Headline operation skills you need to know! Don't miss the four operation formulas!
Yan Jiadong 2021-02-23 06:21:25

In the operation of we media, we all know that we need to have operation skills, so that the operation efficiency will be higher , So Toutiao, as a prominent we media platform, is more suitable for novice operators , At the same time, it is more suitable for drainage promotion .

that , What are the operation strategies in the headlines ? Today, Xiaobian will give you a summary of the headline's operation strategy based on his own operation experience .

 The skills you need to know when you're doing headline operations !4 Don't miss the big operation formula !

1、 Novices pay attention to operational rules

Although there is no novice period in the headlines, for novices, it does not mean that they can operate skillfully , So we'd better have a detailed understanding of the operation rules , Know what can't be created , Understand the deduction criteria, so as to effectively avoid account deduction , Make yourself run better .

2、 Develop appropriate operational rules

What novices fear most when they do content is that they don't have a plan , In short, I don't know what I'm going to do , In this way, the operation efficiency will be relatively low , So before operation, make a simple operation plan according to your own situation , After a period of operation, we can make a detailed operation plan , In this way, the operation efficiency will be very high !

 The skills you need to know when you're doing headline operations !4 Don't miss the big operation formula !

3、 Content quality

We can't forget the quality of the operation content in the headlines , And the headlines also value the quality of content very much , Quality is divided into two aspects : Originality and value , Originality should be well understood , So what is the value ?

The value of the output content to the users and the value of the content to the platform , Solve the actual needs of users and improve the reputation of the platform .

4、 Specific operation mode

No matter what form of content output you choose , In the headlines, the operation skills are the same, except for the above three points , Let's talk about the operation skills in detail !

① Content update must have its own frequency , Don't do what you want

② When creating, the field must be vertical , Breaking the verticality will affect the account weight

③ The publishing time of the content also needs to be considered , Take a look at my previous analysis of publishing time

④ The operation of users also needs attention , It's necessary to interact with them and provide valuable content

⑤ The way of operating income , There are many revenue channels in the headlines. You can see the account permissions and function lab for specific ways

⑥ Official accounts that follow headlines , This is the best way to get to the top policy message , Keep abreast of the operation rules of the platform

⑦ The account dimension of the headline number also needs attention , Although the current account index platform does not pay special attention to , But operations still need to pay attention to this 5 A haircut

 The skills you need to know when you're doing headline operations !4 Don't miss the big operation formula !

That's the headline operation strategy , They are all made up by Xiao Bian according to his own experience , Let's learn together to achieve better operational results !

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