What is mobile search engine optimization? How to do it well?
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Abstract : Mobile search , As the name suggests, it's a search performed on a mobile phone , Mobile search engine optimization is to do keyword search ranking optimization on the mobile phone . Today's mobile search engine optimization is not just about ranking mobile stations , What's more, it's also related to PC Website ranking is closely related to , When a website PC If the adaptation between mobile terminal and mobile terminal is reasonable , At least give PC Website ranking plus 10 branch .

What is mobile search engine optimization

 What is mobile search engine optimization ? How to do a good job of mobile search engine optimization ?

Just as Google has recently SEO PowerSuite Data display of mobile friendly website mentioned in Package Software Guide , Now? 50% More and more network traffic appears on the mobile network . Compared with any time before , All your mobile sites need to be in content 、 Search ability and other aspects are the same as desktop websites . Besides , Having a mobile friendly website can improve your ranking in search .

What is mobile search ?

Mobile search , As the name suggests, it's a search performed on a mobile phone , For example, using “ Palm Baidu ” Or use some other browsing tool , Internet information retrieval on mobile phones .

About the ranking rules ?

In mobile presentation , Search engines advocate mobile resources , exclude PC page , So in the same situation , Mobile site ranking will be higher .

About the construction format ?

Construction format ,URL It is recommended to use : Suggest using m.x.com This subdomain format , Instead of using a site in the form of a directory . Second, please use :H5 Build the station .

For content requirements ?

Try to keep PC Data synchronization between mobile terminal and mobile terminal , One to one correspondence , Mobile search will PC Search results are adapted to mobile search . There's no need to worry about the repetition of the content , Whether the search engine will give the right to reduce , For mobile pages ,spider I think it's just PC It's just a mapping of the end , Will move the page to judge .

In short , An excellent site , Build corresponding mobile mapping , It's indispensable right now , And as opposed to some in PC End do not like the site in terms of , It may not be an opportunity .

Mobile search engine optimization ideas :

 What is mobile search engine optimization ? How to do a good job of mobile search engine optimization ?

PC And mobile URL Corresponding

Because you used to have PC Website , So create a new website , Two websites directly use the same database , Or use as like as two peas , Such two websites URL It corresponds to ,PC Of URL Set auto jump to corresponding move URL On , When users open your website on their mobile phones , You can see the corresponding content , As for how to automatically identify PC Interact with mobile sites and jump , You can go to Feng Yaozong's blog to search for relevant keywords .

The main advantages of doing so are , The user opens it directly, whether it's a cell phone or PC You can see the corresponding content , The second is when users use their mobile phones to search your PC The website will automatically jump to the corresponding mobile site , So it won't be because the phone sees PC Website and lead to deformation .

Image delay loading and automatic image size adjustment

the reason being that PC Pictures of the website , And what we're actually seeing is cell phones , So it's easy to see the picture deformation or the picture is too big to cause the deformation of the website , At this time, we can use the technology of automatically adjusting the image size , Those who understand technology can do it well , It doesn't matter if you don't know the technology , Add the website to Baidu cloud to accelerate , Then open the image fast loading function in cloud acceleration , This function solves the problem of image delay loading and automatic adjustment of website image size . I've written an article about delayed loading of images before , You can also search my blog for reference .

This technology solves the problem of slow opening of mobile network speed , Mobile Internet is relatively PC Still slow , So this technology solves the problem of slow response for many mobile phone users , At the same time, I got a good experience in the pictures , Because of the deformation of mobile website pictures, I can't watch them , Do you think others will be able to see it .

Absolute address URL

Theoretically, there is no difference between absolute address and relative address , But if someone wants to reprint or copy your content , If you use relative address, others can't copy your link , And absolute address can solve this problem . Another is the weight of a website , If your space can't do it 301, Finally, the relative address weight is dispersed , Of course , At present, most of the space can use pseudo static , A few can't . But we still try to use absolute address .

Automatic jump

When the mobile phone enters the domain name directly , You can jump to the mobile website page , When PC When you enter the domain name directly , You can jump to PC page , This is the most basic user experience , After all PC It's not convenient to watch mobile websites , Mobile phone PC The website is not convenient , As for how to do , It's already said .


