Top 10 fastest fighters in the world
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Speed and agility are the decisive advantages of any form of air superiority . Here are the top ten fastest fighters in the world .

 Top 10 fastest fighters in the world

mig -31E Fighter in 2005 year MAKS At the air show .

NO.1 mig -31E fighter : Mach 2.83

mig -31E Fighters are Russian aircraft companies ' mig '(RAC“ mig ”) Production of MIG -31 The export model of the plane . Its maximum speed is 2.83 Mach , It can be at any height , Intercept and destroy targets by day and night . mig -31 Serving in the Russian and Kazakh air forces . It is the first series production aircraft equipped with airborne phased array radar in the world . This machine is equipped with 30 mm GSh-6-23M Built in guns ,R-33E long-range missile ,R-40TD1(AA-6'Acrid') Medium range missiles and R-60MK Short range air shot - Air missiles . mig -31E The range of is 3,000 km , An aerial refueling , The maximum range is 5400 km . Two sets of D-30F6 The engine , The takeoff thrust of each engine is 15,500kgf, So that it can fly at the highest airspeed at high altitude 3,000 km / Hours .

 Top 10 fastest fighters in the world

mig -25 The plane is made up of Tumansky R-15B-300 Turbojet engines provide power .

NO.2 mig -25 Foxbat:2.83 Mach

from Mikoyan-Gurevich OKB( Now is RAC' mig ') Production of MIG -25( NATO report name :Foxbat) Interceptors and reconnaissance aircraft currently have limited service in Russia and other countries . mig -25 Deliver to export customers , Including Algeria , Armenia , Syria , Bulgaria , India , The air forces in Iraq and Libya . This plane has two weapons AA-6 Acrid And two R-40T Air to air missiles make up . Integrate two Tumansky R-15B-300 The power unit of a turbojet engine provides 2.83 Mach's top speed . Each engine uses afterburner to produce 22,500lbf Thrust of .

 Top 10 fastest fighters in the world

Two frames F-15E The plane launched a pair of... During a training mission in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida AIM-7M.

NO.3 F-15E Attack the eagle :2.5 Mach

By Boeing defense , Built by space and security forces F-15E The attack Hawk is a multi role attack fighter , It's the backbone of the U.S. Air Force .Strike Eagles Working with overseas customers , Including Saudi Arabia , Singapore , The air forces of Israel and South Korea .F-15E The weapons carried are loaded with 20 Mm cannon , Joint direct attack ammunition (JDAM), Extended response of standoff attack missile (SLAM-ER),AIM-120 AMRAAM missile ,AIM-9X Rattlesnake air-to-air missiles and small diameter bombs . It can attack targets at low altitude in all weather conditions, day or night .F-15E By two P&W F100 Or two GE F110 Turbofan engines provide power , The rated thrust of each engine is 29,000lbf, Afterburning . When equipped with conformal fuel tank (CFT) And three tanks , The plane's Ferry voyage is 3,840 km .

 Top 10 fastest fighters in the world

Su-27SK The maximum speed of a multi-purpose fighter is 2.35 Mach .

NO.4 Sue -27SK:2.35 Mach

Sue -27SK The multi-purpose fighter was developed by Sukhoi Design Bureau -27( NATO report name : flanker ) The export model of the fighter . The maximum speed of the plane is 2.35 Mach .1991 In Komsomolsk-on-Amur And Irkutsk's production plant started mass production Su-27SK. Weapons include built-in GSh-301 30 Mm automatic gun ,6 individual R-27R1(R-27ER1) Medium range air - Air missiles , Two pieces R-27T1(R-27ET1) Medium range missile , Six RVV-AE Active radar guided missiles , Six R-73E Short range missiles , Cluster bombs and rockets . Two sets of AL-31F The thrust level of the engine is 12,500kgf, The flight speed at sea level is 1,400km / h. The maximum internal fuel capacity of the aircraft is 9,400 kg , Reach maximum flight distance at cruise altitude 3,530 km .

 Top 10 fastest fighters in the world

J-11 The fighter is a Russian Soviet made in China -27SK An improved version of a multi-purpose fighter .

NO.5 China J-11 fighter :2.35 Mach

J-11 It's a Russian Soviet made in China -27SK An improved version of a multi-purpose fighter . fighters 11 The Corps served in the air force of the people's Liberation Army (PLAAF). The local plane is flying at a speed of 2.35 Mach . Basics J-11 The aircraft is integrated with Russian made components , and J-11B The aircraft is equipped with avionics and weapon systems made in China . The weapon kit includes 30 Mm artillery , Air to air and air to surface missiles , Free fall cluster bombs and unguided rocket launchers . from Lyulka AL-31F or Woshan WS-10A Taihang turbofan engine consists of . Each engine produces a thrust of 123kN/132kN The afterburner .J-11 The maximum range of the ship is 3,530 km .

