem of whether there will be flow tilt , Kwai Fu also said ,“ And MCN Cooperation with other institutions , The core is to provide service and guidance , No financial subsidy is involved , It also does not involve manual recommendation support .MCN The account number under the organization is the same as that of ordinary users , All need to rely on high-quality content to get exposure , It is equal to ordinary users in recommendation algorithm . to MCN Institutions provide equal user services , This is not in conflict with Kwai Hui's values. .”

Although a person familiar with the matter told us 36 krypton ,“ Kwai's bottom values and directions will not change. , Will still adhere to the principle of average distribution of traffic .” But Kwai is different than before. . after 《 Finance and economics, 》 I also learned that , Kwai is building a content operation team. .

in addition , The Kwai is also making up its own product matrix capability. , The introduction of two short videos is not the style of Kwai Fu. . however , The Kwai do has already tried. . not long ago , The fast hand has been on the Kwai tin community. ; This year, 6 month 5 Japan , The Kwai has finished. A The acquisition of the station ;2 It's coming online quietly PC Live game platform ; and 1 Month launched Kwai Xiao games App( Now it's renamed “ Kwai Fu electric pill ”) use 3 I did it in six months MAU 2000 ten thousand .

Tiktok development , Also let Tencent quite anxious , It's not enough to invest Kwai soon. , Resurrected micro vision , Also launched a meal video 、 Time video and quick Watch Video . Other giants are not taking it lightly , Baidu launched nani Small video 、 Nice video 、 Ali launched current video , Micro blog launched a small video of love …… In the face of short video craze , In addition to keeping up with Fengkou , Competition will also make us more focused , Find your own differentiation advantage .

But at the end of the day , You're betting on the possibility of video socializing and the next generation of social products —— Is it a short video . Because from blog to microblog to wechat , Who will be the next generation of social products , This is what the giants really care about .

But will the pattern of short video change ?