All said. , You can't do it without understanding the code SEO Optimization of the , The code of mobile website is relatively PC Simple , There is no complicated animation function , So the simpler the code, the better , Especially when the mobile Internet is not mature , In the future, mobile browsers may support more functions , But not at the moment , What we can do is that the simpler the code, the faster the website opens, the better . As for what to optimize , Watch for yourself Just simplify .

summary : Actually, I've written about mobile websites before SEO Optimize , Today, we will focus on the image optimization of mobile websites , Because most mobile website images are called PC Website , So the size and size of the picture are not specified , And it's very hard for a mobile phone to open such a picture .

Optimize mobile search results 10 Some suggestions :

 What is mobile search engine optimization ? How to do a good job of mobile search engine optimization ?

Method / step

1. Become a search psychologist

There is a big difference between a searcher entering keywords on a mobile device and a searcher searching on a desktop device . Mobile device searchers use shorter tail phrases .

In general , Searchers tend to rely on Google Auto fill to complete a search . When you optimize your website meta When labeling and expressing , It's also important to optimize these phrases .

2. Social first , Move the second

Mobile users prefer “ entertainment ”, On many occasions , They connect their social media networks through a variety of applications . When creating mobile web content , The content should be biased “ Entertainment ”, Social first , Move the second .

Because many smartphone users are inclined to their social networks , Every page of a mobile website should contain links to social media, etc , This will increase the exposure , Increase traffic , And it's easy to connect content across social networks .

The list below Macy How to show social first by guiding more visually appealing mobile website design , The concept of mobile second .

3. Identify where to go after mobile search

When optimizing mobile web pages , Make sure that the searchers and search engine robots UA To the same page . Don't make website search invalid due to negligence .

4. Website element size problem

Because mobile devices are basically touch screens , Clicking on a navigation link can be a headache . Optimize the navigation bar , It can make users pay attention to the most important and attractive part of a website .

Web developers can consider vertical menus , This makes it easy for users to control when they decide to click on that link . The following example shows Toys “R” Us How to optimize the effect of the mobile site through the vertical menu .

5. Developing mobile sites , Avoid just scaling down

A successful mobile strategy includes developing a website for mobile search design . This site should not just be a scaled down version of a desktop site , It's just for a smaller screen . It's better to reconfigure the website , And make the mobile version of the site to “m.yourdomain.com” On the subdomain name of the style .

Many high traffic websites and some websites with the standard of providing the best user experience have created their own mobile version websites to ensure that mobile users get the best user experience .

A good example of this is Twitter My mobile site :

6. Link location problem

Every web page with a good user experience should have a link to the desktop version of the site ( Make it clear that it's the desktop version ), In this way, users can have unrestricted access to the full content website .

example 1: American Express detected UA It's mobile browsing mode , In order to provide a good user experience , Show users their mobile reading mode . however , A connection will also be placed in the lower right corner of the website to enable users to switch the user agent to desktop site mode .

7. Don't ignore the click to dial function

Let users call you more directly through your mobile site . Every web page with a good mobile experience should contain such a function : Click on the number to make a call .GoDaddy.com That's a good way to do it .

8. Control the content

rich content ( It contains a lot of pictures and videos ) It's hard to load your mobile web pages . Reducing the size of the file can ensure the normal and effective access of the user's mobile device , At the same time, it can also bring better visual effects to this high sharing web page .

Effective display of rich mobile web content , The company that has no growth load time is Coca Cola :

9. Move APP VS Move WEB: The purpose is important

When the decision is to take application development or mobile web page , Remember the difference between the purpose of a user visiting a website and the purpose of using an app .

An application is a resource that users will use many times . An application can be a resource , It can also be a business tool , For example, through mobile banking APP Or visit the bank's mobile website to learn more about mortgage services .

Companies like Bank of America , Operate entirely through the user's trading base , So mobile applications are important . But for some companies , An application can't effectively meet their user or business needs .

10. Search engine crawler

Search engines understand that your mobile site is not a single copy of content , And bring adverse content to your brand's search ranking . Make sure the search engine crawler can grab the same mobile site as the user visiting , This avoids content issues and access barriers .

Understand the main reasons and purposes for users to use mobile devices . Studies have shown that , about 85% Most of our users use mobile devices for their time 、 Find some fun or entertainment reasons . Understanding these and then developing a mobile version of the web can bring maximum benefits .
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