 Top 10 fastest fighters in the world

mig -23( NATO codename :Flogger) Sure 2.35 Mach speed flight .

NO.6 mig -23 Flogger:2.35 Mach

Flying at speeds of 2.35 Mach , Make MIG -23( NATO number :Flogger) Become one of the fastest military aircraft in the world . Delivered to export customers around the world 5,000 Many planes . mig -23 Widely used in the Iran Iraq war , The Soviet Union's war in Afghanistan and the Gulf War . The aircraft currently has limited services with foreign users . It's equipped with GSH-23 Belly cannons ,Vympel R-23(AA-7 Apex) and R-60(AA-8 Aphid) Air to air missiles . mig -23 from Tumansky R-29B Turbojet engines provide power , The thrust is 8,000kgf(78.4kN). Afterburner thrust reaches 11,500kgf(112.8kN).

 Top 10 fastest fighters in the world

During Operation Desert Storm , Tornadoes are widely used by the RAF GRI Aircraft attack Iraqi air base .

NO.7 tornado ADV:2.27 Mach

Tornado air defense variant (ADV) By Panavia Aircraft The interceptor variant of the Tornado fighter developed .Tornado ADV We can use 2.27 Mach's top speed , and Interdictor and Strike / Electronic Combat and Reconnaissance(IDS / ECR) Version can provide 2.2 Mach's top speed . exceed 950 A tornado plane was delivered to Germany , Italy , The British and Saudi Air Forces . tornado ADV Our weapons are equipped by 27 mm Mauser BK-27 The cannon ,AIM 7 Skyflash and AIM-120 AMRAAM or AIM-132 ASRAAM Air to air missiles make up . Two sets of Turbo-Union RB199 Turbofan jet engines , Each dry thrust is 40.5kN, by Tornado ADV powered . Each engine produces more than 70kN Thrust of . tornado ADV You can achieve 3,890 Kilometers of ferry travel .

 Top 10 fastest fighters in the world

MIG of the Russian Air Force -35D Ready to go from Zhukovsky Take off at the airport .

NO.8 MiG-35 Fulcrum-F:2.25 Mach

MiG-35( NATO codename :Fulcrum-F) By RAC'MiG' Developed 4 + 4 Next generation single seat multi-function fighter . The plane is capable of 2.25 Mach's maximum speed . mig -35 Also available in a two seater configuration , Designated as MIG -35D. mig -35 It's based on MIG -29 Fighter development , And in 2007 Air India air show . It's on 2019 year 6 Served with the Russian Air Force in June . The aircraft integrates 30 mm GSh-30-1 Type a cannon , Air to air and air to surface missiles , Missiles and unguided bombs and rockets . These two models with afterburner RD-33MK The engine adopts smokeless combustion chamber and new electronic control system . The aircraft also provides omnidirectional thrust vector control (TVC)RD-33MK The engine , For melee scenarios .

 Top 10 fastest fighters in the world

stay MAKS-2011 During the air show , Sukhoi Su-35S Multi purpose fighters in flight .

NO.9 Su-35 flanker E:2.25 Mach

from Komsomolsk-na-Amure The aviation Production Association (KnAAPO) Made of Su-35 The multi-purpose fighter is su -27 A modern version of the plane . Highly mobile aircraft can fly in 2.25 Mach's maximum speed . Sue -35 Currently serving in the Russian air force and the people's Liberation Army Air Force . This plane is equipped with 30 mm GSh-30 Internal cannon , bomb , Air to air and air to surface missiles , And missiles and unguided rockets . The aircraft consists of two aircraft with full axis TVC The nozzle's Saturn 117S Turbofan engines provide power . Each engine produces 14,500kgf(142kN) Thrust of , And afterburning . With a full fuel load ,Su-35 You can fly 3,600 km .

 Top 10 fastest fighters in the world

F-22 Raptors can achieve supersonic airspeed without afterburner .

NO.10 F-22 raptor :2 Mach

F-22 Raptor is Lockheed Martin for the US Air Force (USAF) The fifth generation stealth fighter developed . This twin engine aircraft is capable of supersonic flight without afterburner , And be able to surpass 2 Mach speed flight . This fighter is equipped with M61A2 Fire god 20 Mm artillery ,AIM-120 AMRAAM and AIM-9 Rattlesnake air to air and air to surface missiles , Joint direct attack ammunition (JDAM) Equipment and GBU-39 Small diameter bombs . By two Pratt&Whitney F119-PW-100 Turbofan engines provide power , The engine has a two-dimensional thrust vectoring nozzle , The fighter can operate at maximum altitude 20,000 Flying in the middle of the meter , The maximum range is 2,963 km

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