Suggest collecting excel shortcut key quick map, you and Dashen on the difference between this map, speed away!
Blood wolf SEO 2021-02-23 06:55:36

Martial arts in the world , Fast break not only ,Excel So it is with , You and the great God , That's the picture .

I've published several articles before Excel Use of shortcut keys , Many children's shoes respond that , There are too many shortcut keys , I can't remember .

ok , Xiaobian found this map , Share with you , Recommended collection , Print out , Stick it on your desk ...

 Recommended collection |Excel Shortcut key quick map , You and the great God are different in this picture , Speed takes away !

frequently-used , In fact, there are only 20 or 30 , It's ready to use , come very naturally , Just press it out .

Remember to share and like , Help more people , thank you !

Previous recommendation

F I haven't used any shortcut keys ? that , Don't say you're familiar with Excel

Several groups of common Excel Shortcut key , A look at will understand , Easy upgrade 50% efficiency

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